Fragment crystallizable region of Immunoglobulin G

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The fragment crystallizable region (Fc region) is the tail region of an antibody that interacts with cell surface receptors called Fc receptors and some proteins of the complement system. The Fc regions of IgGs bear a highly conserved N-glycosylation site. Glycosylation of the Fc fragment is essential for Fc receptor-mediated activity. The N-glycans attached to this site are predominantly core-fucosylated diantennary structures of the complex type. In addition, small amounts of these N-glycans also bear bisecting GlcNAc and α-2,6 linked sialic acid residues.
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Recombinant Anti-IgG-Fc Antibody (V3S-0522-YC8276) (CAT#: V3S-0522-YC8276)

Target: IgG-Fc

Host Species: Human

Target Species: Human,

Application: WB,IF,FuncS,

For research use only, not directly for clinical use.

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