Murine norovirus Coat protein VP1

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The Murine coronavirus, Mouse hepatitis virus (MHV), is a coronavirus that causes an epidemic murine illness with high mortality, especially among colonies of laboratory mice. Mouse hepatitis virus is a virus of the family Coronaviridae, genus Betacoronavirus. Prior to the discovery of SARS-CoV, MHV had been the best-studied coronavirus both in vivo and in vitro as well as at the molecular level.
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Anti-MNV VP1 Neutralizing Antibody (V3S-1022-YC4097) (CAT#: V3S-1022-YC4097)

Target: MNV VP1

Host Species: Mouse

Target Species: Murine norovirus (MNV),

Application: ELISA,Neut,

For research use only, not directly for clinical use.

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