Virology Antibodies


Some viruses are capable of causing severe and even lethal diseases when infecting humans. To advance the virology researches of understanding the biology of viruses and viral diseases, Creative Biolabs provides a comprehensive list of virology antibodies as detection and therapeutic tools for research only purpose.

What is a Virus?

Viruses are composed of genetic materials (either DNA or RNA) surrounded by a protein coat. They require the living cells they infect for reproducing and survival. When talking about viruses, people primarily think of not good words such as “infection”, “disease”, “outbreaks”, “lethal”, etc. Viral infection can cause no overt asymptomatic and even severe disease. However, viruses can also protect the host against other infections. Some viruses can be manipulated to be beneficial to humans. They have potentials to be developed to be virotherapy tools with therapeutic benefits, such as gene and cellular therapy tools to treat a variety of genetic diseases or vaccine delivery agents.

Virus Structure Fig.1 Types of viruses and their structure[1].

Virology Antibody Products and Custom Antibody Discovery Services

To advance different virology research areas including virus replication, virus-host biology, viral pathogenesis, immunity to viruses, virus structure, virus evolution and ecology, Creative Biolabs developed a comprehensive list of antibody products for your virology research. If you don’t find the right antibody for your research, we offer custom antibody discovery and screening services to help you get a specific antibody within 12 weeks in a highly efficient approach. Virology antibodies can be used in different applications including but not limited to: Western blot (WB), ELISA, FACS, IHC, IF, BLI, SPR, Neutralizing/Block, etc. Our capability covers a wide range of viruses. Please let us know your requirements.

