High-specificity antibodies can be used in a variety of fields for numerous applications.

Antibodies are one of many useful tools in the field of life science, with aims on various research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications. By the help of their high specificity and affinity, antibody serves as a very valuable targeting and detection agent.

Leveraging our first-in-class technological platforms and years of experience in antibody development, Creative Biolabs is able to offer a comprehensive range of antibodies for different research needs.

What We Can Provide

With the aid of our advanced platforms, we are dedicated to providing customized antibody based on customer’s needs. Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive antibodies and service portfolio, including but not limited to:

By Different Areas

Creative Biolabs is your one-stop shop for a vast selection of antibodies. We supply thousands of monoclonal antibodies, such as humo antibodies, virology antibodies, model organism antibodies, etc.

By Featured Applications

In order to meet the specific needs of our global customers, we provide various monoclonal antibodies that can be broken down according to their featured applications, such as ADCC antibodies and neutralizing antibodies.

By Types

Moreover, our antibodies can be classified by types, such as primary antibodies, secondary antibodies, with or without fluorescent conjugation, and various isotype control antibodies.

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For research use only, not directly for clinical use.
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