Neutralizing Antibody Research Areas

Creative Biolabs is here to provide assistance and support for your research endeavors related to neutralizing antibodies (NAbs). The field of NAb research is an important area of biomedical research aimed at studying and developing antibodies that can neutralize the activity of pathogens or other harmful molecules. Here we introduce the key aspects and significance of neutralizing antibody research.

Virus Infection and Vaccine

NAbs bind to the surface structures of viruses and directly block viral infection. In fact, almost all clinically licensed vaccines' protective effects are derived from neutralizing antibodies. Verified NAb vaccines can provide effective and long-lasting protection to the body and avoid potential immunogenicity risks.

NAbs in HIV infection.Fig 1. NAbs in HIV infection. (Nishimura, 2017)


NAbs targeting viral proteins has always been the main focus of various immunotherapy developments. Effective antiviral-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies are safe, well-tolerated, and can effectively reduce the symptoms of viral infection in recipients. The discovery of single B cell cloning technology and broadly NAbs further promotes the development of the next generation of neutralizing monoclonal antibodies.

Immunology Research

Viruses evade immune pressure through glycosylation or modification of variable loops, which poses challenges to sustained antibody recognition. Research on NAbs can provide us with knowledge about the persistence and epitope specificity of virus antibody responses, deepening our understanding of the immune system and its functions and mechanisms.

Broadly NAbs effect evaluation.Fig 2. Broadly NAbs effect evaluation. (Nishimura, 2017)

Diagnosis of Pathogen Infections and Assessment of Immune Status

NAbs appear in the body for a period of time after infection, making them predictive factors for various influenza or pathogen infections.

Biological Similarity Assessment

Immunogenicity data is an important part of biological similarity assessment, and the evaluation of NAbs is also a key factor in demonstrating meaningful differences in immune responses between two products.

Other Research Applications

NAbs and their related tests are widely used in candidate drug screening, functional bioanalysis, batch release potency determination of biopharmaceuticals, immunogenicity risk prediction, and other fields.

Other Supports

At Creative Biolabs, we go beyond just offering solutions – we aim to support your research endeavors by providing a wealth of NAbs-related knowledge that may pique your interest. Rest assured that our commitment to empowering your work extends beyond providing technical resources; we are dedicated to fostering a collaborative environment where you can explore new frontiers in your research.

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