Pseudovirus-based Neutralization Assay Platform

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Pseudovirus-based Neutralization Assay

Our pseudovirus-based neutralization assay utilizes genetic modification of the viral genome, allowing these engineered pseudoviruses to function similarly to live viruses when evaluating neutralizing antibodies and entry inhibitors. While traditional plaque reduction neutralization tests remain the gold standard, our pseudovirus neutralization assays have emerged as a more promising alternative due to their numerous advantages.

Fig.1 Neutralization assay.Fig.1 Neutralization assay. 1

Key Advantages

Our optimized pseudovirus neutralization assay platform provides several technical advancements that set us apart:

  • The replication-defective nature of our pseudoviruses ensures their non-pathogenicity, eliminating the need for burdensome biosafety procedures.
  • We employ an objective readout system based on reporter gene results, enabling testing with different viral variants.
  • Our high-throughput testing capabilities allow for the rapid analysis of a large number of samples, ensuring efficiency and timely results.
  • By closely mimicking the virus infection process, our assay provides a reliable evaluation of authentic neutralizing effects.
  • We possess the ability to detect antibody neutralization capacity and other candidate molecules with exceptional specificity and sensitivity.
  • Our dedicated team ensures the delivery of comprehensive neutralization titration reports within a timeframe of 1-3 weeks.

Pseudovirus Neutralization Assessment Process

At Creative Biolabs, we have meticulously optimized our pseudovirus neutralization assessment process to guarantee accurate and consistent results. Using luciferase activity measurement, we will conduct titration assays and provide you with quantitative neutralization titration reports that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Fig.2 Workflow.Fig.2 Workflow.

Popular Models

Pseudovirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) SARS Virus MERS-CoV Herpes Simplex Virus
Pseudovirus Influenza Virus Nipah Virus Human Papillomavirus Rabies Virus

Published Data

Title: A Pseudovirus-Based Entry Assay to Evaluate Neutralizing Activity against Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Research Objective:

The research aims to develop a novel and effective high-throughput testing scheme for virus entry inhibitors to estimate or screen candidate-neutralizing antibodies and vaccines.

Research Methods:

Researchers developed a pseudovirus-based neutralization assay targeting both A and B subtypes of RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) by using a pseudovirus backbone carrying the fusion protein. They systematically screened and optimized key parameters.

Research Findings:

A pseudovirus-based neutralization assay was successfully developed using a lentiviral backbone carrying a luciferase reporter gene. Calcium assays were found to effectively assess the efficacy of fusion inhibitors against RSV virus entry into cells, and the test results displayed a strong correlation with those obtained from live virus, indicating its potential as an alternative high-throughput screening method for virus entry inhibitors on a large scale.

Fig.3 RSV pseudovirus-based neutralization assay.Fig.3 RSV pseudovirus-based neutralization assay.2

Creative Biolabs remains committed to providing top-notch solutions for Neutralizing Antibody research needs. We cordially invite you to explore the unparalleled expertise and precision of our pseudovirus neutralization assay services at Creative Biolabs. Contact us today to discover how our advanced technologies and dedicated scientific support can elevate your research endeavors to new heights.


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