Neutralizing Antibody Points

Neutralizing antibodies are a class of antibodies that neutralize the activity of pathogens. After binding to pathogens, they prevent them from further infecting host cells and block the replication and spread of pathogens. Neutralizing antibodies develop valuable roles in the immune system and protect the organism from infections. Creative Biolabs offers a comprehensive range of customization services related to neutralizing antibodies.

Neutralizing Antibody Mechanism


Neutralizing vs Non-neutralizing Antibody

There are some differences between neutralizing antibodies and other non-neutralizing antibodies such as binding antibodies, blocking antibodies, regulatory antibodies, and inhibitory antibodies in terms of the mechanisms, effects, and applications.

Mechanisms Effects Applications Evaluation Principles
Neutralizing Antibody Neutralizing effects are achieved through direct blockade, induction of cytotoxicity, and induction of complement activation. Direct blockade of pathogen replication and transmission delivers immediate protection and reduces disease severity. Mainly in the prevention and treatment of viral infections, often used in vaccine development, immunotherapy, and disease diagnosis. Measurement of the ability to neutralize pathogen-infected host cells.
Non-neutralizing Antibody They act through other mechanisms, such as the promoting phagocytosis of pathogens and modulating the inflammatory response. Controls pathogen infection through a variety of modes of action. Widely used in the treatment and prevention of various diseases. For example, in the treatment of tumors and autoimmune diseases. Usually involves the assessment of their function, efficacy, and effectiveness.

Neutralizing Antibody Evaluation

Neutralization test
Determining whether the neutralizing antibodies can prevent the pathogen from infecting and replicating in host cells by exposing the pathogen to the neutralizing antibodies.
Virus neutralization assay
Measurement of the neutralizing effect of antibodies on virus-infected host cells using living viruses or pseudoviral systems.
In vitro neutralization assay
Evaluating the ability of antibodies to neutralize pathogens by using intact antigenic epitopes or cellular models of adapted pathogens.
Mouse protection assay
Injection of neutralizing antibodies and observation of the protective effect against pathogen infection in mice.

Neutralizing Antibody Research Areas


Neutralizing Antibody Resources

Creative Biolabs also summarizes key resources such as tools and databases to broaden your view of neutralizing antibodies.

Neutralizing antibody secretion and its action mechanism.Fig. 1 Neutralizing antibody secretion and its action mechanism. (Ajmeriya, 2022)

Creative Biolabs, as a group with extensive experience in providing neutralizing antibody-related research services, is committed to accelerating clients' neutralizing antibody projects. Please contact us to learn more.


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