List of Viruses

Aalivirus A Abaca bunchy top virus Abatino macacapox virus Abutilon golden mosaic virus Abutilon mosaic Bolivia virus Abutilon mosaic Brazil virus Abutilon mosaic virus Abutilon yellows virus Acanthamoeba polyphaga mimivirus Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1 Acara orthobunyavirus Acerodon celebensis polyomavirus 1 Acerodon celebensis polyomavirus 2 Achimota pararubulavirus 1 Achimota pararubulavirus 2 Acholeplasma virus L2 Acholeplasma virus L51 Achromobacter virus 83-24 Achromobacter virus Axp3 Achromobacter virus JWAlpha Achromobacter virus JWX Acidianus bottle-shaped virus Acidianus filamentous virus 1 Acidianus filamentous virus 2 Acidianus filamentous virus 3 Acidianus filamentous virus 6 Acidianus filamentous virus 7 Acidianus filamentous virus 8 Acidianus filamentous virus 9 Acidianus rod-shaped virus 1 Acidianus spindle-shaped virus 1 Acidianus two-tailed virus Acidovorax virus ACP17 Acinetobacter virus 133 Acinetobacter virus AB1 Acinetobacter virus AB2 Acinetobacter virus AB3 Acinetobacter virus AbC62 Acinetobacter virus AbKT21III Acinetobacter virus Abp1 Acinetobacter virus AbP2 Acinetobacter virus Aci01-1 Acinetobacter virus Aci02-2 Acinetobacter virus Aci05 Acinetobacter virus Aci07 Acinetobacter virus Aci08 Acinetobacter virus Acibel007 Acinetobacter virus AP22 Acinetobacter virus AS11 Acinetobacter virus AS12 Acinetobacter virus B1251 Acinetobacter virus Fri1 Acinetobacter virus IME200 Acinetobacter virus IMEAB3 Acinetobacter virus Loki Acinetobacter virus LZ35 Acinetobacter virus ME3 Acinetobacter virus PD6A3 Acinetobacter virus PDAB9 Acinetobacter virus Petty Acinetobacter virus phiAB1 Acinetobacter virus R3177 Acinetobacter virus SH-Ab 15519 Acinetobacter virus SWHAb1 Acinetobacter virus SWHAb3 Acinetobacter virus WCHABP1 Acinetobacter virus WCHABP12 Acinetobacter virus WCHABP5 Acintetobacter virus B1 Acintetobacter virus B2 Acintetobacter virus B5 Acintetobacter virus D2 Acintetobacter virus P1 Acintetobacter virus P2 Acintetobacter virus phiAB6 Acipenserid herpesvirus 2 Aconitum latent virus Acrobasis zelleri entomopoxvirus Actinidia chlorotic ringspot-associated emaravirus Actinidia seed borne latent virus Actinidia virus 1 Actinidia virus A Actinidia virus B Actinidia virus X Actinomyces virus Av1 Acute bee paralysis virus Adana phlebovirus Adelaide River ephemerovirus Adeno-associated dependoparvovirus A Adeno-associated dependoparvovirus B Adoxophyes honmai entomopoxvirus Adoxophyes honmai nucleopolyhedrovirus Adoxophyes orana granulovirus Aedes aegypti entomopoxvirus Aedes aegypti Mosqcopia virus Aedes pseudoscutellaris reovirus Aeonium ringspot virus Aeromonas virus 25 Aeromonas virus 25AhydR2PP Aeromonas virus 43 Aeromonas virus 44RR2 Aeromonas virus 56 Aeromonas virus 65 Aeromonas virus Aeh1 Aeromonas virus Aes12 Aeromonas virus Aes508 Aeromonas virus Ahp1 Aeromonas virus AhSzq1 Aeromonas virus AhSzw1 Aeromonas virus AS4 Aeromonas virus AS7 Aeromonas virus Asgz Aeromonas virus CF7 Aeromonas virus pAh6C Aeromonas virus phiO18P Aeromonas virus pIS4A Aeromonas virus ZPAH7 Aeropyrum coil-shaped virus Aeropyrum pernix bacilliform virus 1 Aeropyrum pernix ovoid virus 1 African cassava mosaic Burkina Faso virus African cassava mosaic virus African eggplant mosaic virus African horse sickness virus African oil palm ringspot virus African swine fever virus Agaricus bisporus alphaendornavirus 1 Agaricus bisporus virus 4 Ageratum enation alphasatellite Ageratum enation virus Ageratum latent virus Ageratum leaf curl Buea betasatellite Ageratum leaf curl Cameroon betasatellite Ageratum leaf curl Sichuan virus Ageratum leaf curl virus Ageratum yellow leaf curl betasatellite Ageratum yellow vein alphasatellite Ageratum yellow vein betasatellite Ageratum yellow vein China alphasatellite Ageratum yellow vein Hualian virus Ageratum yellow vein India alphasatellite Ageratum yellow vein India betasatellite Ageratum yellow vein Singapore alphasatellite Ageratum yellow vein Sri Lanka betasatellite Ageratum yellow vein Sri Lanka virus Ageratum yellow vein virus Aglaonema bacilliform virus Agrobacterium virus 7-7-1 Agrobacterium virus Atuph02 Agrobacterium virus Atuph03 Agrobacterium virus Atuph07 Agropyron mosaic virus Agrotis ipsilon multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Agrotis segetum granulovirus Agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus A Agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus B Aguacate phlebovirus Ahlum waterborne virus Aichivirus A Aichivirus B Aichivirus C Aichivirus D Aichivirus E Aichivirus F Ailurivirus A Ailuropoda melanoleuca polyomavirus 1 Aino orthobunyavirus Air potato ampelovirus 1 Akabane orthobunyavirus Akhmeta virus Alagoas vesiculovirus Alajuela orthobunyavirus Alcelaphine gammaherpesvirus 1 Alcelaphine gammaherpesvirus 2 Alcube phlebovirus Alefpapillomavirus 1 Alenquer phlebovirus Alfalfa betanucleorhabdovirus Alfalfa cryptic virus 1 Alfalfa dwarf cytorhabdovirus Alfalfa enamovirus 1 Alfalfa leaf curl virus Alfalfa mosaic virus Alfalfa virus S Algerian watermelon mosaic virus Allamanda leaf curl virus Allamanda leaf mottle distortion virus Alligatorweed stunting virus Allium cepa amalgavirus 1 Allium cepa amalgavirus 2 Allium virus X Allpahuayo mammarenavirus Almpiwar sripuvirus Alphaarterivirus equid Alphacoronavirus 1 Alphalipothrixvirus SBFV2 Alphalipothrixvirus SFV1 Alphamesonivirus 1 Alphamesonivirus 10 Alphamesonivirus 2 Alphamesonivirus 3 Alphamesonivirus 4 Alphamesonivirus 5 Alphamesonivirus 6 Alphamesonivirus 7 Alphamesonivirus 8 Alphamesonivirus 9 Alphapapillomavirus 1 Alphapapillomavirus 10 Alphapapillomavirus 11 Alphapapillomavirus 12 Alphapapillomavirus 13 Alphapapillomavirus 14 Alphapapillomavirus 2 Alphapapillomavirus 3 Alphapapillomavirus 4 Alphapapillomavirus 5 Alphapapillomavirus 6 Alphapapillomavirus 7 Alphapapillomavirus 8 Alphapapillomavirus 9 Alphapleolipovirus HHPV1 Alphapleolipovirus HHPV2 Alphapleolipovirus HRPV1 Alphapleolipovirus HRPV2 Alphapleolipovirus HRPV6 Alphaportoglobovirus SPV2 Alphaproteobacteria virus phiJl001 Alpinia mosaic virus Alpinia oxyphylla mosaic virus Alstroemeria mosaic virus Alstroemeria necrotic streak orthotospovirus Alstroemeria virus X Alstroemeria yellow spot orthotospovirus Alternanthera mild mosaic virus Alternanthera mosaic virus Alternanthera yellow vein betasatellite Alternanthera yellow vein virus Alternaria alternata chrysovirus Alternaria brassicicola betaendornavirus 1 Alteromonas virus H4-4 Alxa mammarenavirus Amaranthus leaf mottle virus Amasya cherry disease associated chrysovirus Amazon lily mild mottle virus Amazon lily mosaic virus Ambe phlebovirus Ambystoma tigrinum virus American bat vesiculovirus American dog uukuvirus American hop latent virus American plum line pattern virus Ampivirus A Amsacta moorei entomopoxvirus Anadyr orthobunyavirus Anagyris vein yellowing virus Anatid alphaherpesvirus 1 Anativirus A Anativirus B Andean potato latent virus Andean potato mild mosaic virus Andean potato mottle virus Andes orthohantavirus Andrographis yellow vein leaf curl betasatellite Andrographis yellow vein leaf curl virus Angelica bushy stunt virus Angelica virus Y Angelonia flower break virus Anguillid herpesvirus 1 Anguillid perhabdovirus Anhanga phlebovirus Anhembi orthobunyavirus Anomala cuprea entomopoxvirus Anopheles A orthobunyavirus Anopheles B orthobunyavirus Anopheles gambiae Moose virus Anopheles minimus iridovirus Anopheles orthophasmavirus Anser anser polyomavirus 1 Anseriform dependoparvovirus 1 Ant associated cyclovirus 1 Antheraea eucalypti virus Antheraea pernyi iflavirus Antheraea pernyi nucleopolyhedrovirus Antheraea semotivirus Tamy Anthoxanthum latent blanching virus Anthriscus yellows virus Anthurium mosaic-associated chrysovirus Anticarsia gemmatalis multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Aotine betaherpesvirus 1 Apanteles crassicornis bracovirus Apanteles fumiferanae bracovirus Aphid lethal paralysis virus Aphodius tasmaniae entomopoxvirus Apium virus Y Aplysia abyssovirus 1 Apoi virus Apple associated luteovirus Apple chlorotic leaf spot virus Apple dimple fruit viroid Apple hammerhead viroid Apple latent spherical virus Apple luteovirus 1 Apple mosaic virus Apple rubodvirus 1 Apple rubodvirus 2 Apple scar skin viroid Apple stem grooving virus Apple stem pitting virus Apricot latent ringspot virus Apricot latent virus Apricot pseudo-chlorotic leaf spot virus Apricot vein clearing associated virus Aquamavirus A Aquamicrobium virus P14 Aquareovirus A Aquareovirus B Aquareovirus C Aquareovirus D Aquareovirus E Aquareovirus F Aquareovirus G Arabidopsis thaliana Art1 virus Arabidopsis thaliana Athila virus Arabidopsis thaliana AtRE1 virus Arabidopsis thaliana Endovir virus Arabidopsis thaliana evelknievel virus Arabidopsis thaliana Ta1 virus Arabidopsis thaliana Tat4 virus Arabis mosaic virus Arachis pintoi virus Araujia mosaic virus Aravan lyssavirus Arboretum almendravirus Areca palm necrotic ringspot virus Areca palm necrotic spindle-spot virus Areca palm velarivirus 1 Argas mivirus Argentinian mammarenavirus Aroa virus Arphia conspersa entomopoxvirus Arracacha mottle virus Arracacha virus 1 Arracacha virus A Arracacha virus B Arracacha virus V Artashat orthonairovirus Artemisia virus A Arthobacter virus Liebe Arthobacter virus Sonali Arthobacter virus Yang Arthrobacter virus Abidatro Arthrobacter virus Adat Arthrobacter virus Amigo Arthrobacter virus Andrew Arthrobacter virus ArV1 Arthrobacter virus BarretLemon Arthrobacter virus Beans Arthrobacter virus Bennie Arthrobacter virus Brent Arthrobacter virus Bridgette Arthrobacter virus Captnmurica Arthrobacter virus Circum Arthrobacter virus Colucci Arthrobacter virus Constance Arthrobacter virus Coral Arthrobacter virus Decurro Arthrobacter virus DrManhattan Arthrobacter virus DrRobert Arthrobacter virus Eileen Arthrobacter virus Galaxy Arthrobacter virus Glenn Arthrobacter virus Gordon Arthrobacter virus HunterDalle Arthrobacter virus Jasmine Arthrobacter virus Jawnski Arthrobacter virus Joann Arthrobacter virus Judy Arthrobacter virus Kellezzio Arthrobacter virus Kepler Arthrobacter virus Kitkat Arthrobacter virus Korra Arthrobacter virus Laroye Arthrobacter virus Maja Arthrobacter virus Martha Arthrobacter virus Mudcat Arthrobacter virus Peas Arthrobacter virus Piccoletto Arthrobacter virus Preamble Arthrobacter virus Pumancara Arthrobacter virus Shade Arthrobacter virus Sonny Arthrobacter virus Tank Arthrobacter virus Trina Arthrobacter virus Wayne Arthrobacteria virus Molivia Artibeus planirostris polyomavirus 1 Artibeus planirostris polyomavirus 2 Artibeus planirostris polyomavirus 3 Artichoke Aegean ringspot virus Artichoke Italian latent virus Artichoke latent virus Artichoke mottled crinkle virus Artichoke yellow ringspot virus Artogeia rapae granulovirus Aruac arurhavirus Arumowot phlebovirus Asama orthohantavirus Ascaris lumbricoides Tas virus Ascogaster argentifrons bracovirus Ascogaster quadridentata bracovirus Ash gourd yellow vein mosaic alphasatellite Ashivirus S45C4 Asian prunus virus 1 Asian prunus virus 2 Asikkala orthohantavirus Asparagus virus 1 Asparagus virus 2 Asparagus virus 3 Aspergillus foetidus slow virus 1 Aspergillus fumigatus chrysovirus Aspergillus fumigatus polymycovirus 1 Aspergillus ochraceous virus Aspergillus spelaeus polymycovirus 1 Astarnavirus Asteroid aquambidensovirus 1 Asystasia mosaic Madagascar virus Ateles paniscus polyomavirus 1 Ateline alphaherpesvirus 1 Ateline gammaherpesvirus 2 Ateline gammaherpesvirus 3 Atkinsonella hypoxylon virus Atractylodes mild mottle virus Atractylodes mottle virus Aura virus Aurantiochytrium single-stranded RNA virus 01 Australian bat lyssavirus Australian grapevine viroid Autographa californica multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Avastrovirus 1 Avastrovirus 2 Avastrovirus 3 Aves polyomavirus 1 Avian carcinoma Mill Hill virus 2 Avian coronavirus Avian coronavirus 9203 Avian dependoparvovirus 1 Avian leukosis virus Avian metaavulavirus 10 Avian metaavulavirus 11 Avian metaavulavirus 14 Avian metaavulavirus 15 Avian metaavulavirus 2 Avian metaavulavirus 20 Avian metaavulavirus 5 Avian metaavulavirus 6 Avian metaavulavirus 7 Avian metaavulavirus 8 Avian metapneumovirus Avian myeloblastosis virus Avian myelocytomatosis virus 29 Avian orthoavulavirus 1 Avian orthoavulavirus 12 Avian orthoavulavirus 13 Avian orthoavulavirus 16 Avian orthoavulavirus 17 Avian orthoavulavirus 18 Avian orthoavulavirus 19 Avian orthoavulavirus 21 Avian orthoavulavirus 9 Avian orthoreovirus Avian paraavulavirus 3 Avian paraavulavirus 4 Avian sarcoma virus CT10 Avihepatovirus A Avisivirus A Avisivirus B Avisivirus C Avocado sunblotch viroid Avon-Heathcote Estuary associated kieseladnavirus Axonopus compressus streak virus Ayaqvirus S45C18 Baboon orthoreovirus Bacillus virus 1 Bacillus virus 250 Bacillus virus Agate Bacillus virus Andromeda Bacillus virus AP50 Bacillus virus AvesoBmore Bacillus virus B103 Bacillus virus B4 Bacillus virus Bam35 Bacillus virus Bastille Bacillus virus Bc431 Bacillus virus Bcp1 Bacillus virus BCP78 Bacillus virus BCP82 Bacillus virus Bigbertha Bacillus virus Blastoid Bacillus virus BM15 Bacillus virus BMBtp2 Bacillus virus Bobb Bacillus virus Bp8pC Bacillus virus BPS10C Bacillus virus BPS13 Bacillus virus CAM003 Bacillus virus Camphawk Bacillus virus CP51 Bacillus virus Curly Bacillus virus Deepblue Bacillus virus Eoghan Bacillus virus Evoli Bacillus virus Finn Bacillus virus G Bacillus virus GA1 Bacillus virus GIL16 Bacillus virus Glittering Bacillus virus Grass Bacillus virus Hakuna Bacillus virus HoodyT Bacillus virus IEBH Bacillus virus JBP901 Bacillus virus JL Bacillus virus Mater Bacillus virus Megatron Bacillus virus Mgbh1 Bacillus virus Moonbeam Bacillus virus NIT1 Bacillus virus Page Bacillus virus Palmer Bacillus virus Pascal Bacillus virus PBS1 Bacillus virus phi29 Bacillus virus Pony Bacillus virus Pookie Bacillus virus Riggi Bacillus virus Riley Bacillus virus Shanette Bacillus virus Shbh1 Bacillus virus SIOphi Bacillus virus Slash Bacillus virus SP15 Bacillus virus SPbeta Bacillus virus SPG24 Bacillus virus SPO1 Bacillus virus Spock Bacillus virus Stahl Bacillus virus Staley Bacillus virus Stills Bacillus virus Taylor Bacillus virus TP21 Bacillus virus Troll Bacillus virus TsarBomba Bacillus virus Wbeta Bacillus virus Wip1 Bacillus virus WPh Badger associated gemykibivirus 1 Badu phasivirus Bagaza virus Bahia barhavirus Bakau orthobunyavirus Ball python nidovirus 1 Balsa almendravirus Bamboo mosaic virus Banana bract mosaic virus Banana bunchy top alphasatellite 1 Banana bunchy top alphasatellite 2 Banana bunchy top alphasatellite 3 Banana bunchy top virus Banana mild mosaic virus Banana streak GF virus Banana streak IM virus Banana streak MY virus Banana streak OL virus Banana streak UA virus Banana streak UI virus Banana streak UL virus Banana streak UM virus Banana streak VN virus Banana virus X Banna virus Banzi virus Barbacena virus Y Barbel circovirus Barfin flounder nervous necrosis virus Barley mild mosaic virus Barley stripe mosaic virus Barley yellow dwarf virus GPV Barley yellow dwarf virus kerII Barley yellow dwarf virus kerIII Barley yellow dwarf virus MAV Barley yellow dwarf virus PAS Barley yellow dwarf virus PAV Barley yellow dwarf virus SGV Barley yellow mosaic virus Barley yellow striate mosaic cytorhabdovirus Barmah Forest virus Barnacle hexartovirus Barnacle mivirus Barur ledantevirus Bas-Congo tibrovirus Basella alba alphaendornavirus 1 Basella rugose mosaic virus Bat associated circovirus 1 Bat associated circovirus 10 Bat associated circovirus 11 Bat associated circovirus 12 Bat associated circovirus 2 Bat associated circovirus 3 Bat associated circovirus 4 Bat associated circovirus 5 Bat associated circovirus 6 Bat associated circovirus 7 Bat associated circovirus 8 Bat associated circovirus 9 Bat associated cyclovirus 1 Bat associated cyclovirus 10 Bat associated cyclovirus 11 Bat associated cyclovirus 12 Bat associated cyclovirus 13 Bat associated cyclovirus 14 Bat associated cyclovirus 15 Bat associated cyclovirus 16 Bat associated cyclovirus 2 Bat associated cyclovirus 3 Bat associated cyclovirus 4 Bat associated cyclovirus 5 Bat associated cyclovirus 6 Bat associated cyclovirus 7 Bat associated cyclovirus 8 Bat associated cyclovirus 9 Bat coronavirus CDPHE15 Bat coronavirus HKU10 Bat Hp-betacoronavirus Zhejiang2013 Bat mastadenovirus A Bat mastadenovirus B Bat mastadenovirus C Bat mastadenovirus D Bat mastadenovirus E Bat mastadenovirus F Bat mastadenovirus G Bat mastadenovirus H Bat mastadenovirus I Bat mastadenovirus J Batai orthobunyavirus Batama orthobunyavirus Batfish actinovirus Bavaria virus Bayou orthohantavirus Bdellovibrio virus MAC1 Bdellovibrio virus MH2K Beak and feather disease virus Bean calico mosaic virus Bean chlorosis virus Bean common mosaic necrosis virus Bean common mosaic virus Bean dwarf mosaic virus Bean golden mosaic virus Bean golden yellow mosaic virus Bean leaf crumple virus Bean leafroll virus Bean mild mosaic virus Bean necrotic mosaic orthotospovirus Bean pod mottle virus Bean rugose mosaic virus Bean white chlorosis mosaic virus Bean yellow disorder virus Bean yellow mosaic Mexico virus Bean yellow mosaic virus Bear Canyon mammarenavirus Beatrice Hill tibrovirus Beauveria bassiana polymycovirus 1 Beauveria bassiana victorivirus 1 Bebaru virus Beet black scorch virus Beet chlorosis virus Beet cryptic virus 1 Beet cryptic virus 2 Beet cryptic virus 3 Beet curly top Iran virus Beet curly top virus Beet mild yellowing virus Beet mosaic virus Beet necrotic yellow vein virus Beet pseudoyellows virus Beet ringspot virus Beet soil-borne mosaic virus Beet soil-borne virus Beet virus Q Beet western yellows virus Beet yellow stunt virus Beet yellows virus Beetle mivirus Beihai berhavirus Beihai crustavirus Beihai peropuvirus Beihai picobirnavirus Beihai yingvirus Beihai yuyuevirus Beilong jeilongvirus Bell pepper alphaendornavirus Bell pepper mottle virus Belladonna mottle virus Bellavista orthobunyavirus Bellflower vein chlorosis virus Bellflower veinal mottle virus Beluga whale coronavirus SW1 Benevides orthobunyavirus Berisnavirus 1 Bermuda grass etched-line virus Berrimah ephemerovirus Bertioga orthobunyavirus Betaarterivirus chinrav 1 Betaarterivirus ninrav Betaarterivirus sheoin Betaarterivirus suid 1 Betaarterivirus suid 2 Betaarterivirus timiclar Betacoronavirus 1 Betapapillomavirus 1 Betapapillomavirus 2 Betapapillomavirus 3 Betapapillomavirus 4 Betapapillomavirus 5 Betapapillomavirus 6 Betapleolipovirus HGPV1 Betapleolipovirus HHPV3 Betapleolipovirus HHPV4 Betapleolipovirus HRPV10 Betapleolipovirus HRPV11 Betapleolipovirus HRPV12 Betapleolipovirus HRPV3 Betapleolipovirus HRPV9 Betapleolipovirus SNJ2 Bhanja bandavirus Bhendi yellow vein alphasatellite Bhendi yellow vein Bhubhaneswar virus Bhendi yellow vein Haryana virus Bhendi yellow vein mosaic betasatellite Bhendi yellow vein mosaic Delhi virus Bhendi yellow vein mosaic virus Bidens mosaic virus Bidens mottle virus Bimiti orthobunyavirus Birao orthobunyavirus Birch leaf roll-associated virus Birdsfoot trefoil enamovirus 1 Bitter gourd yellow mosaic virus Black beetle virus Black Creek Canal orthohantavirus Black medic leaf roll virus Black queen cell virus Black raspberry necrosis virus Black robin associated gemykibivirus 1 Blackberry chlorotic ringspot virus Blackberry leaf mottle associated emaravirus Blackberry vein banding-associated virus Blackberry virus A Blackberry virus E Blackberry virus F Blackberry virus S Blackberry virus Y Blackberry yellow vein-associated virus Blackbird associated gemycircularvirus 1 Blackbird associated gemykibivirus 1 Blackcurrant betanucleorhabdovirus Blackcurrant closterovirus 1 Blackcurrant reversion virus Blackleg ixovirus Blainvillea yellow spot virus Blattodean blattambidensovirus 1 Blattodean pefuambidensovirus 1 Blechum interveinal chlorosis virus Blechum yellow vein virus Blotched snakehead virus Blue gill hepatitis B virus Blue squill virus A Blueberry fruit drop associated virus Blueberry latent spherical virus Blueberry latent virus Blueberry leaf mottle virus Blueberry mosaic associated ophiovirus Blueberry necrotic ring blotch virus Blueberry red ringspot virus Blueberry scorch virus Blueberry shock virus Blueberry shoestring virus Blueberry virus A Bluetongue virus Boerhavia yellow spot virus Bokeloh bat lyssavirus Bolahun anphevirus Bole mivirus Bombali ebolavirus Bombyx mori bidensovirus Bombyx mori latent virus Bombyx mori Mag virus Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus Bombyx mori Pao virus Boolarra virus Boosepivirus A Boosepivirus B Boosepivirus C Bopivirus A Bordetella virus BPP1 Bordetella virus CN1 Bordetella virus CN2 Bordetella virus FP1 Bordetella virus MW2 Bordetella virus PHB04 Bornean orangutan simian foamy virus Bos taurus polyomavirus 1 Botambi orthobunyavirus Botrylloides leachii nidovirus Botryoshaeria dothidea polymycovirus 1 Botryosphaeria dothidea chrysovirus Botrytis botoulivirus Botrytis cinerea betaendornavirus 1 Botrytis porri botybirnavirus 1 Botrytis virus F Botrytis virus X Bouboui virus Bougainvillea chlorotic vein banding virus Bovine alphaherpesvirus 1 Bovine alphaherpesvirus 2 Bovine alphaherpesvirus 5 Bovine associated bovismacovirus 1 Bovine associated bovismacovirus 2 Bovine associated cosmacovirus 1 Bovine associated cyclovirus 1 Bovine associated drosmacovirus 1 Bovine associated gemycircularvirus 1 Bovine associated gemykibivirus 1 Bovine associated gemykrogvirus 1 Bovine associated huchismacovirus 1 Bovine associated huchismacovirus 2 Bovine associated porprismacovirus 1 Bovine atadenovirus D Bovine fever ephemerovirus Bovine foamy virus Bovine gammaherpesvirus 4 Bovine gammaherpesvirus 6 Bovine immunodeficiency virus Bovine leukemia virus Bovine mastadenovirus A Bovine mastadenovirus B Bovine mastadenovirus C Bovine nidovirus 1 Bovine orthopneumovirus Bovine papular stomatitis virus Bovine respirovirus 3 Bovine rhinitis A virus Bovine rhinitis B virus Bovine torovirus Bowe orthohantavirus Bozo orthobunyavirus Brassica campestris chrysovirus Brassica oleracea Melmoth virus Brazilian mammarenavirus Brevibacillus virus Abouo Brevibacillus virus Davies Brevibacillus virus Jenst Brevibacillus virus Jimmer Brevibacillus virus Osiris Brevibacterium virus LuckyBarnes Brevicoryne brassicae virus Brisavirus Britarnavirus 1 Britarnavirus 2 Britarnavirus 3 Britarnavirus 4 Brno loanvirus Broad bean mottle virus Broad bean necrosis virus Broad bean stain virus Broad bean true mosaic virus Broad bean wilt virus 1 Broad bean wilt virus 2 Broad-leafed dock virus A Broccoli necrotic yellows cytorhabdovirus Brochothrix virus A9 Brome mosaic virus Brome streak mosaic virus Bromus associated gemycircularvirus 1 Bromus catharticus striate mosaic virus Broome orthoreovirus Brown greater galago prosimian foamy virus Brucella virus Pr Brucella virus Tb Bruges orthohantavirus Brugmansia mild mottle virus Brugmansia mosaic virus Brugmansia suaveolens mottle virus Brunnich mivirus Bubaline alphaherpesvirus 1 Buenaventura phlebovirus Bujaru phlebovirus Bukalasa bat virus Bulbul coronavirus HKU11 Bundibugyo ebolavirus Bunyamwera orthobunyavirus Burdock mottle virus Burdock yellows virus Burkholderia virus AH2 Burkholderia virus AP3 Burkholderia virus Bcep1 Burkholderia virus Bcep22 Burkholderia virus Bcep43 Burkholderia virus Bcep781 Burkholderia virus BcepC6B Burkholderia virus BcepF1 Burkholderia virus Bcepil02 Burkholderia virus Bcepmigl Burkholderia virus BcepMu Burkholderia virus BcepNazgul Burkholderia virus BcepNY3 Burkholderia virus BpAMP1 Burkholderia virus DC1 Burkholderia virus JG068 Burkholderia virus KL1 Burkholderia virus KL3 Burkholderia virus KL4 Burkholderia virus KS14 Burkholderia virus KS5 Burkholderia virus phi1026b Burkholderia virus phi52237 Burkholderia virus phi6442 Burkholderia virus phiE122 Burkholderia virus phiE125 Burkholderia virus phiE202 Burkholderia virus phiE255 Burkholderia virus ST79 Bushbush orthobunyavirus Butterbur mosaic virus Butterfly flower mosaic virus Buttonwillow orthobunyavirus Buzura suppressaria nucleopolyhedrovirus Bwamba orthobunyavirus Cabassou virus Cabbage cytorhabdovirus Cabbage leaf curl Jamaica virus Cabbage leaf curl virus Cacao bacilliform Sri Lanka virus Cacao mild mosaic virus Cacao phlebovirus Cacao swollen shoot CD virus Cacao swollen shoot CE virus Cacao swollen shoot Ghana M virus Cacao swollen shoot Ghana N virus Cacao swollen shoot Ghana Q virus Cacao swollen shoot Togo A virus Cacao swollen shoot Togo B virus Cacao yellow mosaic virus Cacao yellow vein banding virus Cache Valley orthobunyavirus Cachoeira Porteira orthobunyavirus Cacipacore virus Cactus mild mottle virus Cactus virus 2 Cactus virus X Cadicivirus A Cadicivirus B Caenorhabditis elegans Cer1 virus Caenorhabditis elegans Cer13 virus Cafeteria roenbergensis virus Cafeteriavirus-dependent mavirus Caimito pacuvirus Cajanus cajan Panzee virus Caladenia virus A Calanthe mild mosaic virus Cali mammarenavirus Calibrachoa mottle virus California encephalitis