E. coli KcsA potassium channel

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KcsA (K channel of streptomyces A) is a prokaryotic potassium channel from the soil bacteria Streptomyces lividans that has been studied extensively in ion channel research. The pH activated protein possesses two transmembrane segments and a highly selective pore region, responsible for the gating and shuttling of K+ ions out of the cell. The amino acid sequence found in the selectivity filter of KcsA is highly conserved among both prokaryotic and eukaryotic K+ voltage channels; as a result, research on KcsA has provided important structural and mechanistic insight on the molecular basis for K+ ion selection and conduction.
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Recombinant Anti-E. coli KcsA Antibody (V3S-0522-YC8241) (CAT#: V3S-0522-YC8241)

Target: E. coli KcsA

Host Species: Mouse

Target Species: E. coli,

Application: ELISA,

For research use only, not directly for clinical use.

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