Neutralizing Antibody Resources

Neutralizing antibodies are a specialized class of antibodies that can bind to pathogens or toxins and block their infectivity or toxicity. These antibodies play a critical role in immune defense, vaccine development, and therapeutic interventions. With extensive expertise in neutralizing antibodies, Creative Biolabs offers a range of products and aims to provide guidance and support for your scientific endeavors.

Neutralizing Antibody Toolbox

We recommend some commonly used and practical antibody research tools and databases for you, in order to provide assistance in your experimental arrangement.


Assist you in analyzing, quantifying, and identifying the potential genetic features resulting from the interaction between neutralizing antibodies and proteins.


Immunology Epitope Database

DTU Heathtech

Center for Biological Sequence Analysis


International Immunogenetics Database

Neutralization Assay/Antibody Database

Calculating and identifying Env residues and antibody activity.


Upload valid amino acid sequences and generate usable overlapping peptide sets.

Epigraph Vaccine Suite

A suite of tools designed to design, evaluate, and optimize vaccine candidate proteins.


provides neutralization prediction scores for antibody combinations.


Sequence alignment tools.


Generates visual analysis graphs using different colors to represent values.

Neutralizing Antibody Resources

Catalog of products related to neutralizing antibodies.

Allele Genotyping Project

Human allele frequency database.

Additional Information and Our Services

At Creative Biolabs, we strive to excel in more than just delivering antibody products. Our dedication lies in providing all-encompassing support for your research, harnessing our cutting-edge biological expertise. We are committed to fostering collaboration and offering assistance at every step of the way. In addition, we offer invaluable insights into neutralizing antibodies, ensuring that we address your queries and provide the aid you need.

Our experienced team of developers and scientists always stays at the forefront of biotechnology and antibody research. Ccontact us to experience our comprehensive range of services and unlock the full potential of our partnership.

For research use only, not directly for clinical use.
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