orthobunyavirus California reptarenavirus Caligid hexartovirus Caligus caligrhavirus Calla lily chlorotic spot orthotospovirus Calla lily latent virus Callistephus mottle virus Callitrichine gammaherpesvirus 3 Calopogonium yellow vein virus Camel associated drosmacovirus 1 Camel associated drosmacovirus2 Camel associated porprismacovirus 1 Camel associated porprismacovirus 2 Camel associated porprismacovirus 3 Camel associated porprismacovirus 4 Camelpox virus Campana phlebovirus Campoletis aprilis ichnovirus Campoletis flavicincta ichnovirus Campoletis sonorensis ichnovirus Camptochironomus tentans entomopoxvirus Campylobacter virus CP21 Campylobacter virus CP220 Campylobacter virus CP30A Campylobacter virus CP81 Campylobacter virus CPt10 Campylobacter virus CPX Campylobacter virus IBB35 Campylobacter virus Los1 Campylobacter virus NCTC12673 Canary circovirus Canarypox virus Candida albicans Tca2 virus Candida albicans Tca5 virus Candiru phlebovirus Canid alphaherpesvirus 1 Canine associated gemygorvirus 1 Canine circovirus Canine mastadenovirus A Canine morbillivirus Canis familiaris polyomavirus 1 Canna yellow mottle associated virus Canna yellow mottle virus Canna yellow streak virus Cannabis cryptic virus Cano Delgadito orthohantavirus Cao Bang orthohantavirus Caper latent virus Capim orthobunyavirus Capraria yellow spot virus Caprine alphaherpesvirus 1 Caprine arthritis encephalitis virus Caprine gammaherpesvirus 2 Caprine respirovirus 3 Capsicum chlorosis orthotospovirus Capsicum India alphasatellite Capuchin monkey hepatitis B virus Carajas vesiculovirus Caraparu orthobunyavirus Cardamine chlorotic fleck virus Cardamom bushy dwarf alphasatellite Cardamom bushy dwarf virus Cardamom mosaic virus Cardiochiles nigriceps bracovirus Cardioderma cor polyomavirus 1 Cardiospermum yellow leaf curl betasatellite Cardiovirus A Cardiovirus B Cardiovirus C Cardiovirus D Cardiovirus E Cardiovirus F Carey Island virus Caribou associated gemykrogvirus 1 Carnation cryptic virus 1 Carnation etched ring virus Carnation Italian ringspot virus Carnation latent virus Carnation mottle virus Carnation necrotic fleck virus Carnation ringspot virus Carnation vein mottle virus Carnivore amdoparvovirus 1 Carnivore amdoparvovirus 2 Carnivore amdoparvovirus 3 Carnivore amdoparvovirus 4 Carnivore amdoparvovirus 5 Carnivore bocaparvovirus 1 Carnivore bocaparvovirus 2 Carnivore bocaparvovirus 3 Carnivore bocaparvovirus 4 Carnivore bocaparvovirus 5 Carnivore bocaparvovirus 6 Carnivore chaphamaparvovirus 1 Carnivore protoparvovirus Carnivore protoparvovirus 1 Carollia perspicillata polyomavirus 1 Carp sprivivirus Carrot Ch virus 1 Carrot Ch virus 2 Carrot cryptic virus Carrot mottle mimic virus Carrot mottle virus Carrot necrotic dieback virus Carrot red leaf virus Carrot temperate virus 1 Carrot temperate virus 2 Carrot temperate virus 3 Carrot temperate virus 4 Carrot thin leaf virus Carrot torradovirus 1 Carrot virus Y Carrot yellow leaf virus Casinaria arjuna ichnovirus Casinaria forcipata ichnovirus Casinaria infesta ichnovirus Cassava American latent virus Cassava associated gemycircularvirus 1 Cassava brown streak virus Cassava common mosaic virus Cassava green mottle virus Cassava mosaic Madagascar alphasatellite Cassava mosaic Madagascar virus Cassava vein mosaic virus Cassava virus C Cassava virus X Cassia yellow blotch virus Cat Que orthobunyavirus Catharanthus mosaic virus Catharanthus yellow mosaic virus Catopsilia pomona nucleopolyhedrovirus Catu orthobunyavirus Caucasus prunus virus Cauliflower mosaic virus Caulobacter virus CcrBL10 Caulobacter virus CcrBL9 Caulobacter virus CcrColossus Caulobacter virus CcrPW Caulobacter virus CcrRogue Caulobacter virus CcrSC Caulobacter virus Lullwater Caulobacter virus Percy Caulobacter virus phiCbK Caulobacter virus Sansa Caulobacter virus Seuss Caulobacter virus Swift Caviid betaherpesvirus 2 Cebine betaherpesvirus 1 Cebus albifrons polyomavirus 1 Cedar henipavirus Celery latent virus Celery mosaic virus Cellulophaga virus Cba121 Cellulophaga virus Cba171 Cellulophaga virus Cba172 Cellulophaga virus Cba181 Cellulophaga virus Cba41 Cellulophaga virus ST Central chimpanzee simian foamy virus Centropristis striata polyomavirus 1 Centrosema yellow spot virus Ceratitis capitata Yoyo virus Ceratobium mosaic virus Ceratocystis resinifera virus 1 Cercopithecine alphaherpesvirus 2 Cercopithecine alphaherpesvirus 9 Cercopithecine betaherpesvirus 5 Cercopithecine gammaherpesvirus 14 Cercopithecus erythrotis polyomavirus 1 Cereal yellow dwarf virus RPS Cereal yellow dwarf virus RPV Cervid alphaherpesvirus 1 Cervid alphaherpesvirus 2 Cestrum yellow leaf curling virus Cetacean morbillivirus Chaco sripuvirus Chaetarnavirus 2 Chaetenuissarnavirus II Chaetoceros diatodnavirus 1 Chaetoceros protobacilladnavirus 1 Chaetoceros protobacilladnavirus 2 Chaetoceros protobacilladnavirus 3 Chaetoceros protobacilladnavirus 4 Chaetoceros socialis forma radians RNA virus 1 Chaetoceros tenuissimus RNA virus 01 Chagres phlebovirus Chalara elegans RNA Virus 1 Chandipura vesiculovirus Changping mivirus Changuinola virus Chapare mammarenavirus Charleville sripuvirus Charybdis mivirus Charybdis yingvirus Charybnivirus 1 Chayote mosaic virus Chayote yellow mosaic virus Chelonid alphaherpesvirus 5 Chelonid alphaherpesvirus 6 Chelonus altitudinis bracovirus Chelonus blackburni bracovirus Chelonus inanitus bracovirus Chelonus insularis bracovirus Chelonus near curvimaculatus bracovirus Chelonus texanus bracovirus Chenopodium leaf curl virus Chenopodium necrosis virus Chenuda virus Cherry associated luteovirus Cherry chlorotic rusty spot associated partitivirus Cherry green ring mottle virus Cherry leaf roll virus Cherry mottle leaf virus Cherry necrotic rusty mottle virus Cherry rasp leaf virus Cherry rusty mottle associated virus Cherry twisted leaf associated virus Cherry virus A Chevrier mammarenavirus Chick syncytial virus Chickadee associated gemycircularvirus 1 Chicken anemia virus Chicken associated cyclovirus 1 Chicken associated cyclovirus 2 Chicken associated gemycircularvirus 1 Chicken associated gemycircularvirus 2 Chicken associated huchismacovirus 1 Chicken associated huchismacovirus 2 Chickpea chlorosis Australia virus Chickpea chlorosis virus Chickpea chlorotic dwarf virus Chickpea chlorotic stunt virus Chickpea redleaf virus Chickpea stunt disease associated virus Chickpea yellow dwarf virus Chickpea yellows virus Chicory yellow mottle virus Chikungunya virus Chili leaf curl betasatellite Chili leaf curl Jaunpur betasatellite Chili leaf curl Sri Lanka betasatellite Chilibre pacuvirus Chilli leaf curl Ahmedabad virus Chilli leaf curl alphasatellite Chilli leaf curl Bhavanisagar virus Chilli leaf curl Gonda virus Chilli leaf curl India virus Chilli leaf curl Kanpur virus Chilli leaf curl Sri Lanka virus Chilli leaf curl Vellanad virus Chilli leaf curl virus Chilli ringspot virus Chilli veinal mottle virus Chiltepin yellow mosaic virus Chim orthonairovirus Chimpanzee associated circovirus 1 Chimpanzee associated cyclovirus 1 Chimpanzee associated porprismacovirus 1 Chimpanzee associated porprismacovirus 2 China Rattus coronavirus HKU24 Chinese artichoke mosaic virus Chinese shrew hepatitis B virus Chinese wheat mosaic virus Chinese yam necrotic mosaic virus Chino del tomate Amazonas virus Chino del tomate virus Chinook salmon nidovirus 1 Chinturpovirus 1 Chipapillomavirus 1 Chipapillomavirus 2 Chipapillomavirus 3 Chironomus attenuatus entomopoxvirus Chironomus luridus entomopoxvirus Chironomus plumosus entomopoxvirus Chironomus riparius virus 1 Chiropteran artiparvovirus 1 Chiropteran bocaparvovirus 1 Chiropteran bocaparvovirus 2 Chiropteran bocaparvovirus 3 Chiropteran bocaparvovirus 4 Chiropteran chaphamaparvovirus 1 Chiropteran dependoparvovirus 1 Chiropteran protoparvovirus 1 Chiropteran tetraparvovirus 1 Chlamydia virus Chp1 Chlamydia virus Chp2 Chlamydia virus CPAR39 Chlamydia virus CPG1 Chloris striate mosaic virus Chlorocebus pygerythrus polyomavirus 1 Chlorocebus pygerythrus polyomavirus 2 Chlorocebus pygerythrus polyomavirus 3 Chobar Gorge virus Choclo orthohantavirus Chocolate lily virus A Chondrostereum purpureum cryptic virus 1 Choristoneura biennis entomopoxvirus Choristoneura conflicta entomopoxvirus Choristoneura diversuma entomopoxvirus Choristoneura fumiferana DEF multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Choristoneura fumiferana entomopoxvirus Choristoneura fumiferana granulovirus Choristoneura fumiferana multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Choristoneura murinana nucleopolyhedrovirus Choristoneura rosaceana entomopoxvirus Choristoneura rosaceana nucleopolyhedrovirus Chorizagrotis auxiliaris entomopoxvirus Chosvirus KM23C739 Chrysanthemum chlorotic mottle viroid Chrysanthemum stem necrosis orthotospovirus Chrysanthemum stunt viroid Chrysanthemum virus B Chrysochromulina brevifilum virus PW1 Chrysodeixis chalcites nucleopolyhedrovirus Chrysodeixis includens nucleopolyhedrovirus Citrobacter CrRp3 Citrobacter virus CF1 Citrobacter virus CFP1 Citrobacter virus CR44b Citrobacter virus CR8 Citrobacter virus DK2017 Citrobacter virus Merlin Citrobacter virus Moogle Citrobacter virus Moon Citrobacter virus Mordin Citrobacter virus Sazh Citrobacter virus SH1 Citrobacter virus SH2 Citrobacter virus SH3 Citrobacter virus SH4 Citrobacter virus Stevie Citrus bark cracking viroid Citrus bent leaf viroid Citrus chlorotic dwarf associated virus Citrus chlorotic spot dichorhavirus Citrus coguvirus Citrus dwarfing viroid Citrus exocortis viroid Citrus leaf blotch virus Citrus leaf rugose virus Citrus leprosis N dichorhavirus Citrus leprosis virus C Citrus leprosis virus C2 Citrus psorosis ophiovirus Citrus sudden death-associated virus Citrus tristeza virus Citrus variegation virus Citrus vein enation virus Citrus viroid V Citrus viroid VI Citrus yellow mosaic virus Citrus yellow vein clearing virus Civet circovirus Cladosporium cladosporioides polymycovirus 1 Cladosporium fulvum T-1 virus Clanis bilineata nucleopolyhedrovirus Clavibacter virus CMP1 Clavibacter virus CN1A Clematis chlorotic mottle virus Cleome golden mosaic virus Cleome leaf crumple alphasatellite Cleome leaf crumple virus Clerodendron golden mosaic virus Clerodendron yellow mosaic virus Clerodendrum chlorotic spot dichorhavirus Clerodendrum golden mosaic China virus Clerodendrum golden mosaic Jiangsu virus Clitoria virus Y Clitoria yellow mottle virus Clitoria yellow vein virus Clostera anachoreta granulovirus Clostera anastomosis granulovirus A Clostera anastomosis granulovirus B Clostridium virus phiC2 Clostridium virus phiCD119 Clostridium virus phiCD27 Clover yellow mosaic virus Clover yellow vein virus Cluster bean alphaendornavirus 1 Cnaphalocrocis medinalis granulovirus Cnidoscolus mosaic leaf deformation virus Coastal Plains tibrovirus Cocal vesiculovirus Coccinia mosaic Tamil Nadu virus Coccinia mottle virus Cockroach associated cyclovirus 1 Cockroach mivirus Cocksfoot mild mosaic virus Cocksfoot mottle virus Cocksfoot streak virus Cocle phlebovirus Cocoa necrosis virus Coconut cadang-cadang viroid Coconut foliar decay alphasatellite Coconut foliar decay virus Coconut tinangaja viroid Codonopsis vein clearing virus Coffee ringspot dichorhavirus Coguvirus eburi Cole latent virus Coleus blumei viroid 1 Coleus blumei viroid 2 Coleus blumei viroid 3 Coleus vein necrosis virus Colletotrichum camelliae polymycovirus 1 Colletotrichum fructicola chrysovirus 1 Colletotrichum gloeosporioides chrysovirus Colocasia bobone disease-associated cytorhabdovirus Colombian datura virus Colombian potato soil-borne virus Colorado tick fever coltivirus Columbid alphaherpesvirus 1 Columnea latent viroid Colwellia virus 9A Commelina mosaic virus Commelina yellow mottle virus Common bean mottle virus Common bean severe mosaic virus Common midwife toad virus Common moorhen coronavirus HKU21 Common reed chlorotic stripe virus Condylorrhiza vestigialis nucleopolyhedrovirus Coniothyrium minitans RNA virus Connecticut sawgrhavirus Coot Bay almendravirus Corchorus golden mosaic virus Corchorus yellow spot virus Corchorus yellow vein mosaic virus Corchorus yellow vein virus Cordyline virus 1 Cordyline virus 2 Cordyline virus 3 Cordyline virus 4 Coronavirus HKU15 Corriparta virus Corvus monedula polyomavirus 1 Corynebacterium virus BFK20 Corynebacterium virus C3PO Corynebacterium virus Darwin Corynebacterium virus Juicebox Corynebacterium virus P1201 Corynebacterium virus phi673 Corynebacterium virus phi674 Corynebacterium virus Poushou Corynebacterium virus SamW Corynebacterium virus Zion Cosavirus A Cosavirus B Cosavirus D Cosavirus E Cosavirus F Cotesia congregata bracovirus Cotesia flavipes bracovirus Cotesia glomerata bracovirus Cotesia hyphantriae bracovirus Cotesia kariyai bracovirus Cotesia marginiventris bracovirus Cotesia melanoscela bracovirus Cotesia rubecula bracovirus Cotesia schaeferi bracovirus Cotia virus Cotton chlorotic spot virus Cotton leaf crumple virus Cotton leaf curl Alabad virus Cotton leaf curl Bangalore virus Cotton leaf curl Barasat virus Cotton leaf curl Egypt alphasatellite Cotton leaf curl Gezira alphasatellite Cotton leaf curl Gezira betasatellite Cotton leaf curl Gezira virus Cotton leaf curl Kokhran virus Cotton leaf curl Lucknow alphasatellite Cotton leaf curl Multan alphasatellite Cotton leaf curl Multan betasatellite Cotton leaf curl Multan virus Cotton leaf curl Saudi Arabia alphasatellite Cotton leafroll dwarf virus Cotton yellow mosaic virus Cow vetch latent alphasatellite Cowbone Ridge virus Cowpea aphid-borne mosaic virus Cowpea bright yellow mosaic virus Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus Cowpea golden mosaic virus Cowpea mild mottle virus Cowpea mosaic virus Cowpea mottle virus Cowpea severe mosaic virus Cowpox virus Crab mivirus Cracticus torquatus polyomavirus 1 Crahelivirus A Crassocephalum yellow vein virus Cricetid gammaherpesvirus 2 Cricket paralysis virus Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever orthonairovirus Crimson clover cryptic virus 2 Crimson clover latent virus Crohivirus A Crohivirus B Cronobacter virus CR3 Cronobacter virus CR8 Cronobacter virus CR9 Cronobacter virus Dev2 Cronobacter virus DevCD23823 Cronobacter virus Esp2949-1 Cronobacter virus ESSI2 Cronobacter virus GAP227 Cronobacter virus GAP31 Cronobacter virus GAP32 Cronobacter virus GW1 Cronobacter virus PBES02 Cronobacter virus PhiCS01 Croton golden mosaic virus Croton yellow vein deltasatellite Croton yellow vein mosaic alphasatellite Croton yellow vein mosaic betasatellite Croton yellow vein mosaic virus Crustacean lincruvirus Crustacean mivirus Cryphonectria hypovirus 1 Cryphonectria hypovirus 2 Cryphonectria hypovirus 3 Cryphonectria hypovirus 4 Cryphonectria mitovirus 1 Cryphonectria nitschkei chrysovirus 1 Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus Cryptophlebia peltastica nucleopolyhedrovirus Cryptosporidium parvum virus 1 Cucumber Bulgarian latent virus Cucumber fruit mottle mosaic virus Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus Cucumber leaf spot virus Cucumber mosaic virus Cucumber mottle virus Cucumber necrosis virus Cucumber soil-borne virus Cucumber vein yellowing virus Cucumber vein-clearing virus Cucumis melo alphaendornavirus Cucurbit aphid-borne yellows virus Cucurbit leaf crumple virus Cucurbit mild mosaic virus Cucurbit vein banding virus Cucurbit yellow stunting disorder virus Cuiaba sripuvirus Culex nigripalpus nucleopolyhedrovirus Culex ohlsrhavirus Culex orthophasmavirus Cumuto goukovirus Cupixi mammarenavirus Curionopolis curiovirus Currant latent virus Currant virus A Curvibacter virus P26059B Cycas necrotic stunt virus Cyclophragma undans nucleopolyhedrovirus Cydia pomonella granulovirus Cymbidium chlorotic mosaic virus Cymbidium mosaic virus Cymbidium ringspot virus Cynoglossus cynoglossusvirus Cynomolgus macaque simian foamy virus Cypovirus 1 Cypovirus 10 Cypovirus 11 Cypovirus 12 Cypovirus 13 Cypovirus 14 Cypovirus 15 Cypovirus 16 Cypovirus 2 Cypovirus 3 Cypovirus 4 Cypovirus 5 Cypovirus 6 Cypovirus 7 Cypovirus 8 Cypovirus 9 Cyprinid herpesvirus 1 Cyprinid herpesvirus 2 Cyprinid herpesvirus 3 Cypripedium virus Y Cyrtanthus elatus virus A Dabie bandavirus Dabieshan orthohantavirus Dabieshan uukuvirus Dadou sclerotimonavirus Dahlia latent viroid Dahlia mosaic virus Dakar bat virus Dalechampia chlorotic mosaic virus Dandelion yellow mosaic virus Daphne mosaic virus Daphne virus S Daphne virus Y Darna trima virus Dasheen mosaic virus Dashli phlebovirus Dasychira pudibunda virus Datura leaf curl virus Datura leaf distortion virus Datura shoestring virus Datura yellow vein betanucleorhabdovirus Decapod aquambidensovirus 1 Decapod hepanhamaparvovirus 1 Decapod iridescent virus 1 Decapod penstylhamaparvovirus 1 Decronivirus 1 Deer atadenovirus A Deer mastadenovirus B Deformed wing virus Deinbollia mosaic virus Delftia virus IMEDE1 Delftia virus PhiW14 Delphinus delphis polyomavirus 1 Deltaarterivirus hemfev Deltalipothrixvirus SBFV3 Deltapapillomavirus 1 Deltapapillomavirus 2 Deltapapillomavirus 3 Deltapapillomavirus 4 Deltapapillomavirus 5 Deltapapillomavirus 6 Deltapapillomavirus 7 Demodema bonariensis entomopoxvirus Dendrobium chlorotic mosaic virus Dendrolimus punctatus virus Dengue virus Dera Ghazi Khan orthonairovirus Dermacentor mivirus Dermolepida albohirtum entomopoxvirus Desmodium leaf distortion virus Desmodium mottle virus Desmodium yellow mottle virus Desmodus rotundus polyomavirus 1 Dhori thogotovirus Diachasmimorpha entomopoxvirus Diadegma acronyctae ichnovirus Diadegma interruptum ichnovirus Diadegma terebrans ichnovirus Diadromus pulchellus toursvirus Diatraea saccharalis granulovirus Dickeya virus AD1 Dickeya virus BF25-12 Dickeya virus Dagda Dickeya virus JA10 Dickeya virus JA11 Dickeya virus JA29 Dickeya virus Katbat Dickeya virus Limestone Dickeya virus Luksen Dickeya virus Mysterion Dickeya virus Ninurta Dickeya virus RC2014 Dicliptera yellow mottle Cuba virus Dicliptera yellow mottle virus Dictyostelium discoideum Skipper virus Digitaria ciliaris striate mosaic virus Digitaria didactyla striate mosaic virus Digitaria streak virus Dill cryptic virus 2 Dinocampus coccinellae paralysis virus Dinoroseobacter virus D5C Dinoroseobacter virus DFL12 Diodia vein chlorosis virus Diolcogaster facetosa bracovirus Dioscorea bacilliform AL virus Dioscorea bacilliform AL virus 2 Dioscorea bacilliform ES virus Dioscorea bacilliform RT virus 1 Dioscorea bacilliform RT virus 2 Dioscorea bacilliform SN virus Dioscorea bacilliform TR virus Dioscorea mosaic associated virus Dioscorea mosaic virus Dioscorea nummularia associated virus Dipteran anphevirus Dipteran beidivirus Dipteran brevihamaparvovirus 1 Dipteran brevihamaparvovirus 2 Dipteran hudivirus Dipteran phasivirus Dipteran protoambidensovirus 1 Diresapivirus A Diresapivirus B Discula destructiva virus 1 Discula destructiva virus 2 Diuris virus A Diuris virus B Diuris virus Y Dobrava-Belgrade orthohantavirus Dobsonia moluccensis polyomavirus 1 Dobsonia moluccensis polyomavirus 2 Dobsonia moluccensis polyomavirus 3 Dolichos yellow mosaic virus Dolphin mastadenovirus A Dolphin mastadenovirus B Domestic cat hepatitis B virus Donkey orchid symptomless virus Donkey orchid virus A Dragonfly associated alphasatellite Dragonfly associated bovismacovirus 1 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 1 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 2 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 3 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 4 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 5 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 6 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 7 Dragonfly associated cyclovirus 8 Dragonfly associated dragsmacovirus 1 Dragonfly associated gemycircularvirus 1 Dragonfly associated gemyduguivirus 1 Dragonfly associated gemykibivirus 1 Dragonfly-associated mastrevirus Drakaea virus A Drop sclerotimonavirus Drosophila affinis sigmavirus Drosophila ananassae sigmavirus Drosophila ananassae Tom virus Drosophila buzzatii Osvaldo virus Drosophila C virus Drosophila immigrans sigmavirus Drosophila melanogaster 17-6 virus Drosophila melanogaster 1731 virus Drosophila melanogaster 297 virus Drosophila melanogaster 412 virus Drosophila melanogaster Bel virus Drosophila melanogaster Blastopia virus Drosophila melanogaster copia virus Drosophila melanogaster Gypsy virus Drosophila melanogaster Idefix virus Drosophila melanogaster Mdg1 virus Drosophila melanogaster Mdg3 virus Drosophila melanogaster Micropia virus Drosophila melanogaster Roo virus Drosophila melanogaster sigmavirus Drosophila melanogaster Tirant virus Drosophila melanogaster Zam virus Drosophila obscura sigmavirus Drosophila semotivirus Max Drosophila simulans Ninja virus Drosophila tristis sigmavirus Drosophila virilis Tv1 virus Drosophila virilis Ulysses virus Drosophila X virus Drosophilid anphevirus Drosophina B birnavirus Duck associated cyclovirus 1 Duck atadenovirus A Duck aviadenovirus B Duck circovirus Duck coronavirus 2714 Duck hepatitis B virus Dugbe orthonairovirus Dulcamara mottle virus Durania phlebovirus Duranta leaf curl virus Durham tupavirus Duvenhage lyssavirus Dyochipapillomavirus 1 Dyodeltapapillomavirus 1 Dyoepsilonpapillomavirus 1 Dyoetapapillomavirus 1 Dyoiotapapillomavirus 1 Dyoiotapapillomavirus 2 Dyokappapapillomavirus 1 Dyokappapapillomavirus 2 Dyokappapapillomavirus 3 Dyokappapapillomavirus 4 Dyokappapapillomavirus 5 Dyolambdapapillomavirus 1 Dyomupapillomavirus 1 Dyonupapillomavirus 1 Dyoomegapapillomavirus 1 Dyoomikronpapillomavirus 1 Dyophipapillomavirus 1 Dyopipapillomavirus 1 Dyopsipapillomavirus 1 Dyorhopapillomavirus 1 Dyosigmapapillomavirus 1 Dyotaupapillomavirus 1 Dyothetapapillomavirus 1 Dyoupsilonpapillomavirus 1 Dyoxipapillomavirus 1 Dyoxipapillomavirus 2 Dyozetapapillomavirus 1 East African cassava mosaic Cameroon virus East African cassava mosaic Kenya virus East African cassava mosaic Malawi virus East African cassava mosaic virus East African cassava mosaic Zanzibar virus East Asian Passiflora distortion virus East Asian Passiflora virus Eastern chimpanzee simian foamy virus Eastern equine encephalitis virus Eastern kangaroopox virus Echarate phlebovirus Echinochloa hoja blanca tenuivirus Echinochloa ragged stunt virus Echinoderm berhavirus Eclipta yellow vein alphasatellite Eclipta yellow vein virus Ectocarpus fasciculatus virus a Ectocarpus siliculosus virus 1 Ectocarpus siliculosus virus a Ectromelia virus Ectropis obliqua nucleopolyhedrovirus Ectropis obliqua virus Edge Hill virus Edwardsiella virus eiAU Edwardsiella virus GF2 Edwardsiella virus KF1 Edwardsiella virus MSW3 Edwardsiella virus PEi21 Edwardsiella virus pEtSU Eggerthella virus PMBT5 Eggplant latent viroid Eggplant mosaic virus Eggplant mottled crinkle virus Eggplant mottled dwarf alphanucleorhabdovirus Eidolon bat coronavirus C704 Eidolon helvum polyomavirus 1 Eilat virus Ekpoma 1 tibrovirus Ekpoma 2 tibrovirus El Moro Canyon orthohantavirus Elapid 1 orthobornavirus Elderberry latent virus Elephantid betaherpesvirus 1 Elephantid betaherpesvirus 4 Elephantid betaherpesvirus 5 Elm mottle virus Emilia yellow vein Fujian virus Emilia yellow vein Thailand virus Emilia yellow vein virus Emiliania huxleyi virus 86 Endive necrotic mosaic virus Enhydra lutris polyomavirus 1 Enseada orthobunyavirus Entebbe bat virus Enterobacter virus E2 Enterobacter virus E3 Enterobacter virus Eap1 Enterobacter virus Eap3 Enterobacter virus EcL1 Enterobacter virus EcpYZU01 Enterobacter virus F20 Enterobacter virus KDA1 Enterobacter virus KPN3 Enterobacter virus PG7 Enterobacteria virus IME390 Enterobacteria virus T7M Enterococcus virus AL2 Enterococcus virus AL3 Enterococcus virus AUEF3 Enterococcus virus BC611 Enterococcus virus ECP3 Enterococcus virus EcZZ2 Enterococcus virus EF24C Enterococcus virus EF3 Enterococcus virus EF4 Enterococcus virus EfaCPT1 Enterococcus virus EFDG1 Enterococcus virus EFLK1 Enterococcus virus EFP01 Enterococcus virus EfV12 Enterococcus virus FL1 Enterococcus virus FL2 Enterococcus virus FL3 Enterococcus virus IME196 Enterococcus virus IMEEF1 Enterococcus virus LY0322 Enterococcus virus phiSHEF2 Enterococcus virus phiSHEF4 Enterococcus virus phiSHEF5 Enterococcus virus PMBT2 Enterococcus virus SANTOR1 Enterococcus virus SAP6 Enterococcus virus VD13 Enterovirus A Enterovirus B Enterovirus C Enterovirus D Enterovirus E Enterovirus F Enterovirus G Enterovirus H Enterovirus I Enterovirus J Enterovirus K Enterovirus L Entoleuca entovirus Enytus montanus ichnovirus Epichloe festucae virus 1 Epinotia aporema granulovirus Epiphyas postvittana nucleopolyhedrovirus Epirus cherry virus Epizootic haematopoietic necrosis virus Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus Epsilonarterivirus hemcep Epsilonarterivirus safriver Epsilonarterivirus zamalb Epsilonpapillomavirus 1 Epsilonpapillomavirus 2 Eptesipox virus Equid alphaherpesvirus 1 Equid alphaherpesvirus 3 Equid alphaherpesvirus 4 Equid alphaherpesvirus 8 Equid alphaherpesvirus 9 Equid gammaherpesvirus 2 Equid