Glycobiology, also known as carbohydrate biology, involves the study of the structure, biosynthesis, biology, and evolution of sugars (sugar chains, carbohydrates, or glycans) that are widely distributed in all life forms in nature. Glycobiology has attracted increasing attention in high-impact research fields, such as neurobiology, development, immunology, and in application areas such as biopharmaceuticals and antibody and heparin analog manufacturing.

Creative Biolabs provides a set of monoclonal antibodies for glycobiology research to meet your glycobiology research and development needs. Our scientist's mission is to provide useful solutions with improved accessibility to the experts and non-experts in the field of glycobiology research.



Carbohydrates are essential for many biological processes and are important targets for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, abnormal glycosylation can lead to a variety of disease states, such as cancer and glycosylated congenital diseases. Therefore, anti-glycan antibodies are used in a wide range of basic research and clinical applications. In basic research, these proteins are widely used to monitor or detect the expression of biomolecules in tissue samples, activate or antagonize various biological pathways, and purify sugar antigens. Clinically, these antibodies are often used as therapeutic agents and for diagnostic applications. In short, anti-glycan antibodies present great research potential.

Applications of anti-carbohydrate antibodies in research and clinical therapy. Fig.1 Applications of anti-carbohydrate antibodies in research and clinical therapy.[1]


We offer a variety of primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, or control antibodies binding carbohydrate antigens and determinants that can be used to detect glycans from complex biological samples. Available assays generally include immunohistochemical staining, western blotting, ELISA and flow cytometry analysis. Our anti-glycan antibodies mainly include the following types

  • Anti-O-linked glycan antibody
  • Anti-N-linked glycan antibody
  • Anti-glycolipid antibody
  • Anti-blood group antigen antibody
  • Anti-Lewis antigen antibody
  • Anti-glycosaminoglycan antibody
  • Anti-STn antigen antibody

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  1. Sterner, E.; et al. Perspectives on anti-glycan antibodies gleaned from development of a community resource database. ACS chemical biology. 2016, 11(7), 1773-1783.
For research use only, not directly for clinical use.
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