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From non-human origins, model organisms provide rich biological data to help researchers understand homologous human diseases, their related pathways, and/or other biological mechanisms.

Model organisms can be selected by their characteristics, such as organism size, life expectancy rate, generation cycle, reproduction rate, genome size, maintenance cost, whether they’re homologous with humans, etc. Studying model organisms and their antibodies can provide insights to many biological problems, which are unethical or impractical to perform on real human subjects.

Model Organism Antibodies Fig.1 Animal models for SARS-CoV-2. (Peng, et al)

Model Organism Examples

  • Caenorhabditis elegans is a species of nematode worms that has been successfully used to study nervous diseases and signal pathway mechanisms. Research on its chemotaxis/thermotaxis behavior, learning, and memory ability proven to be beneficial.
  • Drosophila melanogaster is an attractive model for researchers who study genetic and physiology disease, microbial pathogenesis, as well as some common human cancers. There are a vast range of genetic tools available for use to study Drosophila melanogaster and these data can help answer questions regarding cancer initiation and progression.

Some other model organisms can also aid to biology research, such as Zebrafish, Yeast, E. coli, etc. Overall speaking, there is an urgent need to develop specific antibodies against model organisms that can be further used in the study of human diseases and other research.

Our Model Organism antibodies

Creative Biolabs is dedicated to developing a variety of model organism antibodies, including but not limited to zebrafish antibodies, nematode antibodies, monkey antibodies. With several already validated antibodies, our model organism antibodies are unmatched and can help you cover a wide range of research hotspots.

We provide various model organism antibodies including but not limited to:

Model Organism AntibodiesZebrafish | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesD. melanogaster | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesRhesus | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesC. elegans | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesArabidopsis | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesRice | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesYeast | Antibody

Model Organism AntibodiesE. coli | Antibody

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us and see how we can help you reach your clinical vision.


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For research use only, not directly for clinical use.
E. coli ST M. avium subsp. paratuberculosis Surface Protein • Anti-HAL mab • Arabidopsis thaliana TPC1 • Aβ • B. anthracis PA • BEST1 • Bet v 1 • BHV-1 • BTVs7gp1 • C. albicans 38-kDa protein • C. botulinum BoNT/BoNE • C. botulinum botB • C. difficile tcdA • C. difficile tcdB • C. difficile toxA • C. difficile toxin B • CCL17 • CD4 • CD40 • CD80 • CD8A • CFD • CLCNKA • COL4A3 • CPEB • CTX • CXCL10 • Cystatin • Daidzin • DENV2 Env • Dla • DPEP • E. coli cnf1 • E. coli eltB • E. coli lacY • E. coli NhaA • E. coli O157:H7 • E. coli ST2 • E. coli TolC • E. coli VapD • E.coli cfaB • E.coli recA • E.coli rpoD • ENO1 • FMDV O1 • GalXM • Gliadin • GPC3 • Grin1 • H. influenzae OMPP1 • H. pylori HSPB • H. pylori ureB • Hev b 6.02 • HSP60 • IA • IL6R • IsaA • ITGB2 • KIT • L. major LPS • L. monocytogenes actA • Laminin1 • LPS • Lysozyme • MLYCD • MOG • OVA • P. falciparum aarp1 • P. falciparum AMA1 • P. falciparum CRA • P. falciparum MSP-119 • P. falciparum MSP3 • P. falciparum rhoptry • PfCHT1 • PfCSP • Phl p 2 • Phleum pratense Phl p 7 • Rh(D) • Ricin • S. aureus Coa R domain • S. aureus entB • S. aureus IsdB • S. aureus MntC • S. aureus TST • S. pneumoniae • S. pneumoniae Serotype 6B • S. pneumoniae type 23F • SEB • Sele • Shiga Toxin • Shiga toxin Stx1 • TNF • V. cholerae ctxB • V. cholerae stn • V. cholerae tcpA • VCAM • VEGF • VISTA • Yeast Asf1p
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