gammaherpesvirus 5 Equid gammaherpesvirus 7 Equine associated gemycircularvirus 1 Equine encephalosis virus Equine foamy virus Equine infectious anemia virus Equine mastadenovirus A Equine mastadenovirus B Equine picobirnavirus Equine rhinitis A virus Equine torovirus Equus caballus polyomavirus 1 Eragrostis curvula streak virus Eragrostis minor streak virus Eragrostis streak virus Erbovirus A Erectites yellow mosaic virus Eriborus terebrans ichnovirus Erinnyis ello granulovirus Eriocheir sinensis reovirus Erwinia virus Alexandra Erwinia virus Asesino Erwinia virus Deimos Erwinia virus Derbicus Erwinia virus Desertfox Erwinia virus Ea214 Erwinia virus Ea2809 Erwinia virus Ea35-70 Erwinia virus Ea9-2 Erwinia virus EaH1 Erwinia virus EaH2 Erwinia virus Eho49 Erwinia virus Eho59 Erwinia virus ENT90 Erwinia virus Era103 Erwinia virus EtG Erwinia virus Faunus Erwinia virus FE44 Erwinia virus Frozen Erwinia virus L1 Erwinia virus M7 Erwinia virus Machina Erwinia virus RAY Erwinia virus Risingsun Erwinia virus S2 Erwinia virus Simmy50 Erwinia virus SpecialG Erwinia virus Wellington Erwinia virus Y2 Erwinia virus Y3 Erwinia virus Yoloswag Erysimum latent virus Erysiphe cichoracearum alphaendornavirus Erythrura gouldiae polyomavirus 1 Escherchia virus LL11 Escherichia phage ESCO13 Escherichia virus 121Q Escherichia virus 13a Escherichia virus 172-1 Escherichia virus 186 Escherichia virus 191 Escherichia virus 24B Escherichia virus 285P Escherichia virus 4MG Escherichia virus 64795ec1 Escherichia virus 933W Escherichia virus 95 Escherichia virus 9g Escherichia virus AAPEc6 Escherichia virus ACGC91 Escherichia virus ACGM12 Escherichia virus ADB2 Escherichia virus AHP42 Escherichia virus AHS24 Escherichia virus AKFV33 Escherichia virus AKS96 Escherichia virus Alf5 Escherichia virus alpha3 Escherichia virus APCEc01 Escherichia virus APEC5 Escherichia virus APEC7 Escherichia virus APECc02 Escherichia virus AR1 Escherichia virus Av05 Escherichia virus AYO145A Escherichia virus B Escherichia virus BA14 Escherichia virus BF23 Escherichia virus BIFF Escherichia virus Bp4 Escherichia virus Bp7 Escherichia virus BZ13 Escherichia virus C Escherichia virus C119 Escherichia virus C1302 Escherichia virus C40 Escherichia virus C5 Escherichia virus Cajan Escherichia virus CBA120 Escherichia virus CC31 Escherichia virus CF2 Escherichia virus chee24 Escherichia virus CICC80001 Escherichia virus CVM10 Escherichia virus DE3 Escherichia virus DT5712 Escherichia virus DT57C Escherichia virus DTL Escherichia virus E112 Escherichia virus E41c Escherichia virus Eb49 Escherichia virus Ebrios Escherichia virus EC1UPM Escherichia virus EC2 Escherichia virus EC3a Escherichia virus EC6 Escherichia virus ECA2 Escherichia virus ECB2 Escherichia virus ECBP1 Escherichia virus ECBP5 Escherichia virus ECD7 Escherichia virus ECML-117 Escherichia virus ECML134 Escherichia virus ECML4 Escherichia virus EcoDS1 Escherichia virus ECOO78 Escherichia virus EG1 Escherichia virus EK99P1 Escherichia virus ep3 Escherichia virus EPS7 Escherichia virus ESCO41 Escherichia virus ESCO5 Escherichia virus F Escherichia virus FEC19 Escherichia virus FFH1 Escherichia virus FFH2 Escherichia virus FI Escherichia virus fiAA91ss Escherichia virus FV3 Escherichia virus G4 Escherichia virus G7C Escherichia virus GA2A Escherichia virus GEC3S Escherichia virus GJ1 Escherichia virus Goslar Escherichia virus Gostya9 Escherichia virus H8 Escherichia virus HK022 Escherichia virus HK106 Escherichia virus HK446 Escherichia virus HK542 Escherichia virus HK544 Escherichia virus HK578 Escherichia virus HK620 Escherichia virus HK629 Escherichia virus HK630 Escherichia virus HK633 Escherichia virus HK75 Escherichia virus HK97 Escherichia virus HP3 Escherichia virus HX01 Escherichia virus HY01 Escherichia virus HY02 Escherichia virus HY03 Escherichia virus HZ2R8 Escherichia virus HZP2 Escherichia virus I22 Escherichia virus ID21 Escherichia virus ID32 Escherichia virus ID52 Escherichia virus ID62 Escherichia virus If1 Escherichia virus IME08 Escherichia virus Ime09 Escherichia virus IME11 Escherichia virus IME18 Escherichia virus IME253 Escherichia virus IME347 Escherichia virus IME542 Escherichia virus IMM002 Escherichia virus J8-65 Escherichia virus JenK1 Escherichia virus JenP1 Escherichia virus JenP2 Escherichia virus JES2013 Escherichia virus JH2 Escherichia virus Jk06 Escherichia virus JL1 Escherichia virus JMPW1 Escherichia virus JMPW2 Escherichia virus JS09 Escherichia virus JS10 Escherichia virus JS98 Escherichia virus JSE Escherichia virus K Escherichia virus K1-5 Escherichia virus K1E Escherichia virus K1F Escherichia virus K1G Escherichia virus K1H Escherichia virus K1ind1 Escherichia virus K1ind2 Escherichia virus K30 Escherichia virus KP26 Escherichia virus KWBSE43-6 Escherichia virus Lambda Escherichia virus Lidtsur Escherichia virus LL2 Escherichia virus LL5 Escherichia virus LM33P1 Escherichia virus M13 Escherichia virus mar001J1 Escherichia virus mar002J2 Escherichia virus mar003J3 Escherichia virus mar004NP2 Escherichia virus mEp234 Escherichia virus mEpX1 Escherichia virus mEpX2 Escherichia virus Min27 Escherichia virus Minorna Escherichia virus MS2 Escherichia virus Mu Escherichia virus Murica Escherichia virus mutPK1A2 Escherichia virus MX01 Escherichia virus N15 Escherichia virus N30 Escherichia virus N4 Escherichia virus NBD2 Escherichia virus NC28 Escherichia virus NC29 Escherichia virus NC35 Escherichia virus NCA Escherichia virus NJ01 Escherichia virus O157tp3 Escherichia virus O157tp6 Escherichia virus OSYSP Escherichia virus P1 Escherichia virus P2 Escherichia virus P483 Escherichia virus P694 Escherichia virus P88 Escherichia virus PA2 Escherichia virus PA28 Escherichia virus PE3-1 Escherichia virus PGT2 Escherichia virus PhAPEC2 Escherichia virus phAPEC8 Escherichia virus PhaxI Escherichia virus phi1 Escherichia virus phiAPCEc03 Escherichia virus phiEB49 Escherichia virus phiEco32 Escherichia virus phiJLA23 Escherichia virus phiK Escherichia virus PhiKT Escherichia virus phiLLS Escherichia virus phiV10 Escherichia virus phiX174 Escherichia virus Pollock Escherichia virus pro147 Escherichia virus pro483 Escherichia virus PTXU04 Escherichia virus Qbeta Escherichia virus QL01 Escherichia virus RB14 Escherichia virus RB16 Escherichia virus RB3 Escherichia virus RB32 Escherichia virus RB43 Escherichia virus RB49 Escherichia virus RB69 Escherichia virus RCS47 Escherichia virus Ro45lw Escherichia virus Rogue1 Escherichia virus Rtp Escherichia virus S523 Escherichia virus saus132 Escherichia virus Schickermooser Escherichia virus SECphi27 Escherichia virus Septima11 Escherichia virus Seurat Escherichia virus SH2 Escherichia virus Skarpretter Escherichia virus slur03 Escherichia virus slur04 Escherichia virus slur09 Escherichia virus slur16 Escherichia virus Sortsne Escherichia virus SRT7 Escherichia virus SRT8 Escherichia virus SSL2009a Escherichia virus ST0 Escherichia virus St1 Escherichia virus ST31 Escherichia virus ST32 Escherichia virus Stx2 II Escherichia virus SU10 Escherichia virus SUSP1 Escherichia virus SUSP2 Escherichia virus swan01 Escherichia virus T1 Escherichia virus T3 Escherichia virus T3Luria Escherichia virus T4 Escherichia virus T5 Escherichia virus T7 Escherichia virus Talmos Escherichia virus TL2011 Escherichia virus TLS Escherichia virus TP1 Escherichia virus UAB78 Escherichia virus V18 Escherichia virus V5 Escherichia virus Vec13 Escherichia virus VEc3 Escherichia virus VpaE1 Escherichia virus VR20 Escherichia virus VR25 Escherichia virus VR26 Escherichia virus VR5 Escherichia virus VR7 Escherichia virus WA45 Escherichia virus WFC Escherichia virus WFH Escherichia virus WG01 Escherichia virus Wphi Escherichia virus wV8 Escherichia virus YD2008s Escherichia virus YZ1 Escherichia virus ZG49 Eschierichia virus PBECO4 Esherichia virus Golestan Estero Real orthonairovirus Etaarterivirus ugarco 1 Etapapillomavirus 1 Ethiopian tobacco bushy top virus Eubenangee virus Eulipotyphla protoparvovirus 1 Eupatorium yellow vein betasatellite Eupatorium yellow vein mosaic betasatellite Eupatorium yellow vein mosaic virus Eupatorium yellow vein virus Euphorbia caput-medusae latent virus Euphorbia leaf curl Guangxi virus Euphorbia leaf curl virus Euphorbia mosaic Peru virus Euphorbia mosaic virus Euphorbia ringspot virus Euphorbia yellow leaf curl virus Euphorbia yellow mosaic alphasatellite Euphorbia yellow mosaic virus Euproctis pseudoconspersa nucleopolyhedrovirus Euprosterna elaeasa virus European bat 1 lyssavirus European bat 2 lyssavirus European brown hare syndrome virus European catfish circovirus European mountain ash ringspot-associated emaravirus Everglades virus Exomis microphylla latent virus Eyach coltivirus Faba bean necrotic stunt alphasatellite Faba bean necrotic stunt virus Faba bean necrotic yellows alphasatellite 1 Faba bean necrotic yellows alphasatellite 2 Faba bean necrotic yellows alphasatellite 3 Faba bean necrotic yellows virus Faba bean polerovirus 1 Faba bean yellow leaf virus Faceys paddock orthobunyavirus Faecalibacterium virus Brigit Faecalibacterium virus Epona Faecalibacterium virus Lagaffe Faecalibacterium virus Lugh Faecalibacterium virus Mushu Faecalibacterium virus Oengus Faecalibacterium virus Taranis Faecalibacterium virus Toutatis Falcon aviadenovirus A Fathead minnow nidovirus 1 Feldmannia irregularis virus a Feldmannia species virus Feldmannia species virus a Felid alphaherpesvirus 1 Felid gammaherpesvirus 1 Feline associated cyclovirus 1 Feline calicivirus Feline foamy virus Feline immunodeficiency virus Feline leukemia virus Feline morbillivirus Felipivirus A Ferak feravirus Festuca leaf streak cytorhabdovirus Fig badnavirus 1 Fig cryptic virus Fig mosaic emaravirus Figulus sublaevis entomopoxvirus Figwort mosaic virus Fiji disease virus Fikirini ledantevirus Finch circovirus Finkel-Biskis-Jinkins murine sarcoma virus Fipivirus A Fipivirus B Fipivirus C Fipivirus D Fipivirus E Flamingopox virus Flammulina velutipes browning virus Flanders hapavirus Flavobacterium virus 1H Flavobacterium virus 23T Flavobacterium virus 2A Flavobacterium virus 6H Flavobacterium virus FCL2 Flavobacterium virus FCV1 Flavobacterium virus FLiP Flavobacterium virus Fpv1 Flavobacterium virus Fpv4 Flexal mammarenavirus Flock House virus Fly phasivirus Foot-and-mouth disease virus Formica exsecta virus 3 Fort Morgan virus Fort Sherman orthobunyavirus Foussvirus S46C10 Fowl aviadenovirus A Fowl aviadenovirus B Fowl aviadenovirus C Fowl aviadenovirus D Fowl aviadenovirus E Fowlpox virus Foxtail mosaic virus Fragaria chiloensis latent virus Frangipani mosaic virus Freesia mosaic virus Freesia sneak ophiovirus French bean leaf curl betasatellite French bean leaf curl virus French bean severe leaf curl virus Frijoles phlebovirus Fritillary virus Y Frog siadenovirus A Frog virus 3 Fugong orthohantavirus Fujinami sarcoma virus Fukuoka ledantevirus Fur seal associated gemycircularvirus 1 Furcraea necrotic streak virus Fusarium deltaflexivirus 1 Fusarium graminearum chrysovirus Fusarium oxysporum chrysovirus 1 Fusarium oxysporum chrysovirus 2 Fusarium oxysporum Skippy virus Fusarium poae virus 1 Fusarium redolens polymycovirus 1 Fusarium solani virus 1 Fusong orthohantavirus Fussvirus S30C28 Gabek phlebovirus Gadgets Gully virus Gaeumannomyces graminis virus 0196A Gaeumannomyces graminis virus T1A Gaillardia latent virus Gairo mammarenavirus Galinsoga mosaic virus Gallid alphaherpesvirus 1 Gallid alphaherpesvirus 2 Gallid alphaherpesvirus 3 Galliform aveparvovirus 1 Galliform chaphamaparvovirus 1 Galliform chaphamaparvovirus 2 Galliform chaphamaparvovirus 3 Gallivirus A Gamboa orthobunyavirus Gammaarterivirus lacdeh Gammapapillomavirus 1 Gammapapillomavirus 10 Gammapapillomavirus 11 Gammapapillomavirus 12 Gammapapillomavirus 13 Gammapapillomavirus 14 Gammapapillomavirus 15 Gammapapillomavirus 16 Gammapapillomavirus 17 Gammapapillomavirus 18 Gammapapillomavirus 19 Gammapapillomavirus 2 Gammapapillomavirus 20 Gammapapillomavirus 21 Gammapapillomavirus 22 Gammapapillomavirus 23 Gammapapillomavirus 24 Gammapapillomavirus 25 Gammapapillomavirus 26 Gammapapillomavirus 27 Gammapapillomavirus 3 Gammapapillomavirus 4 Gammapapillomavirus 5 Gammapapillomavirus 6 Gammapapillomavirus 7 Gammapapillomavirus 8 Gammapapillomavirus 9 Gammapleolipovirus His2 Ganda orthophasmavirus Gannoruwa bat lyssavirus Garba sunrhavirus Gardner-Arnstein feline sarcoma virus Garlic common latent virus Garlic dwarf virus Garlic mite-borne filamentous virus Garlic virus A Garlic virus B Garlic virus C Garlic virus D Garlic virus E Garlic virus X Gayfeather mild mottle virus Gecko reptillovirus Gentian mosaic virus Gentian ovary ringspot virus Geobacillus virus GBSV1 Geobacillus virus Tp84 Geotrupes sylvaticus entomopoxvirus Gerrid arlivirus Gerygone associated gemycircularvirus 1 Gerygone associated gemycircularvirus 2 Gerygone associated gemycircularvirus 3 Getah virus Ghanaian bat henipavirus Giardia lamblia virus Gibbon ape leukemia virus Giessen reptarenavirus Gill-associated virus Gloriosa stripe mosaic virus Glossina hytrosavirus Gluconobacter virus GC1 Glycine max SIRE1 virus Glycine max Tgmr virus Glycine mosaic virus Glycine sclerotimonavirus Glypta fumiferanae ichnovirus Glyptapanteles flavicoxis bracovirus Glyptapanteles indiensis bracovirus Glyptapanteles liparidis bracovirus Goat associated cyclovirus 1 Goatpox virus Goeldichironomus holoprasinus entomopoxvirus Golden reptarenavirus Gomphocarpus mosaic virus Goose aviadenovirus A Goose circovirus Goose coronavirus CB17 Gooseberry vein banding associated virus Goosefish actinovirus Gordil phlebovirus Gordinia virus Birksandsocks Gordonia virus Apricot Gordonia virus Asapag Gordonia virus Attis Gordonia virus Bachita Gordonia virus Bantam Gordonia virus BaxterFox Gordonia virus BENtherdunthat Gordonia virus BetterKatz Gordonia virus Billnye Gordonia virus Bowser Gordonia virus Brandonk123 Gordonia virus Britbrat Gordonia virus BrutonGaster Gordonia virus ClubL Gordonia virus Cozz Gordonia virus DareDevil Gordonia virus Demosthenes Gordonia virus Emalyn Gordonia virus Eyre Gordonia virus Fairfaxidumvirus Gordonia virus Flakey Gordonia virus Fryberger Gordonia virus GAL1 Gordonia virus Getalong Gordonia virus Ghobes Gordonia virus GMA3 Gordonia virus GMA6 Gordonia virus GMA7 Gordonia virus GodonK Gordonia virus GordTnk2 Gordonia virus Gsput1 Gordonia virus GTE2 Gordonia virus GTE7 Gordonia virus Gustav Gordonia virus Hedwig Gordonia virus Horus Gordonia virus Hotorobo Gordonia virus Jace Gordonia virus Jumbo Gordonia virus Katyusha Gordonia virus Kenna Gordonia virus Kita Gordonia virus Kvothe Gordonia virus Lennon Gordonia virus Lucky10 Gordonia virus Mahdia Gordonia virus Monty Gordonia virus Nyceirae Gordonia virus Nymphadora Gordonia virus OneUp Gordonia virus Orchid Gordonia virus Phistory Gordonia virus Ronaldo Gordonia virus Ruthy Gordonia virus Schnabeltier Gordonia virus Smoothie Gordonia virus Soups Gordonia virus Sour Gordonia virus Stevefrench Gordonia virus Strosahl Gordonia virus Suzy Gordonia virus Terapin Gordonia virus Trine Gordonia virus Troje Gordonia virus Twister6 Gordonia virus Vendetta Gordonia virus Vivi2 Gordonia virus Wait Gordonia virus Wizard Gordonia virus Woes Gordonia virus Yeezy Gordonia virus Yvonnetastic Gordonia virus Zirinka Gorilla associated porprismacovirus 1 Gorilla gorilla polyomavirus 1 Gorilline gammaherpesvirus 1 Gossypium darwinii symptomless alphasatellite Gossypium mustelinum symptomless alphasatellite Gouleako goukovirus Grand Arbaud uukuvirus Grapevine Algerian latent virus Grapevine Anatolian ringspot virus Grapevine asteroid mosaic associated virus Grapevine badnavirus 1 Grapevine berry inner necrosis virus Grapevine Bulgarian latent virus Grapevine chrome mosaic virus Grapevine deformation virus Grapevine enamovirus 1 Grapevine endophyte alphaendornavirus Grapevine fabavirus Grapevine fanleaf virus Grapevine fleck virus Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 1 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 13 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 2 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 3 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 4 Grapevine leafroll-associated virus 7 Grapevine Pinot gris virus Grapevine red blotch virus Grapevine Roditis leaf discoloration-associated virus Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus Grapevine Syrah virus 1 Grapevine Tunisian ringspot virus Grapevine vein clearing virus Grapevine virus A Grapevine virus B Grapevine virus D Grapevine virus E Grapevine virus F Grapevine virus G Grapevine virus H Grapevine virus I Grapevine virus J Grapevine virus T Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 1 Grapevine yellow speckle viroid 2 Gray Lodge hapavirus Great Island virus Great tit siadenovirus A Gremmeniella abietina betaendornavirus 1 Gremmeniella abietina RNA virus L1 Gremmeniella abietina RNA virus MS1 Grey sealpox virus Grivet simian foamy virus Ground squirrel hepatitis virus Groundnut bud necrosis orthotospovirus Groundnut chlorotic fan spot orthotospovirus Groundnut ringspot orthotospovirus Groundnut rosette assistor virus Groundnut rosette virus Groundnut yellow spot orthotospovirus Gruhelivirus A Gruiform aveparvovirus 1 Grusopivirus A Grusopivirus B Gryllus bimaculatus nudivirus Guajara orthobunyavirus Guama orthobunyavirus Guanarito mammarenavirus Guaroa orthobunyavirus Guenon simian foamy virus Guertu bandavirus Guinea pig type-C oncovirus Gull circovirus Haartman hartmanivirus Habenaria mosaic virus Haemophilus virus HP1 Haemophilus virus HP2 Hagfish agnathovirus Hainan sripuvirus Hairy antennavirus Halfbeak nidovirus 1 Haliotid herpesvirus 1 Haloarcula hispanica icosahedral virus 2 Haloarcula hispanica virus PH1 Haloarcula hispanica virus SH1 Haloarcula virus HCIV1 Halobacterium virus phiH Halomonas virus HAP1 Hamiltonella virus APSE1 Hantaan orthohantavirus Hardenbergia mosaic virus Hardenbergia virus A Hardy-Zuckerman feline sarcoma virus Hare fibroma virus Harkavirus A Harrisina brillians granulovirus Harrison sunrhavirus Hart Park hapavirus Harvey murine sarcoma virus Havel River virus Hazara orthonairovirus Heartland bandavirus Hebius tobanivirus 1 Hedgehog coronavirus 1 Hedyotis uncinella yellow mosaic virus Hedyotis yellow mosaic betasatellite Helenium virus S Helianthus annuus alphaendornavirus Helicobacter virus 1961P Helicobacter virus KHP30 Helicobacter virus KHP40 Helicobasidium mompa alphaendornavirus 1 Helicobasidium mompa partitivirus V70 Helicobasidium mompa totivirus 1-17 Helicoverpa armigera granulovirus Helicoverpa armigera nucleopolyhedrovirus Helicoverpa armigera stunt virus Heliothis armigera entomopoxvirus Heliothis virescens ascovirus 3a Heliothis zea nudivirus Helleborus mosaic virus Helleborus net necrosis virus Helminthosporium victoriae virus 145S Helminthosporium victoriae virus 190S Hemidesmus yellow mosaic virus Hemileuca species nucleopolyhedrovirus Hemipivirus A Hemipteran hemiambidensovirus 1 Hemipteran hemiambidensovirus 2 Hemipteran scindoambidensovirus 1 Henbane mosaic virus Hendra henipavirus Hepacivirus A Hepacivirus B Hepacivirus C Hepacivirus D Hepacivirus E Hepacivirus F Hepacivirus G Hepacivirus H Hepacivirus I Hepacivirus J Hepacivirus K Hepacivirus L Hepacivirus M Hepacivirus N Hepatitis B virus Hepatitis delta virus Hepatovirus A Hepatovirus B Hepatovirus C Hepatovirus D Hepatovirus E Hepatovirus F Hepatovirus G Hepatovirus H Hepatovirus I Heracleum latent virus Herbert herbevirus Hermit mivirus Heron hepatitis B virus Hervey pararubulavirus Heterobasidion partitivirus 1 Heterobasidion partitivirus 12 Heterobasidion partitivirus 13 Heterobasidion partitivirus 15 Heterobasidion partitivirus 2 Heterobasidion partitivirus 3 Heterobasidion partitivirus 7 Heterobasidion partitivirus 8 Heterobasidion partitivirus P Heterocapsa circularisquama DNA virus 01 Heterocapsa circularisquama RNA virus 01 Heterosigma akashiwo RNA virus Heterosigma akashiwo virus 01 Hibbertia virus Y Hibiscus chlorotic ringspot virus Hibiscus golden mosaic virus Hibiscus green spot virus 2 Hibiscus latent Fort Pierce virus Hibiscus latent ringspot virus Hibiscus latent Singapore virus High Plains wheat mosaic emaravirus Highlands J virus Himetobi P virus Hincksia hinckiae virus a Hippeastrum chlorotic ringspot orthotospovirus Hippeastrum latent virus Hippeastrum mosaic virus Hippoboscid mivirus Hippotragine gammaherpesvirus 1 Hirame novirhabdovirus Hollyhock leaf curl virus Hollyhock yellow vein alphasatellite Hollyhock yellow vein mosaic virus Hollyhock yellow vein virus Holmes hapavirus Homalodisca coagulata virus 1 Honeysuckle ringspot virus Honeysuckle yellow vein betasatellite Honeysuckle yellow vein mosaic betasatellite Honeysuckle yellow vein virus Hop latent viroid Hop latent virus Hop mosaic virus Hop stunt viroid Hop trefoil cryptic virus 1 Hop trefoil cryptic virus 2 Hop trefoil cryptic virus 3 Hoplichthys hoplichthysvirus Hordeum mosaic virus Hordeum vulgare alphaendornavirus Hordeum vulgare BARE-1 virus Horse associated cyclovirus 1 Horsefly horwuvirus Horsegram yellow mosaic virus Horseradish curly top virus Horseradish latent virus Hosta virus X Hot pepper alphaendornavirus Howler monkey associated porprismacovirus 1 Huangjiao thamnovirus Huangpi uukuvirus Hubei arlivirus Hubei chipolycivirus Hubei hubramonavirus Hubei hupolycivirus Hubei mivirus Hubei odonate mivirus Hubei peropuvirus Hubei sclerotimonavirus Hubei yingvirus Hughes orthonairovirus Human alphaherpesvirus 1 Human alphaherpesvirus 2 Human alphaherpesvirus 3 Human associated circovirus 1 Human associated cyclovirus 1 Human associated cyclovirus 10 Human associated cyclovirus 11 Human associated cyclovirus 12 Human associated cyclovirus 2 Human associated cyclovirus 3 Human associated cyclovirus 4 Human associated cyclovirus 5 Human associated cyclovirus 6 Human associated cyclovirus 7 Human associated cyclovirus 8 Human associated cyclovirus 9 Human associated gemykibivirus 1 Human associated gemykibivirus 2 Human associated gemykibivirus 3 Human associated gemykibivirus 4 Human associated gemykibivirus 5 Human associated gemyvongvirus 1 Human associated huchismacovirus 1 Human associated huchismacovirus 2 Human associated huchismacovirus 3 Human associated porprismacovirus 1 Human associated porprismacovirus 2 Human betaherpesvirus 5 Human betaherpesvirus 6A Human betaherpesvirus 6B Human betaherpesvirus 7 Human coronavirus 229E Human coronavirus HKU1 Human coronavirus NL63 Human gammaherpesvirus 4 Human gammaherpesvirus 8 Human immunodeficiency virus 1 Human immunodeficiency virus 2 Human mastadenovirus A Human mastadenovirus B Human mastadenovirus C Human mastadenovirus D Human mastadenovirus E Human mastadenovirus F Human mastadenovirus G Human metapneumovirus Human orthopneumovirus Human orthorubulavirus 2 Human orthorubulavirus 4 Human picobirnavirus Human polyomavirus 1 Human polyomavirus 10 Human polyomavirus 11 Human polyomavirus 13 Human polyomavirus 14 Human polyomavirus 2 Human polyomavirus 3 Human polyomavirus 4 Human polyomavirus 5 Human polyomavirus 6 Human polyomavirus 7 Human polyomavirus 8 Human polyomavirus 9 Human respirovirus 1 Human respirovirus 3 Humulus japonicus latent virus Hunnivirus A Hunter Island bandavirus Hyacinth mosaic virus Hydra viridis Chlorella virus 1 Hydrangea chlorotic mottle virus Hydrangea ringspot virus Hymenopteran scindoambidensovirus 1 Hypericum associated gemycircularvirus 1 Hyphantria cunea nucleopolyhedrovirus Hypomicrogaster canadensis bracovirus Hypomicrogaster ectdytolophae bracovirus Hyposidra talaca nucleopolyhedrovirus Hyposoter annulipes ichnovirus Hyposoter exiguae ichnovirus Hyposoter fugitivus ichnovirus Hyposoter lymantriae ichnovirus Hyposoter pilosulus ichnovirus Hyposoter rivalis ichnovirus Iaco orthobunyavirus Icoaraci phlebovirus Ictalurid herpesvirus 1 Ictalurid herpesvirus 2 Idnoreovirus 1 Idnoreovirus 2 Idnoreovirus 3 Idnoreovirus 4 Idnoreovirus 5 Ieri virus Iguanid herpesvirus 2 Ikoma lyssavirus Ilesha orthobunyavirus Ilheus virus Illinois sclerotimonavirus Imjin mivirus Imjin thottimvirus Impatiens flower break virus Impatiens necrotic spot orthotospovirus Imperata yellow mottle virus Indian cassava mosaic virus Indian citrus ringspot virus Indian peanut clump virus Indiana vesiculovirus Indonesian soybean dwarf virus Infectious bursal disease virus Infectious flacherie virus Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus Infectious spleen and kidney necrosis virus Influenza A virus Influenza B virus Influenza C virus Influenza D virus Infratovirus 1 Ingwavuma orthobunyavirus Inhangapi arurhavirus Insect shangavirus Insect wuhivirus Invertebrate iridescent virus 22 Invertebrate iridescent virus 25 Invertebrate iridescent virus 3 Invertebrate iridescent virus 31 Invertebrate iridescent virus 6 Invertebrate iridescent virus 9 Iodobacter virus PLPE Iotaarterivirus debrazmo Iotaarterivirus kibreg 1 Iotaarterivirus pejah Iotapapillomavirus 1 Iotapapillomavirus 2 Ippy mammarenavirus Iranian wheat stripe tenuivirus Iresine viroid 1 Iriri