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Human and Mouse Antibodies

Humo Antibodies

Human beings as the most important research objects in biological research, meanwhile mouse as the most precious tool for biomedical research, antibodies target human and mouse protein individually is an important tool in biological research. With the advanced platform and extensive experience in antibody discovery and development, Creative Biolabs offers several sets of human and mouse antibodies (IgM, IgG or IgA), as well as customized antibody development services to meet global customers’ needs.

Available Formats

We offer various affinity-purified human and mouse antibodies with good characteristic specificity and affinity, which are available in host species including mouse, rat, rabbit, etc, and available formats as following:

  • Full-length antibodies, scFv, Fab Fragments
  • Unlabeled antibodies
  • Enzyme conjugates (HRP, AP)
  • Fluorescent conjugates (FITC, PE, etc.)
  • Biotin

Hot Targets

Humo Antibodies 2 Interactions with antigen-presenting cells that
regulate T cell responses. (Lewin S. R., et al)

Based on our advanced platform, Creative Biolabs has developed various hot targets human antibodies focus on the different research fields, which including but not limited to:

  • Focus on the hematological malignancy studies:
  • Human antibodies target different popular surface antigens, including CD19, CD22, CD37, CD38, CD33, CD30, CD52, BCMA, and CS1.

  • Focus on the Inhibitory Checkpoint Molecules:
  • Human antibodies target different popular surface antigens, including PD-1, CTLA-4, LAG3, TIGIT, etc.

Humo Antibodies 3

Meanwhile, we provide many key anti-mouse targets antibodies such as the extensive mouse CD marker antibodies, which cover the research areas of immunology, apoptosis, autophagy, stem cells, and neuroscience.

Creative Biolabs has confidence to bringing together years of valuable experience to help our clients shorten the research journey. We are committed to human and mouse antibodies, and antibody development services to reduce the overall project development timeline for our clients.

For further details, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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For research use only, not directly for clinical use.
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