Primary Antibodies


Depending on their binding capability to antigens, antibodies are traditionally classified into two types, primary and secondary antibodies.

Primary Antibodies

Primary antibodies directly bind to a specific protein or a biomolecule of interest. They can be produced as monoclonal (mAb), i.e., only targeting one specific antigen at one time, or polyclonal (pAbs), targeting several antigens at the same time. While secondary antibodies generally bind to a primary antibody so they do not bind to the target antigen directly.

Primary antibodies are made available in different formats, such as scFv, Fab fragments. They work very well to detect biomarkers for diseases such as cancer, neurological diseases, and immune diseases. Moreover, primary antibodies can be used for the quantification of a target using secondary antibodies which are usually conjugated to a fluorophore or reporter enzyme.

Primary Antibodies Available in Creative Biolabs

By the help of in-house scientists and our first-in-class technical platforms, Creative Biolabs can provide a wide list of primary antibodies for customers around the world. Our primary antibodies including but not limited to:

Categorized by Areas

Creative Biolabs is your one-stop shop for a vast selection of antibodies. Below monoclonal antibodies are available.

Categorized By Featured Applications

In order to meet the special needs of the customers, we also provide monoclonal antibodies by featured applications, such as ADCC antibodies and neutralizing antibodies.

Bringing together years of valuable experience, scientists at Creative Biolabs are confident to assist our clients along the research journey. We are committed to providing the best antibodies out there in the market while ensuring speedy and smooth delivery.

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