curiovirus Iris fulva mosaic virus Iris mild mosaic virus Iris severe mosaic virus Iris yellow spot orthotospovirus Irkut lyssavirus Isaria javanica chrysovirus Isfahan vesiculovirus Island sawgrhavirus Israel turkey meningoencephalomyelitis virus Israeli acute paralysis virus Itacaiunas curiovirus Itaituba phlebovirus Itaporanga phlebovirus Ixcanal phlebovirus Jaagsiekte sheep retrovirus Jacquemontia mosaic Yucatan virus Jacquemontia yellow mosaic virus Jacquemontia yellow vein virus Jalkavirus S08C159 Jamestown Canyon orthobunyavirus Japanese encephalitis virus Japanese holly fern mottle pteridovirus Japanese iris necrotic ring virus Japanese macaque simian foamy virus Japanese soil-borne wheat mosaic virus Japanese yam mosaic virus Jasmine virus T Jatobal orthobunyavirus Jatropha leaf curl Gujarat virus Jatropha leaf curl virus Jatropha leaf yellow mosaic virus Jatropha mosaic India virus Jatropha mosaic Nigeria virus Jatropha mosaic virus Jatropha yellow mosaic virus Jeju orthohantavirus Jembrana disease virus Jericarnavirus A Jericarnavirus B Johnsongrass chlorotic stripe mosaic virus Johnsongrass mosaic virus Johnston Atoll quaranjavirus Joinjakaka hapavirus Jonchet jonvirus Jugra virus Jujube mosaic-associated virus Jun jeilongvirus Juncopox virus Jurona vesiculovirus Jutiapa virus Kabuto mountain uukuvirus Kadam virus Kadipiro virus Kaeng Khoi orthobunyavirus Kairi orthobunyavirus Kaisodi uukuvirus Kalanchoe latent virus Kalanchoe mosaic virus Kalanchoe top-spotting virus Kamese hapavirus Kanyawara ledantevirus Kappaarterivirus wobum Kappapapillomavirus 1 Kappapapillomavirus 2 Karimabad phlebovirus Kashmir bee virus Kasokero orthonairovirus Kawavirus SWcelC56 Kedougou virus Kenkeme orthohantavirus Kennedya yellow mosaic virus Kern Canyon ledantevirus Keterah orthonairovirus Keunjorong mosaic virus Keuraliba ledantevirus Keystone orthobunyavirus Khabarovsk orthohantavirus Khujand lyssavirus Kibale herbevirus Kigluaik phantom orthophasmavirus Kimberley ephemerovirus Kirsten murine sarcoma virus Kismaayo bandavirus Klamath tupavirus Klebsiella virus 0507KN21 Klebsiella virus 1513 Klebsiella virus 2044-307w Klebsiella virus 3LV2017 Klebsiella virus 4LV2017 Klebsiella virus AltoGao Klebsiella virus BIS33 Klebsiella virus BO1E Klebsiella virus F19 Klebsiella virus GHK3 Klebsiella virus Henu1 Klebsiella virus IL33 Klebsiella virus IME205 Klebsiella virus IME260 Klebsiella virus IME279 Klebsiella virus IME321 Klebsiella virus JD001 Klebsiella virus JD18 Klebsiella virus K11 Klebsiella virus K244 Klebsiella virus K5 Klebsiella virus K5-2 Klebsiella virus K5-4 Klebsiella virus K64-1 Klebsiella virus KLPN1 Klebsiella virus KN1-1 Klebsiella virus KN3-1 Klebsiella virus KN4-1 Klebsiella virus KOX1 Klebsiella virus Kp1 Klebsiella virus KP15 Klebsiella virus Kp2 Klebsiella virus KP27 Klebsiella virus KP32 Klebsiella virus KP32i192 Klebsiella virus KP32i194 Klebsiella virus KP32i195 Klebsiella virus KP32i196 Klebsiella virus KP34 Klebsiella virus KP36 Klebsiella virus KpCol1 Klebsiella virus KpKT21phi1 Klebsiella virus KPN N141 Klebsiella virus KPRio2015 Klebsiella virus KpS110 Klebsiella virus KpS2 Klebsiella virus kpssk3 Klebsiella virus KpV289 Klebsiella virus KpV41 Klebsiella virus KpV475 Klebsiella virus KpV48 Klebsiella virus KpV52 Klebsiella virus KpV522 Klebsiella virus KpV71 Klebsiella virus KpV74 Klebsiella virus KpV763 Klebsiella virus KpV766 Klebsiella virus KpV767 Klebsiella virus KpV80 Klebsiella virus KPV811 Klebsiella virus Matisse Klebsiella virus May Klebsiella virus Menlow Klebsiella virus MezzoGao Klebsiella virus Miro Klebsiella virus myPSH1235 Klebsiella virus NJR15 Klebsiella virus NJS1 Klebsiella virus NJS2 Klebsiella virus Pharr Klebsiella virus PKO111 Klebsiella virus PKP126 Klebsiella virus PMBT1 Klebsiella virus PRA33 Klebsiella virus RaK2 Klebsiella virus SHKp152234 Klebsiella virus SHKp152410 Klebsiella virus SU503 Klebsiella virus SU552A Klebsiella virus Sugarland Klebsiella virus Sushi Klebsiella virus TAH8 Klebsiella virus TSK1 Klebsiella virus ZCKP1 Kluyvera virus Kvp1 Koala retrovirus Kokobera virus Kolente ledantevirus Konjac mosaic virus Koolpinyah ephemerovirus Koongol orthobunyavirus Kotonkan ephemerovirus Koutango virus Krakvirus S39C11 Kudzu mosaic virus Kumasi ledantevirus Kundal coltivirus Kunsagivirus A Kunsagivirus B Kunsagivirus C Kurthia virus 6 Kwatta sunrhavirus Kyasanur Forest disease virus Kyuri green mottle mosaic virus La Crosse orthobunyavirus La Gloria phlebovirus La Joya hapavirus Lacanobia oleracea granulovirus Lacewing mivirus Lactobacillus virus B2 Lactobacillus virus Bacchae Lactobacillus virus Bromius Lactobacillus virus c5 Lactobacillus virus Iacchus Lactobacillus virus Lb Lactobacillus virus Lb338-1 Lactobacillus virus LBR48 Lactobacillus virus Ld17 Lactobacillus virus Ld25A Lactobacillus virus Ld3 Lactobacillus virus Ldl1 Lactobacillus virus Lenus Lactobacillus virus LLKu Lactobacillus virus LP65 Lactobacillus virus Lpa804 Lactobacillus virus Maenad Lactobacillus virus Nyseid Lactobacillus virus P1 Lactobacillus virus phiJL1 Lactobacillus virus phiLdb Lactobacillus virus SAC12 Lactobacillus virus Satyr Lactobacillus virus Semele Lactobacillus virus ViSo2018a Lactococcus virus 712 Lactococcus virus ASCC191 Lactococcus virus ASCC273 Lactococcus virus ASCC281 Lactococcus virus ASCC465 Lactococcus virus ASCC532 Lactococcus virus Bibb29 Lactococcus virus bIL170 Lactococcus virus bIL67 Lactococcus virus c2 Lactococcus virus CB13 Lactococcus virus CB14 Lactococcus virus CB19 Lactococcus virus CB20 Lactococcus virus jj50 Lactococcus virus KSY1 Lactococcus virus P008 Lactococcus virus P2 Lactococcus virus sk1 Lactococcus virus Sl4 Lactococcus virus WP2 Lagenaria mild mosaic virus Lagenaria siceraria alphaendornavirus Lagomorph bocaparvovirus 1 Lagos bat lyssavirus Laguna Negra orthohantavirus Laibin mobatvirus Lake Sinai virus 1 Lake Sinai virus 2 Lama associated gemycircularvirus 1 Lambdaarterivirus afriporav Lambdapapillomavirus 1 Lambdapapillomavirus 2 Lambdapapillomavirus 3 Lambdapapillomavirus 4 Lambdapapillomavirus 5 Lambdina fiscellaria nucleopolyhedrovirus Lamium leaf distortion virus Lamium mild mosaic virus Landjia hapavirus Langat virus Langur virus Lara phlebovirus Lasius neglectus virus 1 Lasius neglectus virus 2 Lasius niger virus 1 Lassa mammarenavirus Lates calcarifer birnavirus Latino mammarenavirus Lato River virus Laurel Lake laulavirus Lausannevirus Le Dantec ledantevirus Leanyer orthobunyavirus Lebombo virus Leclercia virus 10164-302 Leek white stripe virus Leek yellow stripe virus Leishmania RNA virus 1 Leishmania RNA virus 2 Lelliottia virus phD2B Lemur associated porprismacovirus 1 Lentinula hubramonavirus Lentinula lentinuvirus Leonurus mosaic virus Lepeophtheirus caligrhavirus Lepidopteran hudovirus Lepidopteran iteradensovirus 1 Lepidopteran iteradensovirus 2 Lepidopteran iteradensovirus 3 Lepidopteran iteradensovirus 4 Lepidopteran iteradensovirus 5 Lepidopteran protoambidensovirus 1 Leporid alphaherpesvirus 4 Leptomonas shilevirus Leptonychotes weddellii polyomavirus 1 Leticia phlebovirus Lettuce big-vein associated varicosavirus Lettuce chlorosis virus Lettuce infectious yellows virus Lettuce Italian necrotic virus Lettuce mosaic virus Lettuce necrotic leaf curl virus Lettuce necrotic yellows cytorhabdovirus Lettuce ring necrosis ophiovirus Lettuce speckles mottle virus Lettuce virus X Lettuce yellow mottle cytorhabdovirus Leucania separata nucleopolyhedrovirus Leuconostoc virus 1A4 Leuconostoc virus Lmd1 Leuconostoc virus LN03 Leuconostoc virus LN04 Leuconostoc virus LN12 Leuconostoc virus LN25 Leuconostoc virus LN34 Leuconostoc virus LN6B Leuconostoc virus Ln8 Leuconostoc virus Ln9 Leuconostoc virus LNTR3 Leuconostoc virus P793 Liao ning virus Ligustrum necrotic ringspot virus Ligustrum virus A Lihan uukuvirus Lilac leaf chlorosis virus Lilac ring mottle virus Lilium henryi Del1 virus Lily mottle virus Lily symptomless virus Lily virus X Lily virus Y Limnipivirus A Limnipivirus B Limnipivirus C Limonium flower distortion virus Lindernia anagallis yellow vein virus Linepithema humile virus 2 Lishi arlivirus Lishi mivirus Lisianthus enation leaf curl virus Listeria virus A511 Listeria virus AG20 Listeria virus List36 Listeria virus LMSP25 Listeria virus LMTA148 Listeria virus LMTA34 Listeria virus LP048 Listeria virus LP064 Listeria virus LP083-2 Listeria virus LP110 Listeria virus LP114 Listeria virus LP26 Listeria virus LP302 Listeria virus LP37 Listeria virus P100 Listeria virus P70 Listeria virus PSA Listeria virus WIL1 Little cherry virus 1 Little cherry virus 2 Livupivirus A Lizard atadenovirus A Lleida bat lyssavirus Lloviu cuevavirus Locusta migratoria entomopoxvirus Loei River mammarenavirus Lolium latent virus Lonchura maja polyomavirus 1 Lone Star bandavirus Lonestar mivirus Lonestar zarhavirus Long-fingered bat hepatitis B virus Longan witches broom-associated virus Longquan loanvirus Lonomia obliqua nucleopolyhedrovirus Lophuromys jeilongvirus 1 Lophuromys jeilongvirus 2 Louping ill virus Louse fly mivirus Loxodonta africana polyomavirus 1 Lucerne Australian latent virus Lucerne transient streak virus Lucheng Rn rat coronavirus Ludopivirus A Ludwigia yellow vein Vietnam virus Ludwigia yellow vein virus Luffa yellow mosaic virus Lujo mammarenavirus Lumbo orthbunyavirus Lumpy skin disease virus Luna mammarenavirus Lunk mammarenavirus Lupinus mosaic virus Luxi orthohantavirus Lychnis ringspot virus Lycianthes yellow mosaic virus Lycodon tobanivirus 1 Lycopersicon esculentum ToRTL1 virus Lycoris mild mottle virus Lygus lineolaris virus 1 Lymantria dispar iflavirus 1 Lymantria dispar multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Lymantria xylina nucleopolyhedrovirus Lymphocystis disease virus 1 Lymphocystis disease virus 2 Lymphocystis disease virus 3 Lymphocytic choriomeningitis mammarenavirus Macaca fascicularis polyomavirus 1 Macaca mulatta polyomavirus 1 Macacine alphaherpesvirus 1 Macacine betaherpesvirus 3 Macacine betaherpesvirus 8 Macacine betaherpesvirus 9 Macacine gammaherpesvirus 10 Macacine gammaherpesvirus 11 Macacine gammaherpesvirus 12 Macacine gammaherpesvirus 4 Macacine gammaherpesvirus 5 Macacine gammaherpesvirus 8 Macaua orthobunyavirus Machupo mammarenavirus Maclura mosaic virus Macrobrachium satellite virus 1 Macrophomina phaseolina chrysovirus Macropodid alphaherpesvirus 1 Macropodid alphaherpesvirus 2 Macroptilium bright mosaic virus Macroptilium common mosaic virus Macroptilium golden mosaic virus Macroptilium mosaic Puerto Rico virus Macroptilium yellow mosaic Florida virus Macroptilium yellow mosaic virus Macroptilium yellow spot virus Macroptilium yellow vein virus Madariaga virus Madrid orthobunyavirus Magnaporthe magoulivirus 1 Magnaporthe oryzae chrysovirus Magnaporthe oryzae polymycovirus 1 Magnaporthe oryzae virus 1 Magnaporthe oryzae virus 2 Maguari orthobunyavirus Mahlapitsi orthoreovirus Main Drain orthobunyavirus Maize associated pteridovirus Maize aumaivirus 1 Maize chlorotic dwarf virus Maize chlorotic mottle virus Maize dwarf mosaic virus Maize fine streak gammanucleorhabdovirus Maize Iranian mosaic alphanucleorhabdovirus Maize mosaic alphanucleorhabdovirus Maize necrotic streak virus Maize rayado fino virus Maize rough dwarf virus Maize streak dwarfing virus Maize streak Reunion virus Maize streak virus Maize striate mosaic virus Maize stripe tenuivirus Maize white line mosaic virus Maize yellow dwarf virus RMV Maize yellow mosaic virus Maize yellow striate cytorhabdovirus Maize-associated cytorhabdovirus Mal de Rio Cuarto virus Malagasivirus A Malagasivirus B Maldonado phlebovirus Mallard associated gemycircularvirus 1 Mallard associated gemygorvirus 1 Malpais Spring vesiculovirus Malva mosaic virus Malva vein clearing virus Malvastrum bright yellow mosaic virus Malvastrum leaf curl betasatellite Malvastrum leaf curl deltasatellite Malvastrum leaf curl Guangdong betasatellite Malvastrum leaf curl Philippines virus Malvastrum leaf curl virus Malvastrum yellow mosaic alphasatellite Malvastrum yellow mosaic Cameroon alphasatellite Malvastrum yellow mosaic Helshire virus Malvastrum yellow mosaic Jamaica virus Malvastrum yellow mosaic virus Malvastrum yellow vein Cambodia virus Malvastrum yellow vein Honghe virus Malvastrum yellow vein Lahore virus Malvastrum yellow vein virus Malvastrum yellow vein Yunnan virus Mamastrovirus 1 Mamastrovirus 10 Mamastrovirus 11 Mamastrovirus 12 Mamastrovirus 13 Mamastrovirus 14 Mamastrovirus 15 Mamastrovirus 16 Mamastrovirus 17 Mamastrovirus 18 Mamastrovirus 19 Mamastrovirus 2 Mamastrovirus 3 Mamastrovirus 4 Mamastrovirus 5 Mamastrovirus 6 Mamastrovirus 7 Mamastrovirus 8 Mamastrovirus 9 Mamestra brassicae multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Mamestra configurata nucleopolyhedrovirus A Mamestra configurata nucleopolyhedrovirus B Mammalian 1 orthobornavirus Mammalian 2 orthobornavirus Mammalian orthoreovirus Mammalian orthorubulavirus 5 Mammalian orthorubulavirus 6 Mandrilline betaherpesvirus 1 Manitoba hapavirus Mannheimia virus 1127AP1 Mannheimia virus PHL101 Manzanilla orthobunyavirus Maporal orthohantavirus Mapuera orthorubulavirus Maraba vesiculovirus Maracuja mosaic virus Marburg marburgvirus Marco hapavirus Mariental mammarenavirus Marine protobacilladnavirus 1 Marinomonas virus CB5A Marinomonas virus CPP1m Marituba orthobunyavirus Marseillevirus marseillevirus Maruca vitrata nucleopolyhedrovirus Mashua virus Y Mason-Pfizer monkey virus Massilia phlebovirus Mastomys natalensis polyomavirus 1 Mayaro virus Meaban virus Meadow saffron breaking virus Measles morbillivirus Mediterranean ruda virus Medjerda phlebovirus Megakepasma mosaic virus Megrivirus A Megrivirus B Megrivirus C Megrivirus D Megrivirus E Melandrium yellow fleck virus Melanoplus sanguinipes entomopoxvirus Melao orthobunyavirus Meleagrid alphaherpesvirus 1 Meles meles polyomavirus 1 Melochia mosaic virus Melochia yellow mosaic virus Melolontha melolontha entomopoxvirus Melon aphid-borne yellows virus Melon chlorotic leaf curl virus Melon chlorotic mosaic alphasatellite Melon chlorotic mosaic virus Melon mild mottle virus Melon necrotic spot virus Melon rugose mosaic virus Melon severe mosaic orthotospovirus Melon tenuivirus Melon yellow mosaic virus Melon yellow spot orthotospovirus Melon yellowing-associated virus Menangle pararubulavirus Menghai almendravirus Mengla dianlovirus Merino Walk mammarenavirus Mermet orthobunyavirus Merremia mosaic Puerto Rico virus Merremia mosaic virus Mesocricetus auratus polyomavirus 1 Mesorhizobium virus Lo5R7ANS Mesta yellow vein mosaic alphasatellite Mesta yellow vein mosaic Bahraich virus Microbacterium phage KaiHaiDragon Microbacterium phage Paschalis Microbacterium phage Quhwah Microbacterium virus Appa Microbacterium virus Armstrong Microbacterium virus Dismas Microbacterium virus Eden Microbacterium virus Eleri Microbacterium virus Fireman Microbacterium virus Golden Microbacterium virus Goodman Microbacterium virus Hamlet Microbacterium virus Hendrix Microbacterium virus Hyperion Microbacterium virus Ilzat Microbacterium virus ISF9 Microbacterium virus Koji Microbacterium virus Krampus Microbacterium virus MementoMori Microbacterium virus Metamorphoo Microbacterium virus Min1 Microbacterium virus Neferthena Microbacterium virus OneinaGillian Microbacterium virus Pikmin Microbacterium virus RobsFeet Microbacterium virus Schubert Microbacterium virus Squash Microbacterium virus Zeta1847 Microcystis virus Ma-LMM01 Microhyla letovirus 1 Micromonas pusilla reovirus Micromonas pusilla virus SP1 Microplitis croceipes bracovirus Microplitis demolitor bracovirus Microtus arvalis polyomavirus 1 Middelburg virus Middle East respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus Midway nyavirus Milk vetch dwarf alphasatellite 1 Milk vetch dwarf alphasatellite 2 Milk vetch dwarf alphasatellite 3 Milk vetch dwarf virus Millipede wumivirus Mimivirus-dependent virus Sputnik Mimivirus-dependent virus Zamilon Mimosa yellow leaf curl virus Minatitlan orthobunyavirus Miniopteran jeilongvirus Miniopterus africanus polyomavirus 1 Miniopterus associated gemycircularvirus 1 Miniopterus bat coronavirus 1 Miniopterus bat coronavirus HKU8 Miniopterus schreibersii polyomavirus 1 Miniopterus schreibersii polyomavirus 2 Mink circovirus Mink coronavirus 1 Minovirus A Mint vein banding-associated virus Mint virus 1 Mint virus 2 Mint virus X Minto sawgrhavirus Mirabilis jalapa mottle virus Mirabilis leaf curl betasatellite Mirabilis leaf curl virus Mirabilis mosaic virus Mirafiori lettuce big-vein ophiovirus Miscanthus streak virus Mischivirus A Mischivirus B Mischivirus C Mischivirus D Mobala mammarenavirus Mocis latipes granulovirus Modoc virus Mojiang henipavirus Mokola lyssavirus Molluscum contagiosum virus Moloney murine sarcoma virus Molossus molossus polyomavirus 1 Momordica yellow mosaic betasatellite Mona Grita phlebovirus Mongoose associated gemycircularvirus 1 Mongoose associated gemykibivirus 1 Monkeypox virus Monodontid alphaherpesvirus 1 Monomorium pharaonis virus 1 Monomorium pharaonis virus 2 Montana myotis leukoencephalitis virus Montano orthohantavirus Mopeia mammarenavirus Morelia tobanivirus 1 Morganella virus MmP1 Morganella virus MP2 Moroccan pepper virus Moroccan watermelon mosaic virus Morogoro maize-associated alphanucleorhabdovirus Morreton vesiculovirus Mosavirus A Mosavirus B Mosqueiro hapavirus Mosquito associated circovirus 1 Mosquito associated gemycircularvirus 1 Mosquito mivirus Mosquito X virus Mossman narmovirus Mosso das Pedras virus Mossuril hapavirus Motherwort yellow mottle virus Mothra mobuvirus Mount Elgon bat ledantevirus Mouse associated cyclovirus 1 Mouse mammary tumor virus Moussa mousrhavirus MPoko orthobunyavirus Muarterivirus afrigant Mucambo virus Mud crab virus Muikkunen hartmanivirus Muir barhavirus Mukawa phlebovirus Mulberry badnavirus 1 Mulberry mosaic dwarf associated virus Mulberry mosaic leaf roll associated virus Mulberry ringspot virus Mulberry vein banding associated orthotospovirus Mule deerpox virus Mume virus A Mumps orthorubulavirus Mungbean yellow mosaic betasatellite Mungbean yellow mosaic India virus Mungbean yellow mosaic virus Munguba phlebovirus Munia coronavirus HKU13 Mupapillomavirus 1 Mupapillomavirus 2 Mupapillomavirus 3 Mupivirus A Murid betaherpesvirus 1 Murid betaherpesvirus 2 Murid betaherpesvirus 3 Murid betaherpesvirus 8 Murid gammaherpesvirus 4 Murid gammaherpesvirus 7 Murine coronavirus Murine leukemia virus Murine mastadenovirus A Murine mastadenovirus B Murine mastadenovirus C Murine orthopneumovirus Murine respirovirus Murmansk microtuspox virus Murray Valley encephalitis virus Murre uukuvirus Mus musculus polyomavirus 1 Mus musculus polyomavirus 2 Mus musculus polyomavirus 3 Musca hytrosavirus Muscina stabulans sigmavirus Mushroom bacilliform virus Mustelid gammaherpesvirus 1 Mycobacterium virus 244 Mycobacterium virus 32HC Mycobacterium virus Acadian Mycobacterium virus Adawi Mycobacterium virus Alice Mycobacterium virus Alma Mycobacterium virus Anaya Mycobacterium virus Angelica Mycobacterium virus Apizium Mycobacterium virus Ardmore Mycobacterium virus Arturo Mycobacterium virus Astro Mycobacterium virus Athena Mycobacterium virus Avani Mycobacterium virus Babsiella Mycobacterium virus Backyardigan Mycobacterium virus Baee Mycobacterium virus Baka Mycobacterium virus Bane1 Mycobacterium virus Barnyard Mycobacterium virus Bask21 Mycobacterium virus Benedict Mycobacterium virus Bernal13 Mycobacterium virus Bernardo Mycobacterium virus Bethlehem Mycobacterium virus Bignuz Mycobacterium virus Billknuckles Mycobacterium virus Bongo Mycobacterium virus Boomer Mycobacterium virus BPBiebs31 Mycobacterium virus Bron Mycobacterium virus BrownCNA Mycobacterium virus Brujita Mycobacterium virus Bruns Mycobacterium virus Brusacoram Mycobacterium virus Butters Mycobacterium virus Bxb1 Mycobacterium virus Bxz1 Mycobacterium virus Bxz2 Mycobacterium virus Charlie Mycobacterium virus Che12 Mycobacterium virus Che8 Mycobacterium virus Che9c Mycobacterium virus Che9d Mycobacterium virus Chrisnmich Mycobacterium virus CJW1 Mycobacterium virus Cooper Mycobacterium virus Corndog Mycobacterium virus Courthouse Mycobacterium virus CrimD Mycobacterium virus Cuco Mycobacterium virus D29 Mycobacterium virus Dandelion Mycobacterium virus DeadP Mycobacterium virus Dlane Mycobacterium virus Donovan Mycobacterium virus Doom Mycobacterium virus Dorothy Mycobacterium virus DotProduct Mycobacterium virus Drago Mycobacterium virus Ericb Mycobacterium virus Euphoria Mycobacterium virus Eureka Mycobacterium virus Faith1 Mycobacterium virus Ff47 Mycobacterium virus Fionnbharth Mycobacterium virus Firecracker Mycobacterium virus Fishburne Mycobacterium virus Fruitloop Mycobacterium virus Gadjet Mycobacterium virus Gaia Mycobacterium virus George Mycobacterium virus Giles Mycobacterium virus Gladiator Mycobacterium virus Godines Mycobacterium virus Goose Mycobacterium virus GUmbie Mycobacterium virus Halo Mycobacterium virus Hammer Mycobacterium virus Hawkeye Mycobacterium virus Heldan Mycobacterium virus HyRo Mycobacterium virus I3 Mycobacterium virus Ibhubesi Mycobacterium virus JAMaL Mycobacterium virus Jasper Mycobacterium virus JAWS Mycobacterium virus JC27 Mycobacterium virus Jebeks Mycobacterium virus Jeffabunny Mycobacterium virus JHC117 Mycobacterium virus JoeDirt Mycobacterium virus KBG Mycobacterium virus Konstantine Mycobacterium virus Kostya Mycobacterium virus Kssjeb Mycobacterium virus Kugel Mycobacterium virus L5 Mycobacterium virus Larva Mycobacterium virus Lesedi Mycobacterium virus LHTSCC Mycobacterium virus Liefie Mycobacterium virus Littlee Mycobacterium virus Llij Mycobacterium virus lockley Mycobacterium virus Lukilu Mycobacterium virus MacnCheese Mycobacterium virus Malithi Mycobacterium virus Manad Mycobacterium virus Marcell Mycobacterium virus Marvin Mycobacterium virus Michelle Mycobacterium virus Microwolf Mycobacterium virus Mosmoris Mycobacterium virus Mozy Mycobacterium virus Mrgordo Mycobacterium virus Muddy Mycobacterium virus Museum Mycobacterium virus Mutaforma13 Mycobacterium virus Nappy Mycobacterium virus Nepal Mycobacterium virus Nigel Mycobacterium virus Oline Mycobacterium virus Omega Mycobacterium virus Optimus Mycobacterium virus Osmaximus Mycobacterium virus Pacc40 Mycobacterium virus Packman Mycobacterium virus Panchino Mycobacterium virus Papyrus Mycobacterium virus Patience Mycobacterium virus PBI1 Mycobacterium virus Peaches Mycobacterium virus Perseus Mycobacterium virus Pg1 Mycobacterium virus Phayonce Mycobacterium virus Phrann Mycobacterium virus Pipefish Mycobacterium virus Pipsqueaks Mycobacterium virus Pixie Mycobacterium virus Plot Mycobacterium virus PMC Mycobacterium virus Porky Mycobacterium virus Predator Mycobacterium virus Pukovnik Mycobacterium virus Pumpkin Mycobacterium virus Ramsey Mycobacterium virus Rebeuca Mycobacterium virus Redi Mycobacterium virus Redrock Mycobacterium virus Reprobate Mycobacterium virus Rey Mycobacterium virus Ridgecb Mycobacterium virus Rockstar Mycobacterium virus RockyHorror Mycobacterium virus Rosebush Mycobacterium virus Rumpelstiltskin Mycobacterium virus Saintus Mycobacterium virus Sbash Mycobacterium virus Sebata Mycobacterium virus Send513 Mycobacterium virus SG4 Mycobacterium virus Shauna1 Mycobacterium virus Shilan Mycobacterium virus Sirduracell Mycobacterium virus Skinnyp Mycobacterium virus Skipole Mycobacterium virus Solon Mycobacterium virus Soto Mycobacterium virus Spartacus Mycobacterium virus Stinger Mycobacterium virus Suffolk Mycobacterium virus Switzer Mycobacterium virus SWU1 Mycobacterium virus TA17a Mycobacterium virus Taj Mycobacterium virus Thibault Mycobacterium virus Tiger Mycobacterium virus Timshel Mycobacterium virus TM4 Mycobacterium virus Tortellini Mycobacterium virus Toto Mycobacterium virus Trixie Mycobacterium virus Turbido Mycobacterium virus Tweety Mycobacterium virus Twister Mycobacterium virus U2 Mycobacterium virus Vincenzo Mycobacterium virus Violet Mycobacterium virus Wee Mycobacterium virus Wildcat Mycobacterium virus Wonder Mycobacterium virus Xeno Mycobacterium virus Yoshi Mycobacterium virus Zemanar Mycoplasma virus P1 Mycoreovirus 1 Mycoreovirus 2 Mycoreovirus 3 Mynahpox virus Myodes coronavirus 2JL14 Myodes glareolus polyomavirus 1 Myodes jeilongvirus Myodes narmovirus Myotis lucifugus polyomavirus 1 Myotis ricketti alphacoronavirus Sax-2011 Myriapod hubavirus Myriapod mivirus Myriotrichia clavaeformis virus a Myrmica scabrinodis virus 1 Myrobalan latent ringspot virus Myrropivirus A Mythimna separata entomopoxvirus Mythimna unipuncta granulovirus A Mythimna unipuncta granulovirus B Mythimna unipuncta nucleopolyhedrovirus A Mythimna unipuncta nucleopolyhedrovirus B Myxococcus virus Mx8 Myxoma virus Nacovirus A Nairobi sheep disease orthonairovirus Nangarvirus 1 Naples phlebovirus Narcissus common latent virus Narcissus degeneration virus Narcissus late season yellows virus Narcissus latent virus Narcissus mosaic virus Narcissus yellow stripe virus Nariva narmovirus Natrinema virus SNJ1 Ndumu virus