Neutralizing Antibody High-throughput Detection Platform

Relying on a robust technological platform and innovative technologies, Creative Biolabs now possesses the capability to deliver high-throughput neutralizing antibody detection services that are efficient and precise for our esteemed clientele worldwide.

Innovative Neutralizing Antibody Detection for Diverse Applications

Creative Biolabs has established comprehensive standardized testing procedures for enzyme-linked immunosorbent micro-neutralization assays or pseudovirus assays as excellent alternatives to traditional plaque reduction neutralization tests with high-throughput biological functional assessment reports for any target antibody with enhanced efficiency.

Furthermore, our cutting-edge microfluidic research platform is empowered to swiftly identify and analyze single-virus droplets and their antibody recognition epitopes with exceptional efficiency. Combined with next-generation sequencing technologies, we can rapidly and efficiently identify, sort, and analyze virus particles displaying neutralizing epitopes.

Fig.1 High-throughput neutralizing antibody assayFig.1 High-throughput neutralizing antibody assay. 1

Technological Advantages

Our optimized research workflows and advanced technological platforms endow us with unparalleled competitiveness. By choosing Creative Biolabs, you are embracing:

  • High-throughput Detection
    Our neutralizing antibody detection platform possesses high-throughput capabilities that traditional approaches cannot achieve, enabling simultaneous processing of dozens to thousands of samples.
  • Accurate Measurement
    Carefully designed experimental protocols and advanced technological means allow us to accurately measure antibody potency with high sensitivity and stability, providing reliable data support.
  • Superior Detection
    Leveraging industry-recognized high-sensitivity detection platforms, we precisely track physiological infection processes to maximize the acquisition of actual therapeutic effects.
  • Wide Applicability
    Our platform is suitable for neutralizing antibody detection for various common viruses, including but not limited to hepatitis viruses, yellow fever virus, HIV, influenza, and dengue fever.

Service Process

Fig.2 Workflow.Fig.2 Workflow.

Customer Support

  • Personalized Customization Service
    Our professional team will collaborate closely with you to ensure that every experimental strategy is tailored specifically to the uniqueness of your project.
  • Comprehensive Support
    Our expert team will provide one-on-one project follow-up, feedback on progress, as well as operational guidance and data analysis to enhance your understanding and application of our platform technology.
  • Value-added Services
    Years of experience in biological research guarantee that Creative Biolabs provides you with any downstream services required, including antibody labeling, antibody pair screening, reagent kit development, and immunological testing.

Published Data

Title: Development and evaluation of a novel high-throughput image-based fluorescent neutralization test for detection of Zika virus infection

Research Objective:

The research aims to develop a high-throughput screening and detection template for yellow fever virus-neutralizing antibodies based on enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays.

Research Methods:

The study utilizes micro-neutralization assays and employs colorimetric assays to determine the inhibitory effect of neutralizing antibodies on virus growth. Neutralization activity and antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) activity are measured as indicators of neutralizing potency, and are compared with the endpoint titers of traditional plaque reduction neutralization tests.

Research Findings:

The results of the neutralization tests indicate a strong correlation between the micro-neutralization test results and the endpoint titers of plaque reduction neutralization tests. The new micro-neutralization assay can combine accurate assessment of virus neutralization activity with the reliability and practicality of ELISA technology. This technology can be used for high-throughput detection of virus antibody neutralization activity, contributing to various epidemiological investigations and potential vaccine efficacy assessments.

Fig.3 Fluorescent neutralization assayFig.3 Fluorescent neutralization assay.2

Experience the difference with Creative Biolabs as we invite you to connect with us and unlock the potential of our cutting-edge neutralizing antibody assay services. Reach out to us now and let us partner with you in advancing scientific discovery and innovation.


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