Neckar River virus Necocli orthohantavirus Nectarine marafivirus M Nectarine stem pitting associated virus Nelson Bay orthoreovirus Nemesia ring necrosis virus Neoavian orthoreovirus Neodiprion lecontei nucleopolyhedrovirus Neodiprion sertifer nucleopolyhedrovirus Nerine latent virus Nerine virus X Nerine yellow stripe virus New Jersey vesiculovirus Newbury 1 virus Ngaingan hapavirus Niakha sripuvirus Nicotiana tabacum Tnt1 virus Nicotiana tabacum Tto1 virus Night heron coronavirus HKU19 Nilaparvata lugens honeydew virus 1 Nilaparvata lugens reovirus Nile crocodilepox virus Nipah henipavirus Nique phlebovirus Nishimuro ledantevirus Nitmarvirus NSV1 Nkolbisson ledantevirus NL63-related bat coronavirus strain BtKYNL63-9b Nodamura virus Nohivirus S31C1 Nonlabens virus P12024L Nonlabens virus P12024S Nootka lupine vein clearing virus Nordland virus Northcreek ohlsrhavirus Northern cereal mosaic cytorhabdovirus Norwalk virus Norway ixovirus Nothoscordum mosaic virus Nova mobatvirus Ntaya virus Ntepes phlebovirus Nuarterivirus guemel Nudaurelia capensis beta virus Nudaurelia capensis omega virus Nupapillomavirus 1 Nyamanini nyavirus Nyando orthobunyavirus Nyctalus velutinus alphacoronavirus SC-2013 Nylanderia fulva virus 1 Oakvale sunrhavirus Oat blue dwarf virus Oat chlorotic stunt virus Oat dwarf virus Oat golden stripe virus Oat mosaic virus Oat necrotic mottle virus Oat sterile dwarf virus Obodhiang ephemerovirus Obuda pepper virus Odonata associated gemycircularvirus 1 Odonata associated gemycircularvirus 2 Odonate anphevirus Odonate arlivirus Odonate mivirus Odonate orthophasmavirus Odonate peropuvirus Odontoglossum ringspot virus Odrenisrou phlebovirus Oedaleus senegalensis entomopoxvirus Ohlsdorf ohlsrhavirus Oinezvirus S37C6 Oita ledantevirus Okahandja mammarenavirus Okavirus 1 Okra enation leaf curl alphasatellite Okra enation leaf curl virus Okra leaf curl Oman betasatellite Okra leaf curl Oman virus Okra mosaic virus Okra mottle virus Okra yellow crinkle Cameroon alphasatellite Okra yellow crinkle virus Okra yellow mosaic Mexico virus Olesicampe benefactor ichnovirus Olesicampe geniculatae ichnovirus Olifantsvlei orthobunyavirus Oligodon snake nidovirus 1 Olive latent ringspot virus Olive latent virus 1 Olive latent virus 2 Olive latent virus 3 Olive leaf yellowing-associated virus Olive mild mosaic virus Oliveros mammarenavirus Omegapapillomavirus 1 Omikronpapillomavirus 1 Omsk hemorrhagic fever virus Oncorhynchus aquaparamyxovirus Onion yellow dwarf virus Ononis yellow mosaic virus Onyong-nyong virus Operophtera brumata entomopoxvirus Operophtera brumata nucleopolyhedrovirus Ophiostoma mitovirus 3a Ophiostoma mitovirus 4 Ophiostoma mitovirus 5 Ophiostoma mitovirus 6 Ophiostoma partitivirus 1 Opium poppy mosaic virus Opuntia chlorotic ringspot virus Opuntia virus X Orchid fleck dichorhavirus Ord River hapavirus Ordinary reptarenavirus Orf virus Orgyia leucostigma nucleopolyhedrovirus Orgyia pseudotsugata multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Oriboca orthobunyavirus Orinoco orinovirus Orivirus A Oriximina phlebovirus Ornithogalum mosaic virus Ornithogalum virus 2 Ornithogalum virus 3 Oropouche orthobunyavirus Orthohepevirus A Orthohepevirus B Orthohepevirus C Orthohepevirus D Orthopteran anphevirus Orthopteran miniambidensovirus 1 Orthopteran scindoambidensovirus 1 Orungo virus Oryctes rhinoceros nudivirus Oryza australiensis RIRE1 virus Oryza longistaminata Retrofit virus Oryza rufipogon alphaendornavirus Oryza sativa alphaendornavirus Oscivirus A Ostreid herpesvirus 1 Ostreococcus tauri virus OtV5 Ostrich associated gemytondvirus 1 Otomops martiensseni polyomavirus 1 Otomops martiensseni polyomavirus 2 Ourmia melon virus Ovine atadenovirus D Ovine gammaherpesvirus 2 Ovine mastadenovirus A Ovine mastadenovirus B Ovine mastadenovirus C Oxalis yellow vein virus Oxbow orthohantavirus Oxyplax ochracea nucleopolyhedrovirus Pacific coast uukuvirus Pacui pacuvirus Paenibacillus virus Diva Paenibacillus virus Harrison Paenibacillus virus Hb10c2 Paenibacillus virus Lily Paenibacillus virus Rani Paenibacillus virus Shelly Paenibacillus virus Sitara Paenibacillus virus Tripp Paenibacillus virus Vegas Paenibacillus virus Willow Pagavirus S05C849 Pagoda yellow mosaic associated virus Paguronivirus 1 Palmarnavirus 128 Palmarnavirus 156 Palmarnavirus 473 Palyam virus Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 1 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 2 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 3 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 4 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 5 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 6 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 7 Pan troglodytes polyomavirus 8 Panax virus Y Pangola stunt virus Panicum mosaic virus Panicum papanivirus 1 Panicum streak virus Panine alphaherpesvirus 3 Panine betaherpesvirus 2 Panine gammaherpesvirus 1 Pantoea virus AAS23 Pantoea virus LIMElight Pantoea virus LIMEzero Pantoea virus Vid5 Papaya cytorhabdovirus Papaya leaf crumple virus Papaya leaf curl betasatellite Papaya leaf curl China betasatellite Papaya leaf curl China virus Papaya leaf curl Guandong virus Papaya leaf curl India betasatellite Papaya leaf curl virus Papaya leaf distortion mosaic virus Papaya lethal yellowing virus Papaya mosaic virus Papaya ringspot virus Papiine alphaherpesvirus 2 Papiine betaherpesvirus 3 Papiine betaherpesvirus 4 Papiine gammaherpesvirus 1 Papio cynocephalus polyomavirus 1 Papio cynocephalus polyomavirus 2 Paprika mild mottle virus Parabovirus A Parabovirus B Parabovirus C Paracoccus virus Shpa Paraguayan mammarenavirus Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus 1 Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus A1 Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AL1A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus AL2A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus BJ2C Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus CA4A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus CA4B Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus IL3A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NC1A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NE8A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NY2A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus NYs1 Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus SC1A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XY6E Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ3A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ4A Paramecium bursaria Chlorella virus XZ4C Parechovirus A Parechovirus B Parechovirus C Parechovirus D Parechovirus E Parechovirus F Pariacoto virus Parietaria mottle virus Paris mosaic necrosis virus Parrot hepatitis B virus Parry Creek hapavirus Parsnip mosaic virus Parsnip yellow fleck virus Pasivirus A Paspalum dilatatum striate mosaic virus Paspalum striate mosaic virus Passeriform 1 orthobornavirus Passeriform 2 orthobornavirus Passerivirus A Passerivirus B Passiflora chlorosis virus Passiflora edulis symptomless virus Passiflora latent virus Passion fruit mosaic virus Passion fruit woodiness virus Passion fruit yellow mosaic virus Passionfruit leaf curl virus Passionfruit leaf distortion virus Passionfruit severe leaf distortion virus Pasteurella virus F108 Pasteurella virus PHB01 Pasteurella virus PHB02 Patois orthobunyavirus Pavonia mosaic virus Pavonia yellow mosaic virus Pea early-browning virus Pea enation mosaic virus 1 Pea enation mosaic virus 2 Pea green mottle virus Pea leaf distortion virus Pea mild mosaic virus Pea necrotic yellow dwarf alphasatellite 1 Pea necrotic yellow dwarf alphasatellite 2 Pea necrotic yellow dwarf virus Pea seed-borne mosaic virus Pea stem necrosis virus Pea streak virus Pea yellow stunt virus Peach chlorotic mottle virus Peach latent mosaic viroid Peach marafivirus D Peach mosaic virus Peach rosette mosaic virus Peanut chlorotic streak virus Peanut clump virus Peanut mottle virus Peanut stunt virus Peanut yellow mosaic virus Pear blister canker viroid Peaton orthobunyavirus Pecan mosaic-associated virus Pectinobacterium virus CBB Pectinobacterium virus PEAT2 Pectobacterium virus Arno160 Pectobacterium virus CB5 Pectobacterium virus Clickz Pectobacterium virus DUPPII Pectobacterium virus DUPPV Pectobacterium virus fM1 Pectobacterium virus Gaspode Pectobacterium virus Jarilo Pectobacterium virus Khlen Pectobacterium virus Koot Pectobacterium virus Lelidair Pectobacterium virus My1 Pectobacterium virus Nobby Pectobacterium virus Peat1 Pectobacterium virus phiTE Pectobacterium virus Phoria Pectobacterium virus PM1 Pectobacterium virus PP1 Pectobacterium virus PP101 Pectobacterium virus PP16 Pectobacterium virus PP2 Pectobacterium virus PP47 Pectobacterium virus PP74 Pectobacterium virus PP81 Pectobacterium virus PP90 Pectobacterium virus PP99 Pectobacterium virus PPWS1 Pectobacterium virus PPWS2 Pectobacterium virus PPWS4 Pectobacterium virus Zenivior Pedilanthus leaf curl alphasatellite Pedilanthus leaf curl virus Pediococcus virus cIP1 Pedosvirus S28C3 Pegivirus A Pegivirus B Pegivirus C Pegivirus D Pegivirus E Pegivirus F Pegivirus G Pegivirus H Pegivirus I Pegivirus J Pegivirus K Pekhitvirus S04C24 Pelagibacter virus HTVC011P Pelagibacter virus HTVC019P Pelagivirus S35C6 Pelargonium chlorotic ring pattern virus Pelargonium flower break virus Pelargonium leaf curl virus Pelargonium line pattern virus Pelargonium necrotic spot virus Pelargonium ringspot virus Pelargonium zonate spot virus Pemapivirus A Pena Blanca phlebovirus Penguin siadenovirus A Penguinpox virus Penicillium brevicompactum virus Penicillium chrysogenum virus Penicillium cyaneofulvum virus Penicillium digitatum polymycovirus 1 Penicillium janczewskii chrysovirus 1 Penicillium janczewskii chrysovirus 2 Penicillium stoloniferum virus F Penicillium stoloniferum virus S Penicillum brevicompactum polymycovirus 1 Pennisetum mosaic virus Pepino mosaic virus Pepo aphid-borne yellows virus Pepper chat fruit viroid Pepper chlorotic spot orthotospovirus Pepper cryptic virus 1 Pepper cryptic virus 2 Pepper golden mosaic virus Pepper huasteco yellow vein virus Pepper leaf curl Bangladesh virus Pepper leaf curl Lahore virus Pepper leaf curl virus Pepper leaf curl Yunnan virus Pepper leafroll virus Pepper mild mottle virus Pepper mottle virus Pepper ringspot virus Pepper severe mosaic virus Pepper vein yellows virus 1 Pepper vein yellows virus 2 Pepper vein yellows virus 3 Pepper vein yellows virus 4 Pepper vein yellows virus 5 Pepper vein yellows virus 6 Pepper veinal mottle virus Pepper yellow leaf curl Aceh virus Pepper yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus Pepper yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus 2 Pepper yellow leaf curl Thailand virus Pepper yellow leaf curl virus Pepper yellow mosaic virus Pepper yellow vein Mali virus Perch perhabdovirus Peridroma saucia nucleopolyhedrovirus Perigonia lusca nucleopolyhedrovirus Perina nuda virus Perinet vesiculovirus Persea americana alphaendornavirus 1 Persea americana chrysovirus Persimmon cytorhabdovirus Persimmon virus B Peru tomato mosaic virus Peruvian horse sickness virus Pestivirus A Pestivirus B Pestivirus C Pestivirus D Pestivirus E Pestivirus F Pestivirus G Pestivirus H Pestivirus I Pestivirus J Pestivirus K Petunia asteroid mosaic virus Petunia vein banding virus Petunia vein clearing virus Pfaffia mosaic virus Phaius virus X Phanerotoma flavitestacea bracovirus Phaseolus vulgaris alphaendornavirus 1 Phaseolus vulgaris alphaendornavirus 2 Phaseolus vulgaris alphaendornavirus 3 Phaseolus vulgaris Tpv2-6 virus Phasi Charoen-like phasivirus Philosamia cynthia x ricini virus Phipapillomavirus 1 Phlomis mottle virus Phlox virus B Phlox virus M Phlox virus S Phnom Penh bat virus Phocid alphaherpesvirus 1 Phocid gammaherpesvirus 2 Phocid gammaherpesvirus 3 Phocine morbillivirus Pholetesor ornigis bracovirus Phormidium virus WMP3 Phormidium virus WMP4 Phthorimaea operculella granulovirus Phyllosphere sclerotimonavirus Physalis mottle virus Physarum polycephalum Tp1 virus Physostegia chlorotic mottle alphanucleorhabdovirus Phytophthora alphaendornavirus 1 Pidgey pidchovirus Pigeon aviadenovirus A Pigeon aviadenovirus B Pigeon circovirus Pigeonpea sterility mosaic emaravirus 1 Pigeonpea sterility mosaic emaravirus 2 Pigeonpox virus Pike fry sprivivirus Pilayella littoralis virus 1 Piliocolobus badius polyomavirus 1 Piliocolobus rufomitratus polyomavirus 1 Pillworm peropuvirus Pineapple bacilliform CO virus Pineapple bacilliform ER virus Pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus 1 Pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus 2 Pineapple mealybug wilt-associated virus 3 Pinniped bocaparvovirus 1 Pinniped bocaparvovirus 2 Pinniped copiparvovirus 1 Pinniped dependoparvovirus 1 Pinniped erythroparvovirus 1 Pipapillomavirus 1 Pipapillomavirus 2 Piper yellow mottle virus Pipistrellus bat coronavirus HKU5 Pipistrellus kuhlii coronavirus 3398 Pirital mammarenavirus Piry vesiculovirus Piscihepevirus A Piscine novirhabdovirus Piscine orthoreovirus Pistachio ampelovirus A Pistacia emaravirus B Pitaya virus X Pixuna virus Planalto mammarenavirus Planidovirus 1 Plantago asiatica mosaic virus Plantago lanceolata latent virus Plantago mottle virus Plantain virus X Platycodon mild mottle virus Platyrrhini mastadenovirus A Plautia stali intestine virus Pleione virus Y Pleurotus ostreatus virus 1 Plodia interpunctella granulovirus Plum bark necrosis stem pitting-associated virus Plum pox virus Plumeria mosaic virus Plutella xylostella granulovirus Poa semilatent virus Poaceae associated gemycircularvirus 1 Podivirus S05C243 Podovirus Lau218 Poecivirus A Poinsettia latent virus Poinsettia mosaic virus Pokeweed mosaic virus Polar bear mastadenovirus A Polaribacter virus P12002L Polaribacter virus P12002S Polygonum ringspot orthotospovirus Pomona bat hepatitis B virus Pongine gammaherpesvirus 2 Pongo abelii polyomavirus 1 Pongo pygmaeus polyomavirus 1 Poplar mosaic virus Porcine associated gemycircularvirus 1 Porcine associated gemycircularvirus 2 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 1 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 10 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 2 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 3 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 4 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 5 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 6 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 7 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 8 Porcine associated porprismacovirus 9 Porcine circovirus 1 Porcine circovirus 2 Porcine circovirus 3 Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus Porcine mastadenovirus A Porcine mastadenovirus B Porcine mastadenovirus C Porcine orthorubulavirus Porcine respirovirus 1 Porcine torovirus Porcine type-C oncovirus Possum atadenovirus A Potamipivirus A Potamipivirus B Potato aucuba mosaic virus Potato black ringspot virus Potato latent virus Potato leafroll virus Potato mop-top virus Potato necrosis virus Potato spindle tuber viroid Potato virus A Potato virus B Potato virus H Potato virus M Potato virus P Potato virus S Potato virus T Potato virus U Potato virus V Potato virus X Potato virus Y Potato yellow blotch virus Potato yellow dwarf alphanucleorhabdovirus Potato yellow mosaic Panama virus Potato yellow mosaic virus Potato yellow vein virus Pothos latent virus Potosi orthobunyavirus Pouzolzia golden mosaic virus Pouzolzia mosaic Guangdong virus Pouzolzia yellow mosaic virus Powassan virus Powvirus S08C41 Precarious Point uukuvirus Premna leaf curl virus Primate bocaparvovirus 1 Primate bocaparvovirus 2 Primate erythroparvovirus 1 Primate erythroparvovirus 2 Primate erythroparvovirus 3 Primate erythroparvovirus 4 Primate loriparvovirus 1 Primate protoparvovirus 1 Primate protoparvovirus 2 Primate protoparvovirus 3 Primate protoparvovirus 4 Primate T-lymphotropic virus 1 Primate T-lymphotropic virus 2 Primate T-lymphotropic virus 3 Primate tetraparvovirus 1 Primula malacoides virus 1 Privet idaeovirus Privet ringspot virus Prochlorococcus virus 951510a Prochlorococcus virus MED4-213 Prochlorococcus virus NATL1A7 Prochlorococcus virus NATL2A133 Prochlorococcus virus PGSP1 Prochlorococcus virus PHM1 Prochlorococcus virus PHM2 Prochlorococcus virus PSSM2 Prochlorococcus virus PSSM7 Prochlorococcus virus PSSP10 Prochlorococcus virus PSSP3 Prochlorococcus virus PSSP7 Prochlorococcus virus PTIM40 Prochlorococcus virus SS120-1 Prochlorococcus virus Syn1 Prochlorococcus virus Syn33 Procyon lotor polyomavirus 1 Procyon lotor polyomavirus 2 Propionibacterium virus Anatole Propionibacterium virus Attacne Propionibacterium virus B22 Propionibacterium virus B3 Propionibacterium virus B5 Propionibacterium virus Doucette Propionibacterium virus E6 Propionibacterium virus G4 Propionibacterium virus Keiki Propionibacterium virus Kubed Propionibacterium virus Lauchelly Propionibacterium virus MrAK Propionibacterium virus Ouroboros Propionibacterium virus P1.1 Propionibacterium virus P1001 Propionibacterium virus P100A Propionibacterium virus P100D Propionibacterium virus P101A Propionibacterium virus P104A Propionibacterium virus P105 Propionibacterium virus P144 Propionibacterium virus P91 Propionibacterium virus PA6 Propionibacterium virus Pacnes201215 Propionibacterium virus PAD20 Propionibacterium virus PAS50 Propionibacterium virus PFR1 Propionibacterium virus PHL009M11 Propionibacterium virus PHL025M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL037M02 Propionibacterium virus PHL041M10 Propionibacterium virus PHL060L00 Propionibacterium virus PHL067M01 Propionibacterium virus PHL070N00 Propionibacterium virus PHL071N05 Propionibacterium virus PHL082M03 Propionibacterium virus PHL092M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL095N00 Propionibacterium virus PHL111M01 Propionibacterium virus PHL112N00 Propionibacterium virus PHL113M01 Propionibacterium virus PHL114L00 Propionibacterium virus PHL116M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL117M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL117M01 Propionibacterium virus PHL132N00 Propionibacterium virus PHL141N00 Propionibacterium virus PHL151M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL151N00 Propionibacterium virus PHL152M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL163M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL171M01 Propionibacterium virus PHL179M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL194M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL199M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL301M00 Propionibacterium virus PHL308M00 Propionibacterium virus Pirate Propionibacterium virus Procrass1 Propionibacterium virus SKKY Propionibacterium virus Solid Propionibacterium virus Stormborn Propionibacterium virus Wizzo Prospect Hill orthohantavirus Protapanteles paleacritae bracovirus Proteus virus Isfahan Proteus virus PM116 Proteus virus PM135 Proteus virus PM16 Proteus virus Pm5460 Proteus virus PM75 Proteus virus PM85 Proteus virus PM93 Proteus virus Stubb Providence virus Providencia virus PR1 Providencia virus PS3 Prune dwarf virus Prunus latent virus Prunus necrotic ringspot virus Prunus virus F Prunus virus T Pseudoalteromonas virus C5a Pseudoalteromonas virus Cr39582 Pseudoalteromonas virus J2-1 Pseudoalteromonas virus PM2 Pseudocowpox virus Pseudomonas virus 119X Pseudomonas virus 130-113 Pseudomonas virus 141 Pseudomonas virus 15pyo Pseudomonas virus 17A Pseudomonas virus 22PfluR64PP Pseudomonas virus 42 Pseudomonas virus 73 Pseudomonas virus Ab03 Pseudomonas virus Ab05 Pseudomonas virus Ab09 Pseudomonas virus Ab18 Pseudomonas virus Ab19 Pseudomonas virus Ab22 Pseudomonas virus Ab26 Pseudomonas virus Ab28 Pseudomonas virus ABTNL Pseudomonas virus Achelous Pseudomonas virus Alpheus Pseudomonas virus Andromeda Pseudomonas virus B3 Pseudomonas virus Bf7 Pseudomonas virus Bjorn Pseudomonas virus C171 Pseudomonas virus CAb02 Pseudomonas virus CAb1 Pseudomonas virus CEBDP1 Pseudomonas virus CHU Pseudomonas virus D3 Pseudomonas virus D3112 Pseudomonas virus DL60 Pseudomonas virus DL62 Pseudomonas virus DL68 Pseudomonas virus DMS3 Pseudomonas virus Dobby Pseudomonas virus E215 Pseudomonas virus E217 Pseudomonas virus EL Pseudomonas virus F116 Pseudomonas virus f2 Pseudomonas virus F8 Pseudomonas virus FHA0480 Pseudomonas virus G1 Pseudomonas virus gh1 Pseudomonas virus H66 Pseudomonas virus Henninger Pseudomonas virus IBBPF7A Pseudomonas virus JBD67 Pseudomonas virus JD18 Pseudomonas virus JG004 Pseudomonas virus JG024 Pseudomonas virus Kakheti25 Pseudomonas virus kF77 Pseudomonas virus KIL2 Pseudomonas virus KIL4 Pseudomonas virus KNP Pseudomonas virus KPP10 Pseudomonas virus KPP12 Pseudomonas virus KPP21 Pseudomonas virus KPP25 Pseudomonas virus KTN6 Pseudomonas virus Lana Pseudomonas virus LBL3 Pseudomonas virus LIT1 Pseudomonas virus LKA1 Pseudomonas virus LKD16 Pseudomonas virus LKO4 Pseudomonas virus LMA2 Pseudomonas virus LPB1 Pseudomonas virus LUZ19 Pseudomonas virus LUZ24 Pseudomonas virus LUZ7 Pseudomonas virus M6 Pseudomonas virus MAG1 Pseudomonas virus MP1412 Pseudomonas virus MP22 Pseudomonas virus MP29 Pseudomonas virus MP38 Pseudomonas virus MPK6 Pseudomonas virus MPK7 Pseudomonas virus Nerthus Pseudomonas virus NFS Pseudomonas virus NH4 Pseudomonas virus nickie Pseudomonas virus Njord Pseudomonas virus Noxifer Pseudomonas virus NP1 Pseudomonas virus NV1 Pseudomonas virus NV3 Pseudomonas virus PA10 Pseudomonas virus PA1KOR Pseudomonas virus PA26 Pseudomonas virus PA5 Pseudomonas virus PA7 Pseudomonas virus PAA2 Pseudomonas virus PaBG Pseudomonas virus PAE1 Pseudomonas virus PAKP1 Pseudomonas virus PAKP2 Pseudomonas virus PAKP3 Pseudomonas virus PAKP4 Pseudomonas virus PaMx11 Pseudomonas virus PaMx25 Pseudomonas virus PaMx28 Pseudomonas virus PaMx74 Pseudomonas virus PaP1 Pseudomonas virus PaP3 Pseudomonas virus PaP4 Pseudomonas virus PAXYB1 Pseudomonas virus PB1 Pseudomonas virus Pf1 Pseudomonas virus Pf10 Pseudomonas virus pf16 Pseudomonas virus Pf1ERZ2017 Pseudomonas virus Pf3 Pseudomonas virus PFP1 Pseudomonas virus phCDa Pseudomonas virus phi12 Pseudomonas virus phi13 Pseudomonas virus Phi15 Pseudomonas virus phi2954 Pseudomonas virus phi3 Pseudomonas virus phi6 Pseudomonas virus phi8 Pseudomonas virus phiCTX Pseudomonas virus phiKMV Pseudomonas virus phiKZ Pseudomonas virus phiMK Pseudomonas virus phiNN Pseudomonas virus PhiPsa17 Pseudomonas virus PhiPSA2 Pseudomonas virus PhiS1 Pseudomonas virus phiYY Pseudomonas virus PM105 Pseudomonas virus PMBT3 Pseudomonas virus PMG1 Pseudomonas virus PMW Pseudomonas virus PollyC Pseudomonas virus PPPL1 Pseudomonas virus PPpW4 Pseudomonas virus PR4 Pseudomonas virus PRD1 Pseudomonas virus PS24 Pseudomonas virus PS44 Pseudomonas virus Psa374 Pseudomonas virus PspYZU08 Pseudomonas virus PT2 Pseudomonas virus PT5 Pseudomonas virus R18 Pseudomonas virus RLP Pseudomonas virus shl2 Pseudomonas virus SL2 Pseudomonas virus SM1 Pseudomonas virus SN Pseudomonas virus tabernarius Pseudomonas virus tf Pseudomonas virus TL Pseudomonas virus UFVP2 Pseudomonas virus uligo Pseudomonas virus UNOSLW1 Pseudomonas virus VCM Pseudomonas virus VSW3 Pseudomonas virus WRT Pseudomonas virus Yua Pseudomonas virus Zigelbrucke Pseudoplusia includens virus Psimunavirus psiM2 Psipapillomavirus 1 Psipapillomavirus 2 Psipapillomavirus 3 Psittacid alphaherpesvirus 1 Psittaciform 1 orthobornavirus Psittaciform 2 orthobornavirus Psittacine atadenovirus A Psittacine aviadenovirus B Psittacine aviadenovirus C Psittacinepox virus Pteromalus puparum peropuvirus Pteronotus davyi polyomavirus 1 Pteronotus parnellii polyomavirus 1 Pteropodid alphaherpesvirus 1 Pteropox virus Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 1 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 10 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 2 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 3 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 4 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 5 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 6 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 7 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 8 Pteropus associated gemycircularvirus 9 Pteropus associated gemygorvirus 1 Pteropus associated gemykibivirus 1 Pteropus associated gemykolovirus 1 Pteropus associated gemykolovirus 2 Pteropus vampyrus polyomavirus 1 Ptyasnivirus 1 Puerto Almendras almendravirus Puma lentivirus Pumpkin polerovirus Pumpkin yellow mosaic virus Punique phlebovirus Punta Toro phlebovirus Puumala orthohantavirus Pygoscelis adeliae polyomavirus 1 Pyrobaculum filamentous virus 1 Pyrobaculum spherical virus Pyrrhula pyrrhula polyomavirus 1 Qalyub orthonairovirus Qingling orthophasmavirus Quail pea mosaic virus Quailpox virus Quaranfil quaranjavirus Queensland carbovirus Quezon mobatvirus Rabbit associated gemykroznavirus 1 Rabbit fibroma virus Rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus Rabies lyssavirus Rabovirus A Rabovirus B Rabovirus C Rabovirus D Raccoonpox virus Radi vesiculovirus Radish leaf curl virus Radish mosaic virus Radish yellow edge virus Rafivirus A Rafivirus B Rafivirus C Ralstonia virus Ap1 Ralstonia virus DURPI Ralstonia virus ITL1 Ralstonia virus PE226 Ralstonia virus RP12 Ralstonia virus RPSC1 Ralstonia virus RS551 Ralstonia virus RS603 Ralstonia virus RSA1 Ralstonia virus RSB1 Ralstonia virus RSB2 Ralstonia virus RSB3 Ralstonia virus RSF1 Ralstonia virus RSJ2 Ralstonia virus RSJ5 Ralstonia virus RSL1 Ralstonia virus RSL2 Ralstonia virus RSM1 Ralstonia virus RSM3 Ralstonia virus RsoP1EGY Ralstonia virus RsoP1IDN Ralstonia virus RSPI1 Ralstonia virus RSPII1 Ralstonia virus RSS1 Ralstonia virus RSY1 Ramie mosaic Yunnan virus Ranid herpesvirus 1 Ranid herpesvirus 2 Ranid herpesvirus 3 Ranunculus leaf distortion virus Ranunculus mild mosaic virus Ranunculus mosaic virus Ranunculus white mottle ophiovirus Raoultella virus RP180 Raphanus sativus chrysovirus Raptor siadenovirus A Raspberry bushy dwarf virus Raspberry leaf blotch emaravirus Raspberry leaf mottle virus Raspberry ringspot virus Raspberry vein chlorosis cytorhabdovirus Rat associated gemycircularvirus 1 Rat associated porprismacovirus 1 Rattail cactus necrosis-associated virus Rattus norvegicus polyomavirus 1 Rattus norvegicus polyomavirus 2 Raven circovirus Recovirus A Red clover associated luteovirus Red clover cryptic virus 2 Red clover mottle virus Red clover necrotic mosaic virus Red clover vein mosaic virus Red deerpox virus Redbud yellow ringspot-associated emaravirus Redspotted grouper nervous necrosis virus Rehmannia mosaic virus Rehmannia virus 1 Reptile sunshinevirus 1 Reptilian ferlavirus Reptilian orthoreovirus Reston ebolavirus Reticuloendotheliosis virus Rheinheimera virus Barba18A Rheinheimera virus Barba19A Rheinheimera virus Barba21A Rheinheimera virus Barba5S Rheinheimera virus Barba8S Rhesus macaque simian foamy virus Rhinolophus associated gemykibivirus 1 Rhinolophus associated gemykibivirus 2 Rhinolophus bat coronavirus HKU2 Rhinolophus ferrumequinum alphacoronavirus HuB-2013 Rhinovirus A Rhinovirus B Rhinovirus C Rhizidiomyces virus Rhizobium virus P106B Rhizobium virus RHEph01 Rhizobium virus RHEph02 Rhizobium virus RHEph08 Rhizobium virus RHEph09 Rhizobium virus RHEph4 Rhizoctonia cerealis alphaendornavirus 1 Rhizoctonia magoulivirus 1 Rhizoctonia solani alphaendornavirus 2 Rhizoctonia solani virus 717 Rhizosolenia setigera RNA virus 01 Rhodobacter virus RcCronus Rhodobacter virus RcSpartan Rhodobacter virus RcTitan Rhodococcus virus Pepy6 Rhodococcus virus Poco6 Rhodococcus virus RER2 Rhodococcus virus RGL3 Rhodococcus virus Trina Rhodococcus virus Weasel Rhododendron virus A Rhopalanthe virus Y Rhopalosiphum padi virus Rhopapillomavirus 1 Rhopapillomavirus 2 Rhynchobatus djiddensis polyomavirus 1 Rhynchosia golden mosaic Havana virus Rhynchosia golden mosaic Sinaloa virus Rhynchosia golden mosaic virus Rhynchosia mild mosaic virus Rhynchosia rugose golden mosaic virus Rhynchosia yellow mosaic betasatellite Rhynchosia yellow mosaic India virus Rhynchosia yellow mosaic virus Ribes americanum virus A Ribgrass mosaic virus Rice black streaked dwarf virus Rice dwarf virus Rice gall dwarf virus Rice grassy stunt tenuivirus Rice hoja blanca tenuivirus Rice latent virus 1 Rice latent virus 2 Rice necrosis mosaic virus Rice ragged stunt virus Rice stripe mosaic cytorhabdovirus Rice stripe necrosis virus Rice stripe tenuivirus Rice tungro bacilliform virus Rice tungro spherical virus Rice yellow mottle virus Rice yellow stunt alphanucleorhabdovirus Rift Valley fever phlebovirus Rinderpest morbillivirus Rio Bravo virus Rio Chico almendravirus Rio Grande phlebovirus Rio Negro virus Rio Preto da Eva pacuvirus Riverside ohlsrhavirus Rochambeau curiovirus Rockport orthohantavirus Rodent associated circovirus 1 Rodent associated circovirus 2 Rodent associated circovirus 3 Rodent associated circovirus 4 Rodent associated circovirus 5 Rodent associated circovirus 6 Rodent associated circovirus 7 Rodent associated cyclovirus 1 Rodent associated cyclovirus 2 Rodent bocaparvovirus 1 Rodent bocaparvovirus 2 Rodent chaphamaparvovirus 1 Rodent chaphamaparvovirus 2 Rodent dependoparvovirus 1 Rodent dependoparvovirus 2 Rodent erythroparvovirus 1 Rodent protoparvovirus 1 Rodent protoparvovirus 2 Rodent protoparvovirus 3 Rohelivirus A Rosa rugosa leaf distortion virus Rosavirus A Rosavirus B Rosavirus C Rose leaf curl betasatellite Rose leaf curl virus Rose leaf rosette-associated virus Rose rosette emaravirus Rose spring dwarf-associated virus Rose yellow mosaic virus Rose yellow vein virus Rosellinia necatrix betaendornavirus 1 Rosellinia necatrix megabirnavirus 1 Rosellinia necatrix partitivirus 2 Rosellinia necatrix quadrivirus 1 Rosellinia necatrix victorivirus 1 Rosellinia necatrix virus 1 Roseobacter virus RDJL1 Roseobacter virus RDJL2 Roseobacter virus SIO1 Ross River virus Rotavirus A Rotavirus B Rotavirus C Rotavirus D Rotavirus F Rotavirus G Rotavirus H Rotavirus I Rotavirus J Rotifer birnavirus Rottboellia yellow mottle virus Rotterdam reptarenavirus Roundleaf bat hepatitis B virus Rous sarcoma virus Rousettus aegyptiacus polyomavirus 1 Rousettus bat coronavirus GCCDC1 Rousettus bat coronavirus HKU9 Royal Farm virus Rubella virus Rubus canadensis virus 1 Rubus yellow net virus Rudbeckia flower distortion virus Rukutama uukuvirus Ryegrass cryptic virus Ryegrass mosaic virus Ryegrass mottle virus Ryukyu mammarenavirus Sabo orthobunyavirus Saboya virus Sacbrood virus Saccharomyces 20S RNA narnavirus Saccharomyces 23S RNA narnavirus Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ty1 virus Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ty2 virus Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ty3 virus Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ty4 virus Saccharomyces cerevisiae Ty5 virus Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus L-A Saccharomyces cerevisiae virus LBCLa Saccharum streak virus Saffron latent virus Saguaro cactus virus Saguinine gammaherpesvirus 1 Saimiri boliviensis polyomavirus 1 Saimiri sciureus polyomavirus 1 Saimiriine alphaherpesvirus 1 Saimiriine betaherpesvirus 4 Saimiriine gammaherpesvirus 2 Saint Floris phlebovirus Saint Louis encephalitis virus Saint Valerien virus Sakhalin orthonairovirus Sakobuvirus A Sal Vieja virus Salanga phlebovirus Salehabad phlebovirus Salem salemvirus Salinibacter virus M1EM1 Salinibacter virus M31CR41-2 Salinibacter virus M8CC19 Salinibacter virus M8CR30-2 Salinibacter virus M8CRM1 Salinibacter virus SRUTV1 Salinivibrio virus SMHB1 Salivirus A Salmo aquaparamyxovirus Salmon gillpox virus Salmon isavirus Salmon pancreas disease virus Salmonella virus 118970sal2 Salmonella virus 123 Salmonella virus 329 Salmonella virus 36 Salmonella virus 38 Salmonella virus 3A8767 Salmonella virus 9NA Salmonella virus AG11 Salmonella virus BP12A Salmonella virus BP12B Salmonella virus BP63 Salmonella virus BPS15Q2 Salmonella virus BPS17L1 Salmonella virus BPS17W1 Salmonella virus BSP161 Salmonella virus BTP1 Salmonella virus Chi Salmonella virus Det7 Salmonella virus Ent1 Salmonella virus Epsilon15 Salmonella virus f18SE Salmonella virus FelixO1 Salmonella virus Fels2 Salmonella virus FSL SP-058 Salmonella virus FSL SP-076 Salmonella virus FSLSP004 Salmonella virus FSLSP030 Salmonella virus FSLSP088 Salmonella virus GG32 Salmonella virus iEPS5 Salmonella virus IKe Salmonella virus Jersey Salmonella virus L13 Salmonella virus LSPA1 Salmonella virus Lumpael Salmonella virus LVR16A Salmonella virus Marshall Salmonella virus Maynard Salmonella virus Melville Salmonella virus Mushroom Salmonella virus NR01 Salmonella virus P22 Salmonella virus PHB07 Salmonella virus phSE2 Salmonella virus PM10 Salmonella virus PsP3 Salmonella virus PVPSE1 Salmonella virus RE2010 Salmonella virus S113 Salmonella virus S114 Salmonella virus S116 Salmonella virus S124 Salmonella virus S126 Salmonella virus S131 Salmonella virus S132 Salmonella virus S133 Salmonella virus S147 Salmonella virus S16 Salmonella virus Sasha Salmonella virus SE1Kor Salmonella virus SE1Spa Salmonella virus SE2 Salmonella virus Seafire Salmonella virus SEN1 Salmonella virus SEN34 Salmonella virus SEN4 Salmonella virus SEN8 Salmonella virus SETP13 Salmonella virus SETP3 Salmonella virus SETP7 Salmonella virus SFP10 Salmonella virus SG-JL2 Salmonella virus SH19 Salmonella virus SH9 Salmonella virus Shivani Salmonella virus Si3 Salmonella virus SJ2 Salmonella virus SJ3 Salmonella virus SJ46 Salmonella virus SKML39 Salmonella virus SopEphi Salmonella virus SP01 Salmonella virus SP069 Salmonella virus SP101 Salmonella virus SP116 Salmonella virus SP126 Salmonella virus SP3 Salmonella virus SP31 Salmonella virus SP6 Salmonella virus SPC35 Salmonella virus SPN19 Salmonella virus SPN1S Salmonella virus SPN3US Salmonella virus Spp16 Salmonella virus SS3e Salmonella virus SSE121 Salmonella virus ST64T Salmonella virus STG2 Salmonella virus Stitch Salmonella virus STML131 Salmonella virus STML198 Salmonella virus STP4a Salmonella virus Sw2 Salmonella virus UAB87 Salmonella virus Vi06 Salmonella virus ViI Salmonella virus wksl3 Salmonella virus YSP2 Salmonella virus ZCSE2 Salmonid herpesvirus 1 Salmonid herpesvirus 2 Salmonid herpesvirus 3 Salmonid novirhabdovirus Salmonlouse caligrhavirus Salobo phlabovirus Salterprovirus His1 Sambucus virus C Sambucus virus D Sambucus virus E San Angelo orthobunyavirus San Perlita virus Sanfarnavirus 1 Sanfarnavirus 2 Sanfarnavirus 3 Sangassou orthohantavirus Sango orthobunyavirus Santabarbara arurhavirus Santee-Cooper ranavirus Sanxia mivirus Sanxia sawastrivirus Sanxia yingvirus Sapelovirus A Sapelovirus B Sapporo virus Sarcochilus virus Y Satsuma dwarf virus Saumarez Reef virus Sauropus leaf curl virus Sawgrass sawgrhavirus Scale drop disease virus Scallion mosaic virus Scapularis ixovirus Scheffersomyces segobiensis virus L Schefflera ringspot virus Schistocerca gregaria entomopoxvirus Schistosoma semotivirus Sinbad Schizosaccharomyces pombe Tf1 virus Schizosaccharomyces pombe Tf2 virus Schlumbergera virus X Schmallenberg orthobunyavirus Schmidt uukuvirus Schoolhouse hartmanivirus Sclerotinia botoulivirus 2 Sclerotinia deltaflexivirus 1 Sclerotinia gemycircularvirus 1 Sclerotinia minor betaendornavirus 1 Sclerotinia sclerotimonavirus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum betaendornavirus 1 Sclerotinia sclerotiorum debilitation-associated RNA virus Sclerotinia scleroulivirus 1 Scoliodon scoliodonvirus Scotophilus bat coronavirus 512 Scrophularia mottle virus Sea lion mastadenovirus A Sea otterpox virus Sea trout perhabdovirus Sectovirus 1 Seewis orhtohantavirus Semliki Forest virus Sena Madureira sripuvirus Senecavirus A Senecio yellow mosaic virus Senegalvirus marseillevirus Senna leaf curl virus Seoul orthohantavirus Sepik virus Serinus canaria polyomavirus 1 Serra do Navio mammarenavirus Serra do Navio orthobunyavirus Serratia virus 2050H2 Serratia virus BF Serratia virus CHI14 Serratia virus IME250 Serratia virus MAM1 Serratia virus SM9-3Y Sesame curly top virus Sesbania mosaic virus Severe acute respiratory syndrome-related coronavirus Sewage derived gemycircularvirus 1 Sewage derived gemycircularvirus 2 Sewage derived gemycircularvirus 3 Sewage derived gemycircularvirus 4 Sewage derived gemycircularvirus 5 Sewage derived gemygorvirus 1 Sewage derived gemykibivirus 1 Sewage derived gemykibivirus 2 Sewage derived gemykrogvirus 1 Shahe yingvirus Shahe yuyuevirus Shallot latent virus Shallot virus X Shallot yellow stripe virus Shanbavirus A Sharpbelly cultervirus Shayang mivirus Sheep associated gemycircularvirus 1 Sheep associated porprismacovirus 1 Sheep associated porprismacovirus 2 Sheep associated porprismacovirus 3 Sheeppox virus Shewanella virus Spp001 Shewanella virus SppYZU05 Shigella virus 008 Shigella virus 7502Stx Shigella virus A7 Shigella virus AG3 Shigella virus Buco Shigella virus EP23 Shigella virus ISF001 Shigella virus POCJ13 Shigella virus pSf1 Shigella virus PSf2 Shigella virus Pss1 Shigella virus Sb1 Shigella virus Sd1 Shigella virus Sf12 Shigella virus Sf13 Shigella virus Sf14 Shigella virus Sf17 Shigella virus Sf21 Shigella virus Sf22 Shigella virus Sf24 Shigella virus Sf6 Shigella virus Sfin1 Shigella virus SfMu Shigella virus SFN6B Shigella virus SFPH2 Shigella virus SH6 Shigella virus SHBML501 Shigella virus Shfl1 Shigella virus Shfl2 Shigella virus SHSML45 Shigella virus SHSML521 Shigella virus SP18 Shigella virus SSP1 Shigella virus UTAM Shigella virus VASD Shigella virus ISF002 Shimoni bat lyssavirus Shingleback nidovirus 1 Shrimp wenrivirus Shuangao anphevirus Shuangao insect virus 8 Shuangao insect-associated chrysovirus Shuni orthobunyavirus Sicilian phlebovirus Sicinivirus A Sida angular mosaic virus Sida bright yellow mosaic virus Sida chlorotic mottle virus Sida chlorotic vein virus Sida ciliaris golden mosaic virus Sida common mosaic virus Sida Cuba alphasatellite Sida golden mosaic Braco virus Sida golden mosaic Brazil virus Sida golden mosaic Buckup virus Sida golden mosaic Costa Rica virus Sida golden mosaic Florida virus Sida golden mosaic Lara virus Sida golden mosaic virus Sida golden mottle virus Sida golden yellow spot virus Sida golden yellow vein deltasatellite 1 Sida golden yellow vein deltasatellite 2 Sida golden yellow vein deltasatellite 3 Sida golden yellow vein virus Sida leaf curl alphasatellite Sida leaf curl virus Sida micrantha mosaic virus Sida mosaic Alagoas virus Sida mosaic Bolivia virus 1 Sida mosaic Bolivia virus 2 Sida mosaic Sinaloa virus Sida mottle Alagoas virus Sida mottle virus Sida yellow blotch virus Sida yellow leaf curl virus Sida yellow mosaic Alagoas virus Sida yellow mosaic China virus Sida yellow mosaic virus Sida yellow mosaic Yucatan virus Sida yellow mottle virus Sida yellow net virus Sida yellow vein Vietnam alphasatellite Sida yellow vein Vietnam virus Sida yellow vein virus Sidastrum golden leaf spot virus Siegesbeckia yellow vein betasatellite Siegesbeckia yellow vein Guangxi virus Siegesbeckia yellow vein virus Sieqvirus S42C7 Sierra Nevada nyavirus Sigmapapillomavirus 1 Silverwater uukuvirus Simbu orthobunyavirus Simian immunodeficiency virus Simian mastadenovirus A Simian mastadenovirus B Simian mastadenovirus C Simian mastadenovirus D Simian mastadenovirus E Simian mastadenovirus F Simian mastadenovirus G Simian mastadenovirus H Simian mastadenovirus I Simian orthorubulavirus Sin Nombre orthohantavirus Sindbis virus Singapore grouper iridovirus Sinorhizobium virus M12 Sinorhizobium virus M7 Sinorhizobium virus N3 Sint-Jan onion latent virus Sipunculid berhavirus Sitke waterborne virus Skua siadenovirus A Skunk mastadenovirus A Skunkpox virus Slow bee paralysis virus Small ruminant morbillivirus Snail associated protobacilladnavirus 1 Snail associated protobacilladnavirus 2 Snake atadenovirus A Snakehead novirhabdovirus Snowshoe hare orthobunyavirus Snyder-Theilen feline sarcoma virus Sodalis virus SO1 Soil-borne cereal mosaic virus Soil-borne wheat mosaic virus Solanum mosaic Bolivia virus Solanum nodiflorum mottle virus Solanum tuberosum Tst1 virus Solenopsis invicta virus 1 Solenopsis invicta virus 2 Solenopsis invicta virus 3 Solenopsis invicta virus 4 Solwezi mammarenavirus Sonchus cytorhabdovirus 1 Sonchus yellow net betanucleorhabdovirus Sophora yellow stunt alphasatellite 1 Sophora yellow stunt alphasatellite 2 Sophora yellow stunt alphasatellite 3 Sophora yellow stunt alphasatellite 4 Sophora yellow stunt alphasatellite 5 Sorex araneus coronavirus T14 Sorex araneus polyomavirus 1 Sorex coronatus polyomavirus 1 Sorex minutus polyomavirus 1 Sorghum chlorotic spot virus Sorghum mosaic virus Sororoca orthobunyavirus Sosuga pararubulavirus Souris mammarenavirus South African cassava mosaic virus Southern bean mosaic virus Southern cowpea mosaic virus Southern elephant seal virus Southern rice black-streaked dwarf virus Southern tomato virus Southwest carbovirus Sowbane mosaic virus Sowthistle yellow vein betanucleorhabdovirus Soybean associated gemycircularvirus 1 Soybean blistering mosaic virus Soybean chlorotic blotch virus Soybean chlorotic mottle virus Soybean cyst nematode socyvirus Soybean dwarf virus Soybean latent spherical virus Soybean mild mottle virus Soybean mosaic virus Soybean Putnam virus Soybean scleroulivirus 1 Soybean scleroulivirus 2 Soybean vein necrosis orthotospovirus Soybean yellow common mosaic virus Soybean yellow mottle mosaic virus Soybean-associated deltaflexivirus 1 Sparrowpox virus Spartina mottle virus Sparus aurata polyomavirus 1 Sphaeropsis sapinea RNA virus 1 Sphaeropsis sapinea RNA virus 2 Spheniscid alphaherpesvirus 1 Sphingobium virus Lacusarx Sphingomonas virus Scott Spider associated cyclovirus 1 Spider monkey simian foamy virus Spider shaspivirus Spikefish actinovirus Spilanthes yellow vein virus Spinach amalgavirus 1 Spinach curly top Arizona virus Spinach latent virus Spinach severe curly top virus Spinach temperate virus Spinach yellow vein virus Spiraea yellow leafspot virus Spiranthes mosaic virus 3 Spiroplasma virus C74 Spiroplasma virus R8A2B Spiroplasma virus SkV1CR23x Spiroplasma virus SpV4 Spiroplasma virus SVTS2 Spodoptera eridania nucleopolyhedrovirus Spodoptera exempta nucleopolyhedrovirus Spodoptera exigua iflavirus 1 Spodoptera exigua iflavirus 2 Spodoptera exigua multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Spodoptera frugiperda ascovirus 1a Spodoptera frugiperda granulovirus Spodoptera frugiperda multiple nucleopolyhedrovirus Spodoptera littoralis nucleopolyhedrovirus Spodoptera litura granulovirus Spodoptera litura nucleopolyhedrovirus Sporobolus striate mosaic virus 1 Sporobolus striate mosaic virus 2 Spring beauty latent virus Squamate dependoparvovirus 1 Squamate dependoparvovirus 2 Squash chlorotic leaf spot virus Squash leaf curl China virus Squash leaf curl Philippines virus Squash leaf curl virus Squash leaf curl Yunnan virus Squash mild leaf curl virus Squash mosaic virus Squash vein yellowing virus Squirrel associated cyclovirus 1 Squirrel fibroma virus Squirrel mastadenovirus A Squirrel monkey retrovirus Squirrel monkey simian foamy virus Squirrel respirovirus Squirrelpox virus Sri Lankan cassava mosaic virus Sripur sripuvirus St Croix River virus Stachytarpheta leaf curl virus Staphylococcus virus 108PVL Staphylococcus virus 11 Staphylococcus virus 13 Staphylococcus virus 187 Staphylococcus virus 2638A Staphylococcus virus 29 Staphylococcus virus 37 Staphylococcus virus 3a Staphylococcus virus 42e Staphylococcus virus 44AHJD Staphylococcus virus 47 Staphylococcus virus 52a Staphylococcus virus 53 Staphylococcus virus 55 Staphylococcus virus 66 Staphylococcus virus 69 Staphylococcus virus 71 Staphylococcus virus 77 Staphylococcus virus 80 Staphylococcus virus 80alpha Staphylococcus virus 85 Staphylococcus virus 88 Staphylococcus virus 92 Staphylococcus virus 96 Staphylococcus virus Andhra Staphylococcus virus BP39 Staphylococcus virus BS1 Staphylococcus virus BS2 Staphylococcus virus CNPH82 Staphylococcus virus CSA13 Staphylococcus virus EW Staphylococcus virus G1 Staphylococcus virus G15 Staphylococcus virus GRCS Staphylococcus virus IPLA35 Staphylococcus virus IPLA5 Staphylococcus virus IPLA7 Staphylococcus virus IPLA88 Staphylococcus virus IPLAC1C Staphylococcus virus JD7 Staphylococcus virus K Staphylococcus virus MCE2014 Staphylococcus virus P108 Staphylococcus virus Pabna Staphylococcus virus PH15 Staphylococcus virus phi12 Staphylococcus virus phiAGO13 Staphylococcus virus phiETA Staphylococcus virus phiETA2 Staphylococcus virus phiETA3 Staphylococcus virus phiMR11 Staphylococcus virus phiMR25 Staphylococcus virus phiNM1 Staphylococcus virus phiNM2 Staphylococcus virus phiNM4 Staphylococcus virus phiSLT Staphylococcus virus PSa3 Staphylococcus virus QT1 Staphylococcus virus Remus Staphylococcus virus Rodi Staphylococcus virus S24-1 Staphylococcus virus S25-4 Staphylococcus virus S253 Staphylococcus virus SA11 Staphylococcus virus SA12 Staphylococcus virus SAP2 Staphylococcus virus SAP26 Staphylococcus virus Sb1 Staphylococcus virus SCH1 Staphylococcus virus SEP1 Staphylococcus virus SEP9 Staphylococcus virus Sextaec Staphylococcus virus SLPW Staphylococcus virus SscM1 Staphylococcus virus St134 Staphylococcus virus Stau2 Staphylococcus virus Twort Staphylococcus virus X2 Starling associated gemygorvirus 1 Starling circovirus Starlingpox virus Stenotrophomonas virus DLP5 Stenotrophomonas virus IME13 Stenotrophomonas virus IME15 Stenotrophomonas virus PSH1 Stenotrophomonas virus SMA6 Stenotrophomonas virus SMA7 Stenotrophomonas virus SMA9 Stenotrophomonas virus Smp131 Stocky prune virus Stopalavirus S38C3 Strawberry chlorotic fleck-associated virus Strawberry crinkle cytorhabdovirus Strawberry latent ringspot virus Strawberry mild yellow edge virus Strawberry mottle virus Strawberry necrotic shock virus Strawberry pallidosis-associated virus Strawberry pseudo mild yellow edge virus Strawberry vein banding virus Strepomyces virus Drgrey Strepomyces virus Rima Streptocarpus flower break virus Streptococcus virus 2972 Streptococcus virus 7201 Streptococcus virus 858 Streptococcus virus ALQ132 Streptococcus virus C1 Streptococcus virus Cp1 Streptococcus virus Cp7 Streptococcus virus DT1 Streptococcus virus O1205 Streptococcus virus phiAbc2 Streptococcus virus Sfi11 Streptococcus virus Sfi19 Streptococcus virus Sfi21 Streptococcus virus SPQS1 Streptomyces virus Aaronocolus Streptomyces virus AbbeyMikolon Streptomyces virus Amela Streptomyces virus Attoomi Streptomyces virus Austintatious Streptomyces virus Bing Streptomyces virus Caliburn Streptomyces virus Danzina Streptomyces virus Darolandstone Streptomyces virus ELB20 Streptomyces virus Hiyaa Streptomyces virus Hydra Streptomyces virus Ididsumtinwong Streptomyces virus Izzy Streptomyces virus Jay2Jay Streptomyces virus Lannister Streptomyces virus Lika Streptomyces virus Lilbooboo Streptomyces virus Mildred21 Streptomyces virus NootNoot Streptomyces virus PapayaSalad Streptomyces virus Paradiddles Streptomyces virus Peebs Streptomyces virus phiBT1 Streptomyces virus phiC31 Streptomyces virus phiCAM Streptomyces virus phiHau3 Streptomyces virus Picard Streptomyces virus R4 Streptomyces virus Raleigh Streptomyces virus Rowa Streptomyces virus Samisti12 Streptomyces virus Scap1 Streptomyces virus Sujidade Streptomyces virus TG1 Streptomyces virus TP1604 Streptomyces virus Vash Streptomyces virus YDN12 Streptomyces virus Zemlya Striated antennavirus Strider striwavirus Striped jack nervous necrosis virus Stupnyavirus KM16C193 Sturgeon ichtadenovirus A Sturnira lilium polyomavirus 1 Suakwa aphid-borne yellows virus Subterranean clover mottle virus Subterranean clover stunt alphasatellite 1 Subterranean clover stunt alphasatellite 2 Subterranean clover stunt virus Sucra jujuba nucleopolyhedrovirus Sudan ebolavirus Sudan watermelon mosaic virus Suffolk mivirus Sugarcane bacilliform Guadeloupe A virus Sugarcane bacilliform Guadeloupe D virus Sugarcane bacilliform IM virus Sugarcane bacilliform MO virus Sugarcane chlorotic streak virus Sugarcane mosaic virus Sugarcane streak Egypt virus Sugarcane streak mosaic virus Sugarcane streak Reunion virus Sugarcane streak virus Sugarcane striate mosaic-associated virus Sugarcane striate virus Sugarcane white streak virus Sugarcane yellow leaf virus Suid alphaherpesvirus 1 Suid betaherpesvirus 2 Suid gammaherpesvirus 3 Suid gammaherpesvirus 4 Suid gammaherpesvirus 5 Sulfolobus alphaportoglobovirus 1 Sulfolobus ellipsoid virus 1 Sulfolobus islandicus filamentous virus Sulfolobus islandicus rod-shaped virus 1 Sulfolobus islandicus rod-shaped virus 2 Sulfolobus newzealandicus droplet-shaped virus Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 1 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 2 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 4 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 5 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 6 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 7 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 8 Sulfolobus spindle-shaped virus 9 Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 1 Sulfolobus turreted icosahedral virus 2 Suncus murinus coronavirus X74 Sunflower chlorotic mottle virus Sunflower leaf curl Karnataka alphasatellite Sunflower mild mosaic virus Sunflower mosaic virus Sunflower ring blotch virus Sunguru sunrhavirus Sunn hemp leaf distortion virus Sunn-hemp mosaic virus Swan circovirus Sweet clover necrotic mosaic virus Sweet potato C6 virus Sweet potato chlorotic fleck virus Sweet potato chlorotic stunt virus Sweet potato collusive virus Sweet potato feathery mottle virus Sweet potato golden vein Korea virus Sweet potato latent virus Sweet potato leaf curl Canary virus Sweet potato leaf curl China virus Sweet potato leaf curl deltasatellite 1 Sweet potato leaf curl deltasatellite 2 Sweet potato leaf curl deltasatellite 3 Sweet potato leaf curl Georgia virus Sweet potato leaf curl Guangxi virus Sweet potato leaf curl Henan virus Sweet potato leaf curl Hubei virus Sweet potato leaf curl Sao Paulo virus Sweet potato leaf curl Shandong virus Sweet potato leaf curl Sichuan virus 1 Sweet potato leaf curl Sichuan virus 2 Sweet potato leaf curl South Carolina virus Sweet potato leaf curl virus Sweet potato leaf speckling virus Sweet potato mild mottle virus Sweet potato mild speckling virus Sweet potato mosaic virus Sweet potato pakakuy virus Sweet potato symptomless virus 1 Sweet potato vein clearing virus Sweet potato virus 2 Sweet potato virus C Sweet potato virus G Sweetwater Branch tibrovirus Swinepox virus Switchgrass mosaic-associated virus Symapivirus A Synechoccus virus SP4 Synechococcus STIP37 Synechococcus virus AC2014fSyn7803C8 Synechococcus virus ACG2014bSyn7803C61 Synechococcus virus ACG2014bSyn9311C4 Synechococcus virus ACG2014f Synechococcus virus ACG2014fSyn7803US26 Synechococcus virus Bellamy Synechococcus virus P60 Synechococcus virus PSSP2 Synechococcus virus SB28 Synechococcus virus SCAM1 Synechococcus virus SCAM3 Synechococcus virus SCAM7 Synechococcus virus SCAM9 Synechococcus virus SCBP2 Synechococcus virus SCBP3 Synechococcus virus SCBP4 Synechococcus virus SCBP42 Synechococcus virus SCBWM1 Synechococcus virus SIOM18 Synechococcus virus SMbCM100 Synechococcus virus SMbCM6 Synechococcus virus SPM2 Synechococcus virus SRIM12-01 Synechococcus virus SRIM12-06 Synechococcus virus SRIM12-08 Synechococcus virus SRIM2 Synechococcus virus SRIM44 Synechococcus virus SRIM50 Synechococcus virus SRIM8 Synechococcus virus SRIP1 Synechococcus virus SRIP2 Synechococcus virus SShM2 Synechococcus virus SSKS1 Synechococcus virus SSM1 Synechococcus virus ST4 Synechococcus virus STIM4 Synechococcus virus STIM5 Synechococcus virus SWAM2 Synechococcus virus Syn19 Synechococcus virus Syn30 Synechococcus virus Syn5 Synedrella leaf curl alphasatellite Synedrella yellow vein clearing virus Synetaeris tenuifemur ichnovirus Syngnathid ichthamaparvovirus 1 Synodus synodonvirus Tacaiuma orthobunyavirus Tacaribe mammarenavirus Tacheng arlivirus Tacheng uukuvirus Tahyna orthobunyavirus Tai Forest coltivirus Tai Forest ebolavirus Tai Forest hepatitis B virus Tai herbevirus Tailam jeilongvirus Taiwan bat lyssavirus Taiwanese macaque simian foamy virus Taiyuan mivirus Takifugu rubripes Sushi virus Takifugu rubripes Suzu virus Tall oatgrass mosaic virus Tamarillo leaf malformation virus Tamdy orthonairovirus Tamiami mammarenavirus Tamus red mosaic virus Tanapox virus Tapara phlebovirus Tapeworm tapwovirus Tapirape pacuvirus Taro bacilliform CH virus Taro bacilliform virus Taro vein chlorosis alphanucleorhabdovirus Tarumizu coltivirus Tataguine orthobunyavirus Taterapox virus Taupapillomavirus 1 Taupapillomavirus 2 Taupapillomavirus 3 Taupapillomavirus 4 Taura syndrome virus Tea plant necrotic ring blotch virus Tehran phlebovirus Telfairia golden mosaic virus Telfairia mosaic virus Tellina virus Tellina virus 1 Telosma mosaic virus Tembusu virus Tensaw orthobunyavirus Tent-making bat hepatitis B virus Teschovirus A Teschovirus B Testudine orthoreovirus Testudinid alphaherpesvirus 3 Tete orthobunyavirus Tetrasphaera virus TJE1 Tetterwort vein chlorosis virus Teviot pararubulavirus Thailand orthohantavirus Thermoproteus tenax spherical virus 1 Thermoproteus tenax virus 1 Thermus virus IN93 Thermus virus OH3 Thermus virus P23-45 Thermus virus P23-77 Thermus virus P74-26 Thetaarterivirus kafuba Thetaarterivirus mikelba 1 Thetapapillomavirus 1 Thiafora orthonairovirus Thimiri orthobunyavirus Thin paspalum asymptomatic virus Thistle mottle virus Thogoto thogotovirus Thosea asigna virus Thottopalayam thottimvirus Thunberg fritillary mosaic virus Thysanoplusia orichalcea nucleopolyhedrovirus Tibetan frog hepatitis B virus Tibrogargan tibrovirus Tick associated circovirus 1 Tick associated circovirus 2 Tick-borne encephalitis virus Tico phebovirus Tiger puffer nervous necrosis virus Tigray orthohantavirus Tilapia tilapinevirus Timboteua orthobunyavirus Tioman pararubulavirus Tobacco albetovirus 1 Tobacco albetovirus 2 Tobacco albetovirus 3 Tobacco bushy top virus Tobacco curly shoot alphasatellite Tobacco curly shoot betasatellite Tobacco curly shoot virus Tobacco etch virus Tobacco latent virus Tobacco leaf curl betasatellite Tobacco leaf curl Comoros virus Tobacco leaf curl Cuba virus Tobacco leaf curl Dominican Republic virus Tobacco leaf curl Japan betasatellite Tobacco leaf curl Patna betasatellite Tobacco leaf curl Pusa virus Tobacco leaf curl Thailand virus Tobacco leaf curl Yunnan virus Tobacco leaf curl Zimbabwe virus Tobacco leaf rugose virus Tobacco mild green mosaic virus Tobacco mosaic virus Tobacco mosqueado virus Tobacco mottle leaf curl virus Tobacco mottle virus Tobacco necrosis virus A Tobacco necrosis virus D Tobacco necrotic dwarf virus Tobacco rattle virus Tobacco ringspot virus Tobacco streak virus Tobacco vein banding mosaic virus Tobacco vein clearing virus Tobacco vein distorting virus Tobacco vein mottling virus Tobacco virtovirus 1 Tobacco virus 1 Tobacco yellow crinkle virus Tobacco yellow dwarf virus Tolypocladium cylindrosporum virus 1 Tomato apical stunt viroid Tomato aspermy virus Tomato black ring virus Tomato blistering mosaic tymovirus Tomato bright yellow mosaic virus Tomato bright yellow mottle virus Tomato brown rugose fruit virus Tomato bushy stunt virus Tomato chino La Paz virus Tomato chlorosis virus Tomato chlorotic dwarf viroid Tomato chlorotic leaf curl virus Tomato chlorotic leaf distortion virus Tomato chlorotic mottle Guyane virus Tomato chlorotic mottle virus Tomato chlorotic spot orthotospovirus Tomato common mosaic virus Tomato curly stunt virus Tomato dwarf leaf virus Tomato enation leaf curl virus Tomato golden leaf distortion virus Tomato golden leaf spot virus Tomato golden mosaic virus Tomato golden mottle virus Tomato golden vein virus Tomato infectious chlorosis virus Tomato interveinal chlorosis virus Tomato latent virus Tomato leaf curl Anjouan virus Tomato leaf curl Arusha virus Tomato leaf curl Bangalore betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Bangalore virus Tomato leaf curl Bangladesh betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Bangladesh virus Tomato leaf curl betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Buea alphasatellite Tomato leaf curl Burkina Faso virus Tomato leaf curl Cameroon alphasatellite Tomato leaf curl Cebu virus Tomato leaf curl China betasatellite Tomato leaf curl China virus Tomato leaf curl Comoros virus Tomato leaf curl deltasatellite Tomato leaf curl Diana virus Tomato leaf curl Gandhinagar betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Ghana virus Tomato leaf curl Guangdong virus Tomato leaf curl Guangxi virus Tomato leaf curl Gujarat virus Tomato leaf curl Hainan virus Tomato leaf curl Hanoi virus Tomato leaf curl Hsinchu virus Tomato leaf curl Iran virus Tomato leaf curl Japan virus Tomato leaf curl Java betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Java virus Tomato leaf curl Joydebpur betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Joydebpur virus Tomato leaf curl Karnataka virus Tomato leaf curl Karnataka virus 2 Tomato leaf curl Karnataka virus 3 Tomato leaf curl Kerala virus Tomato leaf curl Laguna betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Laos betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Laos virus Tomato leaf curl Liwa virus Tomato leaf curl Madagascar virus Tomato leaf curl Mahe virus Tomato leaf curl Malaysia betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Malaysia virus Tomato leaf curl Mali virus Tomato leaf curl Mindanao virus Tomato leaf curl Moheli virus Tomato leaf curl Namakely virus Tomato leaf curl Nepal betasatellite Tomato leaf curl New Delhi alphasatellite Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus 2 Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus 4 Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus 5 Tomato leaf curl Nigeria virus Tomato leaf curl Pakistan alphasatellite Tomato leaf curl Palampur virus Tomato leaf curl Patna betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Patna virus Tomato leaf curl Philippine betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Philippines virus Tomato leaf curl Pune virus Tomato leaf curl purple vein virus Tomato leaf curl Rajasthan virus Tomato leaf curl Seychelles virus Tomato leaf curl Sinaloa virus Tomato leaf curl Sri Lanka betasatellite Tomato leaf curl Sri Lanka virus Tomato leaf curl Sudan virus Tomato leaf curl Sulawesi virus Tomato leaf curl Taiwan virus Tomato leaf curl Tanzania virus Tomato leaf curl Toliara virus Tomato leaf curl Uganda virus Tomato leaf curl Vietnam virus Tomato leaf curl Virudhunagar alphasatellite Tomato leaf curl virus Tomato leaf curl Yemen betasatellite Tomato leaf deformation virus Tomato leaf distortion virus Tomato marchitez virus Tomato mild mosaic virus Tomato mild mottle virus Tomato mild yellow leaf curl Aragua virus Tomato mosaic Havana virus Tomato mosaic virus Tomato mottle leaf curl virus Tomato mottle mosaic virus Tomato mottle Taino virus Tomato mottle virus Tomato mottle wrinkle virus Tomato necrotic streak virus Tomato necrotic stunt virus Tomato planta macho viroid Tomato pseudo-curly top virus Tomato ringspot virus Tomato rugose mosaic virus Tomato rugose yellow leaf curl virus Tomato severe leaf curl Kalakada virus Tomato severe leaf curl virus Tomato severe rugose virus Tomato spotted wilt orthotospovirus Tomato torrado virus Tomato twisted leaf virus Tomato wrinkled mosaic virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Axarquia virus Tomato yellow leaf curl China alphasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl China betasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl China virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Guangdong virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Indonesia virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Kanchanaburi virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Malaga virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Mali virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Rajasthan betasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Sardinia virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Shandong betasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Shuangbai virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand alphasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand betasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Thailand virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Vietnam betasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Vietnam virus Tomato yellow leaf curl virus Tomato yellow leaf curl Yunnan alphasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Yunnan betasatellite Tomato yellow leaf curl Yunnan virus Tomato yellow leaf distortion deltasatellite 1 Tomato yellow leaf distortion deltasatellite 2 Tomato yellow leaf distortion virus Tomato yellow margin leaf curl virus Tomato yellow mottle virus Tomato yellow mottle-associated cytorhabdovirus Tomato yellow ring orthotospovirus Tomato yellow spot alphasatellite Tomato yellow spot virus Tomato yellow vein streak virus Tomato zonate spot orthotospovirus Tonate virus Tongilchon ohlsrhavirus Torchivirus A Toros phlebovirus Torque teno canis virus Torque teno douroucouli virus Torque teno equus virus 1 Torque teno felis virus Torque teno felis virus 2 Torque teno midi virus 1 Torque teno midi virus 10 Torque teno midi virus 11 Torque teno midi virus 12 Torque teno midi virus 13 Torque teno midi virus 14 Torque teno midi virus 15 Torque teno midi virus 2 Torque teno midi virus 3 Torque teno midi virus 4 Torque teno midi virus 5 Torque teno midi virus 6 Torque teno midi virus 7 Torque teno midi virus 8 Torque teno midi virus 9 Torque teno mini virus 1 Torque teno mini virus 10 Torque teno mini virus 11 Torque teno mini virus 12 Torque teno mini virus 2 Torque teno mini virus 3 Torque teno mini virus 4 Torque teno mini virus 5 Torque teno mini virus 6 Torque teno mini virus 7 Torque teno mini virus 8 Torque teno mini virus 9 Torque teno seal virus 1 Torque teno seal virus 2 Torque teno seal virus 3 Torque teno seal virus 4 Torque teno seal virus 5 Torque teno seal virus 8 Torque teno seal virus 9 Torque teno sus virus 1a Torque teno sus virus 1b Torque teno sus virus k2a Torque teno sus virus k2b Torque teno tamarin virus Torque teno tupaia virus Torque teno virus 1 Torque teno virus 10 Torque teno virus 11 Torque teno virus 12 Torque teno virus 13 Torque teno virus 14 Torque teno virus 15 Torque teno virus 16 Torque teno virus 17 Torque teno virus 18 Torque teno virus 19 Torque teno virus 2 Torque teno virus 20 Torque teno virus 21 Torque teno virus 22 Torque teno virus 23 Torque teno virus 24 Torque teno virus 25 Torque teno virus 26 Torque teno virus 27 Torque teno virus 28 Torque teno virus 29 Torque teno virus 3 Torque teno virus 4 Torque teno virus 5 Torque teno virus 6 Torque teno virus 7 Torque teno virus 8 Torque teno virus 9 Torque teno zalophus virus 1 Toscana phlebovirus Tottorivirus A Tradescantia mild mosaic virus Trager duck spleen necrosis virus Trailing lespedeza virus 1 Tranosema rostrale bracovirus Tree shrew mastadenovirus A Trefoil betanucleorhabdovirus Treisdeltapapillomavirus 1 Treisepsilonpapillomavirus 1 Treisetapapillomavirus 1 Treisiotapapillomavirus 1 Treiskappapapillomavirus 1 Treisthetapapillomavirus 1 Treiszetapapillomavirus 1 Trematomus bernacchii polyomavirus 1 Trematomus pennellii polyomavirus 1 Tremovirus A Tremovirus B Tres Almendras phlebovirus Triatoma virus Tribolium castaneum Woot virus Trichomonas vaginalis virus 1 Trichomonas vaginalis virus 2 Trichomonas vaginalis virus 3 Trichomonas vaginalis virus 4 Trichoplusia ni ascovirus 2a Trichoplusia ni granulovirus Trichoplusia ni single nucleopolyhedrovirus Trichoplusia ni TED virus Trichoplusia ni virus Tripneustis gratilla SURL virus Triticum aestivum WIS2 virus Triticum mosaic virus Triumfetta yellow mosaic virus Trivittatus orthobunyavirus Trocara virus Tropical soda apple mosaic virus Tropivirus A Tsukamurella virus TIN2 Tsukamurella virus TIN3 Tsukamurella virus TIN4 Tuber aestivum betaendornavirus Tuber aestivum virus 1 Tuberose mild mosaic virus Tuberose mild mottle virus Tuhoko pararubulavirus 1 Tuhoko pararubulavirus 2 Tuhoko pararubulavirus 3 Tula orthohantavirus Tulare apple mosaic virus Tulip breaking virus Tulip mild mottle mosaic ophiovirus Tulip mosaic virus Tulip virus X Tunisvirus Tupaia belangeri polyomavirus 1 Tupaia narmovirus Tupaia tupavirus Tupaiid betaherpesvirus 1 Turkey associated porprismacovirus 1 Turkey aviadenovirus B Turkey aviadenovirus C Turkey aviadenovirus D Turkey siadenovirus A Turkeypox virus Turlock orthobunyavirus Turnip crinkle virus Turnip curly top virus Turnip leaf roll virus Turnip mosaic virus Turnip rosette virus Turnip vein-clearing virus Turnip yellow mosaic virus Turnip yellows virus Turrinivirus 1 Turuna phlebovirus Twisted-stalk chlorotic streak virus Tylonycteris bat coronavirus HKU4 Tyuleniy virus Uganda S virus Ugandan cassava brown streak virus Ullucus mild mottle virus Ullucus virus C Umatilla virus Una virus Ungulate bocaparvovirus 1 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 2 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 3 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 4 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 5 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 6 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 7 Ungulate bocaparvovirus 8 Ungulate chaphamaparvovirus 1 Ungulate copiparvovirus 1 Ungulate copiparvovirus 2 Ungulate copiparvovirus 3 Ungulate copiparvovirus 4 Ungulate copiparvovirus 5 Ungulate copiparvovirus 6 Ungulate erythroparvovirus 1 Ungulate protoparvovirus 1 Ungulate protoparvovirus 2 Ungulate tetraparvovirus 1 Ungulate tetraparvovirus 2 Ungulate tetraparvovirus 3 Ungulate tetraparvovirus 4 Upsilonpapillomavirus 1 Upsilonpapillomavirus 2 Upsilonpapillomavirus 3 UR2 sarcoma virus Urbanus proteus nucleopolyhedrovirus Uriurana phlebovirus Urochloa hoja blanca tenuivirus Urochloa streak virus Urucuri phlebovirus Ustilago maydis virus H1 Usutu virus Utinga orthobunyavirus Uukuniemi uukuvirus Vaccinia virus Vallota mosaic virus Vanilla distortion mosaic virus Vanilla latent virus Vanilla virus X Vaprio ledantevirus Variola virus Varroa destructor virus 1 Velvet bean golden mosaic virus Velvet bean severe mosaic virus Velvet tobacco mottle virus Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus Verbena latent virus Verbena virus Y Vernonia crinkle virus Vernonia yellow vein betasatellite Vernonia yellow vein Fujian alphasatellite Vernonia yellow vein Fujian betasatellite Vernonia yellow vein Fujian virus Vernonia yellow vein virus Verticillium dahliae chrysovirus 1 Vesicular exanthema of swine virus Vespertilionid gammaherpesvirus 1 Vibrio virus 48B1 Vibrio virus 51A6 Vibrio virus 51A7 Vibrio virus 52B1 Vibrio virus A318 Vibrio virus Aphrodite1 Vibrio virus AS51 Vibrio virus Canoe Vibrio virus Ceto Vibrio virus CTXphi Vibrio virus Cyclit Vibrio virus fs1 Vibrio virus fs2 Vibrio virus ICP3 Vibrio virus JSF10 Vibrio virus JSF12 Vibrio virus JSF7 Vibrio virus K139 Vibrio virus Kappa Vibrio virus KF1 Vibrio virus KF2 Vibrio virus KSF1 Vibrio virus KVP40 Vibrio virus MAR Vibrio virus MAR10 Vibrio virus N4 Vibrio virus nt1 Vibrio virus OWB Vibrio virus PG07 Vibrio virus phi3 Vibrio virus pTD1 Vibrio virus PV94 Vibrio virus pVp1 Vibrio virus SSP002 Vibrio virus Thalassa Vibrio virus ValKK3 Vibrio virus Vc1 Vibrio virus VC8 Vibrio virus VCY Vibrio virus VEN Vibrio virus Vf33 Vibrio virus VFJ Vibrio virus VfO3K6 Vibrio virus VGJ Vibrio virus VHML Vibrio virus VP2 Vibrio virus VP4 Vibrio virus VP4B Vibrio virus VP5 Vibrio virus VP585 Vibrio virus Vp670 Vibrio virus VP882 Vibrio virus VP93 Vibrio virus VpV262 Vibrio virus VspSw1 Vicia cryptic virus Vicia cryptic virus M Vicia faba alphaendornavirus Vicugna pacos polyomavirus 1 Vientovirus Vigna yellow mosaic virus Vinca leaf curl virus Viola phlebovirus Viper retrovirus Visna-maedi virus Voandzeia necrotic mosaic virus Volepox virus Volvox carteri Lueckenbuesser virus Volvox carteri Osser virus Votkovvirus S28C10 Wad Medani virus Walkabout sunrhavirus Wallal virus Walleye dermal sarcoma virus Walleye epidermal hyperplasia virus 1 Walleye epidermal hyperplasia virus 2 Warrego virus Wasabi mottle virus Waterbird 1 orthobornavirus Watermelon bud necrosis orthotospovirus Watermelon chlorotic stunt virus Watermelon leaf mottle virus Watermelon mosaic virus Watermelon silver mottle orthotospovirus Watermelon virus A Weddel waterborne virus Wenling crustavirus Wenling mivirus Wenzhou crustavirus Wenzhou mammarenavirus Wenzhou yingvirus Wesselsbron virus West African Asystasia virus 1 West African Asystasia virus 2 West African Asystasia virus 3 West Caucasian bat lyssavirus West Nile virus Western chimpanzee simian foamy virus Western equine encephalitis virus Western kangaroopox virus Western lowland gorilla simian foamy virus Whataroa virus Wheat American striate mosaic cytorhabdovirus Wheat dwarf India virus Wheat dwarf virus Wheat eqlid mosaic virus Wheat spindle streak mosaic virus Wheat streak mosaic virus Wheat yellow leaf virus Wheat yellow mosaic virus Wheat yellow striate alphanucleorhabdovirus White bream virus White clover cryptic virus 1 White clover cryptic virus 2 White clover cryptic virus 3 White clover mosaic virus White spot syndrome virus White sucker hepatitis B virus White-eye coronavirus HKU16 White-tufted-ear marmoset simian foamy virus Whitefly associated Guatemala alphasatellite 1 Whitefly associated Guatemala alphasatellite 2 Whitefly associated Puerto Rico alphasatellite 1 Whitefly-associated begomovirus 1 Whitefly-associated begomovirus 2 Whitefly-associated begomovirus 3 Whitefly-associated begomovirus 4 Whitefly-associated begomovirus 6 Whitefly-associated begomovirus 7 Whitewater Arroyo mammarenavirus Wigeon coronavirus HKU20 Wild cucumber mosaic virus Wild melon banding virus Wild onion symptomless virus Wild potato mosaic virus Wild tomato mosaic virus Wild Vitis latent virus Winged bean alphaendornavirus 1 Wiseana signata nucleopolyhedrovirus Wissadula golden mosaic virus Wissadula yellow mosaic virus Wisteria badnavirus 1 Wisteria vein mosaic virus Witwatersrand orthobunyavirus Wolkberg orthobunyavirus Wongabel hapavirus Wongorr virus Woodchuck hepatitis virus Woodlouse peropuvirus Woolly monkey hepatitis B virus Woolly monkey sarcoma virus Wound tumor virus Wuchang arlivirus Wuchang cockroach orthophasmavirus 1 Wuhan 4 insect cytorhabdovirus Wuhan 5 insect cytorhabdovirus Wuhan 6 insect cytorhabdovirus Wuhan ledantevirus Wuhan mivirus Wuhan mosquito orthophasmavirus 1 Wuhan mosquito orthophasmavirus 2 Wuhan yingvirus Wutai mosquito phasivirus Wyeomyia orthobunyavirus Xanthomonas virus Carpasina Xanthomonas virus Cf1c Xanthomonas virus CP1 Xanthomonas virus f20 Xanthomonas virus f30 Xanthomonas virus OP1 Xanthomonas virus OP2 Xanthomonas virus PhiL7 Xanthomonas virus XAJ24 Xanthomonas virus Xc10 Xanthomonas virus XcP1 Xanthomonas virus Xf109 Xanthomonas virus Xop411 Xanthomonas virus Xp10 Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous virus L1A Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous virus L1B Xapuri mammarenavirus Xestia c-nigrum granulovirus Xiburema arurhavirus Xilang striavirus Xincheng anphevirus Xingshan alphanemrhavirus Xinzhou alphanemrhavirus Xinzhou mivirus Xinzhou yingvirus Xipapillomavirus 1 Xipapillomavirus 2 Xipapillomavirus 3 Xipapillomavirus 4 Xipapillomavirus 5 Xylella virus Prado Xylella virus Salvo Xylella virus Sano Y73 sarcoma virus Yaba monkey tumor virus Yacon necrotic mottle virus Yakeshi orthohantavirus Yam chlorotic mosaic virus Yam chlorotic necrosis virus Yam latent virus Yam mild mosaic virus Yam mosaic virus Yam spherical virus Yam virus X Yambean mosaic virus Yaounde virus Yata ephemerovirus Yellow fever virus Yellow head virus Yellow oat grass mosaic virus Yellow tailflower mild mottle virus Yellow-breasted capuchin simian foamy virus Yellowtail ascites virus Yerba mate alphaendornavirus Yerba mate chlorosis-associated cytorhabdovirus Yersinia virus AP10 Yersinia virus AP5 Yersinia virus Berlin Yersinia virus D1 Yersinia virus fHeYen301 Yersinia virus fPS53 Yersinia virus fPS54ocr Yersinia virus fPS59 Yersinia virus fPS9 Yersinia virus ISAO8 Yersinia virus L413C Yersinia virus Phi80-18 Yersinia virus phiR201 Yersinia virus PST Yersinia virus PYPS50 Yersinia virus R1RT Yersinia virus R8-01 Yersinia virus TG1 Yersinia virus YeF10 Yersinia virus Yen9-04 Yersinia virus YeO3-12 Yersinia virus Yepe2 Yersinia virus Yepf Yersinia virus YpPY Yersinia virus YpsPG Yichang insect goukovirus Yokapox virus Yokose virus Yongjia ledantevirus Yongjia uukuvirus Youcai mosaic virus Yug Bogdanovac vesiculovirus Yunnan orbivirus Zahedan zarhavirus Zaire ebolavirus Zaliv Terpeniya uukuvirus Zalophus californianus polyomavirus 1 Zantedeschia mild mosaic virus Zea mays Hopscotch virus Zea mays Opie2 virus Zea mays Prem2 virus Zea mays Sto4 virus Zea mosaic virus Zebra finch circovirus Zegla orthobunyavirus Zerdali phlebovirus Zetaarterivirus ugarco 1 Zetapapillomavirus 1 Zika virus Zoostera marina amalgavirus 1 Zoostera marina amalgavirus 2 Zucchini green mottle mosaic virus Zucchini lethal chlorosis orthotospovirus Zucchini shoestring virus Zucchini tigre mosaic virus Zucchini yellow fleck virus Zucchini yellow mosaic virus Zurich hartmanivirus Zygocactus virus X Zygosaccharomyces bailii virus Z

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Our antibody products are 100% quality guaranteed. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality antibodies to help you generate reliable, reproducible data for every experiment. We are committed to providing researchers with the highest quality antibodies to keep your virology research moving forward. When you need an antibody product, or when you have some problems in your research, we’re here to help. Creative Biolabs is proud to be your trusted partner in advancing your virology breakthroughs, making your researches easier.

  • High batch-to-batch consistency
  • Bioactivity validated
  • High purity validated by SDS-PAGE/HPLC

Quality controls of antibody products

Quality controls of antibody products 2

Quality controls of antibody products 3 Fig.2 Quality controls of antibody products.

Creative Biolabs is committed to providing the highest quality products and customer services to our clients. In addition, our scientific team is thoroughly trained in virology researches and all antibody applications. We will address your requirements promptly within 24 hours. You may submit a specific inquiry by visiting a specific antibody product. Please feel free to contact us directly or by email.


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For research use only, not directly for clinical use.
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